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                                                                   ULTIM ATE PL AY ERS ASSOC IATION
                                                                          4730 Tab le Mesa D r.
                                                                              Sui te I-20 0C
                                                                           Boul der, CO 803 05
                                                                             800-87 2-438 4
                                                                             303-44 7-347 2
                                                                           303-44 7-348 3 fax

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    Essent ial Ul timate by M ichael Bac carini an d Tii na Boo th

    Ultimate Te chn iques a nd Tact ics by Jame s Pari nella an d Eric Zaslow

    Ultimate: The Fi rs t Four Decades by Adam Zago ria and Tony Leo nardo

    Starting an Ultimate Team


    So you love Ul timate, but a re sc ratc hing yo ur head a nd wonde ring “why i sn’ t the re a team at my hi gh s chool ?” Ulti mate is cheap, fu n to play, an d growi ng fast a t the h igh s chool level and, s tart ing a team a t your high schoo l is i nc redib ly rewarding. You wi ll be i ntro duc ing a b rand new s port a t your schoo l. You’ ll get to play on a team a nd know you’ re the reason a new Ultima te team exis ts. And as long as rec rui ting effo rts a re made, the team will surv ive.

    The Keys to Su cces s

    There are a ha ndful of e lements that wi ll lead t o the s ucce ssful e stabl ishme nt of a team. He re’s a checkl ist. T here a re more de tails fo r each of these bel ow.

    Orga nize rs (1 p layer, 1 tea che r, 1 coa ch)
    Recogniti on from yo ur Scho ol
    Equipme nt
    Recrui tment an d Promo tion
    Pract ice
    Getti ng Connec ted to Othe r Teams
    Games and To urnaments
    Maintain ing t he team Yea r to Year
    Bui ldin g Your Team for t he Futu re

    Bui ldin g Your Team Organi zers

    In order to ge t your team off the g roun d, you need to have the right o rgan ize rs. At the ve ry least , you mus t have a playe r, a teache r, and a c oach. Ea ch of tho se people has a diffe rent role in o rgan izi ng you r team.

    The Player – T he player o rgan ize r is ofte n the ca talys t for t he team and i s the o rgani zatio n’s pe rso n on the g rou nd. The p layer i s able to spearhead rec ru itin g and many of t he leade rshi p res pons ibil itie s. The ro le is es sent ially a ca ptain.

    The Teache r – It is es sentia l to have a tea cher involved i n the team ’s o rgani zatio n. The teac her can be the team’s l iaiso n with the sc hool’ s admin ist rati on and he lp the team become an offi cial club a nd get fie ld spa ce and ot her resou rces f rom t he schoo l. The teac her’ s ro le is mo stly t hat of spo nso r. Don’ t be afra id to ask a tea cher to be the sponso r fo r your U ltima te clu b.

    The Coach – The coach wi ll p rovide leg itima cy and i nst ruc tion fo r your team. It is often diffic ult t o be taken se riou sly as a p layer/coa ch and so an adul t coac h help s. The coa ch wil l also se rve to l imit the sc hools liabi lity an d is ne cessa ry for club statu s. The coa ch and tea che r can be t he same pe rson if they are q ualifie d. The coa ch sh ould be UP A Certified.

    Recogniti on from yo ur Scho ol

    Getti ng cl ub sta tus f rom you r sch ool is o ne of the mos t impo rtan t and easy t hin gs you ca n do to get yo ur team sta rted. You wi ll need a spons or t hat is a schoo l staff membe r. Rule s on obta inin g clu b stat us diffe r by each schoo l, but yo ur tea ch er/spon sor s hould k now how to do i t. If not , ask your a thle tics o r ac tivit ies di rec tor. Clu b sta tus ca n give you ac cess to field space, equ ipmen t, sc hool in su rance, t he ri ght to use the schoo ls name, a nd finan cial suppo rt. It wil l also al low you to adverti se for you r team i n your schoo l. Finally gaini ng cl ub sta tus is the fi rs t step in the road to ga ini ng varsity s tatu s.

    Equipme nt

    Before you get goin g, you’l l need to invest in equi pment. Lu ckily, every thin g you need fo r an Ult imate team is inexpe nsive. In fact, the UP A has p rodu ced an i nst ruc tiona l kit wit h everyth ing you need in clud ing 1 4 dis cs, a sk ills a nd d rill s manua l, 2 poste rs fo r rec ru itin g, a 70 page skill s and d ril ls man ual, a PE c urric ulum, a nd a rule book. The inst ru ctiona l kit i s availab le from o ur di st ribu tor W ri ghtl ife. The only thin g you’l l need in a ddit ion to t he ins truct ional ki t is co nes!

