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					    Accident Compensation Claim Types

Making an Injury Claim is a legal procedure in which you can
be compensated, if you have been involved in an accident
that was not your fault. The procedure of making a claim
involves more than just filling out forms and getting the
cheque claim a few weeks later. Making a claim has many
restrictions and pitfalls, depending on the type of accident
you are involved in. The key is to get an experienced injury
solicitor in your type of claim, so you can be advised on
everything you need to know prior to even starting a case.
The following accident types are the most common and finding
an experienced solicitor in such cases should be simple enough:

         Road Traffic Accident Claims
         Car Accident Claims
         Motorcycle / Motorbike Accidents & Injury Compensation
         Whiplash Injury Compensation Claim
         Bus Crash Compensation
         Taxi Crash Passenger Compensation
         Untraced Drivers & Uninsured Motorist
         Industrial Injuries & Industrial Accident Compensation
         RSI Injury – Repetitive Strain Injuries
         Slip, Trip or Fall Accident Injury Claims
         Criminal Assault & Injuries Compensation Claim
         Dog Attack Claims
         Sport Injuries Compensation
         Other Personal Injury Claim Types

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