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(Gano-Excel) Leads: How to Generate Hot Leads for Your Business Part One

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Gano-Excel Leads: Learn how to attract while hot leads into your network marketing business. If you are trying to build your downline Read This report First

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Part One was written for the struggling networker who has tried several companies with no
or limited success and written the new kid on the block in his newest company for a month,
but hasn’t seen any results and is FRUSTRATED. I wrote this because I truly understand
how hard it is to generate and recruit leads into your business with extremely limited funds
or limited experience. If you already had the flashy car, gaudy clothing, and the expensive
watch, in this recession, who wouldn’t believe that your opportunity is the “best thing since
sliced bread”? But that’s not the case for the struggling networker or the new guy that needs
to make a little something extra because he is up to their eyeballs in bills and the 9 to 5
paycheck does not cut it. Plus it’s not about retiring as a fat cat in the future, when your
money problems are here today! Right?

See I bought the books, listened to audios, charged the cards etc, sacrificed the weekends,
spent the nights on the calls and did the meetings and still sucked at network marketing.
Then I found out about online marketing ran PPC ads, SEO, backlinking, etc and still
couldn’t convert well enough on affiliate sales to justify the expense or time consumption.
So I took a step back, left the industry, (didn’t officially quit) but knew my job wasn’t going to
cover mounting bills etc. So I decided get back in the game and specifically focus on
generating leads. You and I know that the network marketing bug never really leaves you,
and there’s always fight in the dog no matter what skeptics ( members and friends)

So what exactly is this the purpose of this document? Well Part One is specifically designed
to let you know why upline’s don’t tell you trying to recruit your warm market is complete
bullshit. I never signed up a family member or friend into my opportunity when first started
and I am assuming you haven’t either. Maybe you pulled in one or two people, but I am
certain that your downline is not filled hundreds of family members and friends.

In Part one, I also plan on exposing why buying leads for your business is not for the novice
networker or the unsuccessful networker. Lastly I want to give your insight into how I had to
really have to shift my own thinking in order to start generating leads for my business in
order to really start building small success into bigger successes. Read it. Download It. Get
Part Two and Three. But trust me, I really understand what you are going through. Although
my writing will not be perfect or fluffy, I plan to give you blunt information on how to stick it to
the upline’s lies and all the “It’s Your Fault” psycho-babble that’s out there and really show
you my exclusive recruiting strategies, without being that “Join My Business Jerk” that
doesn’t get his calls returned. However, what you do with this information and whether you
apply it will be entirely up to you and your results will vary and by reading this document you
agree not hold me legally responsible. However I am giving this information away for free
anyways. So let’s begin.
Building my network marketing business was difficult when I was using
outdated methods of building my business. Buying leads and bothering my
family members and friends only lead to frustration and disappointment.
See, if everyone is buying leads and pitching them their business what set
me apart from the crowd?

If you are struggling to build your new network marketing business, I am
about to share with you a few of my personal exclusive techniques
designed to dramatically increase recruiting results.

But first let’s indentify why the traditional methods of building your network
marketing business are ineffective today… You have to know what’s wrong
before you can fix it right?

Typically representatives are taught to recruit and share their business with
family members and friends most people call this the 3-foot rule. Why?

   • Because “Your Opportunity is the Greatest Opportunity in the History
     of Network Marketing” Who wouldn’t want to join right?

   • Who wants to work a job for the rest of their life?

   • You are offering financial independence, an opportunity on generating
     residual passive income.

   • So who would be stupid enough to turn you down?

The answer is pretty much everyone you personally know. ☺

You know making that list of everyone you may have come in contact with
since childhood. Sounds like a good idea right? You’re probably thinking
“Who wouldn’t want to make extra money in this business” But that’s flat
out WRONG! It’s really about WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO make money
in your business. Not everyone is cut out for network marketing and some
people do not have an entrepreneurial bone in their body. So you really just
have to accept it as a fact and move on.
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Some people are simply satisfied being worker bees and are content with a
9 to 5 and do not like sales. You know the “My job/boss is so good I could
never leave it”-nutjobs. The problem only really hits the fan when their job
leaves them. But they pledge their allegiance and 40+ hours of their lives to
their job and look at you like you’re crazy for not wanting live without the
boundary of a two-week vacation. BUT… THIS is OKAY! You do not need
them. At least I didn’t. You really want to recruit people who say the 9 to 5
is for the birds and want more out of life than a bi-weekly paycheck. The
good news is that when you find them they typically already believe in the
industry. Why fight the harder fight with people that don’t keep an open-
mind? I think the saying is “Don’t argue with a fool because from a distance
people can’t tell who’s who.”

When I first started out I didn’t realize that we, as network marketers, are
so few. Yes there are more of us now than ever, but still only a small portion
of the US population, I heard somewhere around 13 to 14 million people
are network marketers or direct sellers but who knows. There’s 275 +
million in the United States alone so the when I say we’re a select few you
can see exactly what I mean. It doesn’t mean that the rest of population
does not want the freedom and the residual income that can come from
network marketing. However only a few are courageous or dedicated
enough to get involved and stay it in it long enough to learn and get better
aka people such as yourself, but you just have to find them. Here’s a hint
they are not your family members and friends.
See the problem with the recruiting family and friends strategy are twofold:

  1. By chasing family and friends you lose authority in the sales
     interaction because you are in fact seeking them out rather than them
     seeking you. If a stranger said “Hey want to make some money”
     naturally you’d reenact Cuba Gooding’s line in Jerry MacGuire and
     say “Show me the money.” I mean that’s what anyone would do. You
     want proof. So do the people you know, because they know you and
     they know this is in fact brand new and there is risk. So it is going to
     be a tougher sell with your warm market (friends and family) because
     they already know you are not an expert in your company or in your
     new business. Although, they might not say “Show Me The Money”
     but in some form or fashion they’ll say “Prove It” It’s natural. Leave
     the family out of this until you’re rolling in big dough, then proof is
     when they can’t reach you on vacation ☺

  2. Secondly by chasing family members and friends you’re banking on
     them plugging into your product or opportunity as deeply as you do.
     The saying is: Some will. Some won’t. So what, who’s next? That is
     the mentality you should have. It’s just a numbers game. But the
     numbers are so small when you chase family members and friends
     that you are practically setting yourself up for failure. See there ARE
     people who want to your join your opportunity, you are just missing
     out on them by focusing on dragging your family members into your
     business. If you drag them in, you will have to drag them to meetings,
     close their sales, and pray that they don’t drop out. This method
     point-blank is not that effective.
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Buying Leads The Myth and The Money Pit
So what’s the next step? Buying leads right? Wrong! Not unless you’ve got
a big bankroll and love rejection like Hakeem Olajuwon. But you’ve more
than likely bought leads for one of your previous network marketing
ventures and understand where I’m coming from on this one. So typically
you buy some leads, you overcome your phone fright and decide to get on
the horn and call them. Well let’s assume the phone number is accurate
and the guy or gal picks up the phone. You introduce yourself, ask them
how they are doing etc. and about 4 to 5 minutes in they say they’re not
interested. WHAM!…Phone hangs up… and you have to do this 99 more
times to even compare it to the notorious “80/20” rule.

But let’s examine why this happens. Assuming these are not old leads
resold a dozen times (which does happen), more often than not, that lead
or prospect has filled out a few work from home forms before you’ve
contacted them and has been contacted by another networker prior to you
calling and is pissed because this the 9th call he has received during his
dinner. Think about it when you’re shopping for a car online using
or, do you just look at one local dealership? Of course not,
so, why would you expect that this lead would wake up brush his teeth,
have some orange juice, a bagel, and decide to fill out only one form? Or
only filled it out for that one lead vendor’s opportunity? Today, with as many
pop-ups, Pay Per Click Ads, Facebook Ads, Spam Emails that are sent, do
you really think you’re the only one with a lemonade stand in the desert?
And that’s just the tip of the lead buying money pit iceberg.

The next big obstacle is the mindset of business opportunity seeker leads.
Now “Work From Home” and “Home-based-business” are two different
words in yours and my definition, but for the average lead these word kind
of blur and more often than not you don’t know what kind of verbiage was
used to get this lead to fill out the form. So you call them up and they are
looking for a job, no looking to spend money to make money. They do not
understand that your opportunity cost 1/1000 of what it costs to typically
open a franchise or their own store front. But that doesn’t really matter
because the average business opportunity seeker lead only see’s cost, not
opportunity. So let’s say you get past the phone slam, you still have to
prove that your opportunity is the right one for them. However for people
who see cost instead of opportunity, your opportunity and the work that’s
involved is not for them. And that’s cool, because there are people out
there that your opportunity IS right for you just do not know how to find
them yet. We’ll get to that in a few, but now you can see why buying leads
can really be a huge in effective money pit. Don’t do unless you absolutely
know what you’re doing.

Side Note:

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Now, you might be thinking at this point, well isn’t network marketing about
recruiting and exposing people to a new opportunity with my company?
Well the answer is yes and no. Network Marketing when you pull away all
the layers of flash and fluff is really about attracting the willing who take
action. Now those individuals take many forms and wasting your time
convincing, dragging people by their hair caveman style will not build you a
big downline of go getters. In fact, in many ways if someone tells you NO
from the outset, he or she has done you a huge favor, because you are not
wasting time with people who will not be productive or folks that do not
believe in network marketing itself. So to answer the question is network
marketing about exposing new people to your specific business, yes but
they do not have to be new to the network marketing industry itself.

Read on and I’ll explain what I mean…
Corporations Recruit Experience, You Should Too
Companies typically recruit upper level management from other
companies. The reason being, if you are running a business (and you are)
would you let someone with no experience take the helm of your company
at the management level? Remember the first people you recruit into your
business better need to be or need to become leaders. You will need
people who can recruit and lead and are not just along for the ride.

So you want experience, leadership, and fast-paced growth. So…

Recruit Veterans, Not Rookies
Reports say that above 85% of the industry is failing in network marketing.
This means that the majority of networkers are not doing well in their
current company. The primarily this occurs is because the average
networker recruits anyone that will listen. They do not have the knowledge
you now posses. Trust me they don’t. I didn’t believe it at first myself either.
I thought everyone already knew all of this. However they might have heard
it but never hear it “my way’ like Sinatra. Your way will relate to people
differently than the way I say it and you can pull from different experiences
that I cannot.

See, even fewer people respect the industry enough to further educate
themselves on the very industry they are in. I didn’t for the first year I was in
my network marketing company. Some even believe that self-improvement
is not pivotal to leading others. That’s the biggest mistake you can make in
this business, you are dealing with people’s goals here and they are
committed to learning from you. They want to build for themselves with
YOU at the helm.

So why would you cheat them by not improving your own skillset? See, if
you’re reading this, I am assuming you already have knowledge of the
basics of online advertising, hell it’s 2010 you do know a little something.
Do you know how many people do not have the experience nor the
knowledge you’ve gained by just being in the network marketing industry?
A lot! A whole lot! Even if they do know some things better than you, they
can’t put it all together from marketing, information collection, follow up, to
close, and duplication. If anything you can warn them of the dangers of
doing A or B.

Side Note:

Don’t believe me? If you want start becoming an effective teacher and more
valuable a leader within your company which will attract more people to your
business, here are some steps you can take right now

    • Start thinking of ways you like to learn something or start simplifying
      explaining your company’s compensation plan. Explore different
      compensation scenarios, not just this month’s recruiting bonus promotion.

    • Everyone wants to be a fast-starter in their company. What about the slow
      starters? Start thinking ways to remain motivated in your company if it
      doesn’t build overnight and different longer lasting advertising strategies
      online and offline locally that can help the new sign up?

    • What are the basics? There’s a lot of information to learn when joining a
      new program. Create 5 page basics on main points, key phrases, resource
      links, important pages on the website, how to login into the back office the
      most important features in the backoffice etc. Streamline the process so
      that people can get to selling asap! Nothing is worse than having to
      become over-educated on the product and comp plan. You really want to
      know where to go, what to say and how to collect a check ☺

 So do some research on how you can fill the gaps or offer something different.
But how do you find and attract these experienced veterans to your
opportunity? How you get them interested in your company? How do you
still make money from people who say no to your business?

I’ll explain that to you in Part Two:

Pick up

Part Two & Learn How To Give ‘Em What They Want: Here

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