    Recrui tment an d Promo tion

    Promoti ng and rec ruit ing fo r the team wi ll have a s ignif icant impac t on get ting yo ur team off t he gro und. Fi rst, sched ule a time af ter s chool wi th you r spo nso r for an o rgan izati onal meet ing a co uple weeks i n advance. In the weeks a nd days p ri or to the mee ting, be su re to ca rry a di sc a round schoo l and t hrow wheneve r you get the cha nce. Tel l people abo ut the mee ting a nd make su re they i nvite ot her peop le. So me people mi ght have exc uses like: “I’m no t good eno ugh”; “I don ’t k now how to play”; “I don’ t know how to t hrow.” En cou rage everyone: “You ’ll get bette r”; “No one know how to play, yet”; “We’l l teac h y ou to t hrow.” Put sign s up a round schoo l annou nci ng the mee ting. T he UPA has p roduce d some h igh qua lit y posters for t his exac t pu rpose. T hese pos ters a re availa ble at ou r di stribut or W rig htlife by call ing 1-8 00-82 1-883 3 or i n the i nst ruc tiona l kit. The mee ting shoul d be atten ded and run by the cap tain
    and the coa ch. Start the meet ing by s howing some footage of h igh level U ltima te. Recommende d videos incl ude Above & Beyon d 200 0 Mens & W omens, Sta cked or t he CST V UP A College Champ ions hip s. Whi le the video is runni ng pas s aro und a sign-up l ist to get name s, phone numbe rs, and e-mai l add resse s. On ce the vide o is do ne the coa ch sh ould te ll everyb ody who s/he i s and expla in hi s or he r expe rience. T hat s hould be fo llowed wit h some que stio ns and a nswers about the sp ort of Ult imate and f inally wha t they ca n expect o ut of pra cti ces and p laying during t he seaso n. Find ou t what the be st t imes for pe ople to p lay is an d set you r fi rst p rac tice. T he meeting shou ldn’ t take long a nd once yo u’re done, head ou tsi de t o play some, bu t be su re to co llect yo ur s ign u p sheet. Afte r the meet ing reco rd all of t he info rmatio n from the si gn-up s heet.

    Pract ice

    Prior to you r first p racti ce be su re to remind eve rybody u sing yo ur c ontac t info rmatio n. For a new team, p rac tice shoul d focus o n fundame ntal skill b uil ding an d sho uld i nclu de plen ty of time to s crimmage. For ideas on how to teac h skil ls and d rill s, use the Ult imate Playe rs Asso ciat ions Skil ls, St rategy, and Drills manual ava ila ble f rom W righ tlife o r in t he ins tructio nal kit . Warm up your body and s tre tch befo re plyi ng. People wi ll th ink twi ce about coming o ut to p rac tice if thei r body st i ll aches f rom the last p rac tice. Have g rou p st retc hes before a nd after pra ctice. St retc hin g preven ts inj urie s. Make su re you di scu ss the impo rtance of stre tch ing. Remembe r that prac tice s sho uld be fu n. Al so keep in m ind t hat is f un to lea rn ne w skills an d imp rove. Don ’t overload playe rs wit h new info rmatio n, but give them en ough t hat t hey can see ta ngib le gain s in t heir skill s and know ledge of the s port. Use pos itive reinfo rcemen t when
    teachin g new players to p lay.

    Getti ng Connec ted to Othe r Teams

    Youth Ul timate i s g rowing rapid ly arou nd the count ry. Many s tates al ready have UP A State Yo uth Coo rdina tors and State Champ ions hips that take p lace at the end of t he sp ring an d more states a re bei ng added eve ry year. The fi rs t thi ng to do is to go to t he UPA Co ntact s Page and fi nd ou t if your state ha s a State You th Coord inato r (SYC). If your s tate does have an SYC e-mail tha t coordinat or an d let the m know that yo u are play ing and a sk what you ca n do to ge t involved. If you r state does not have a sta te coo rdina tor, e-mai l the D ire cto r of Youth Developme nt. The re are l ikely othe r teams in you r sta te that t he Di rect or of You th Devel opment can pu t you in t ouch wi th. Several state s also have yaho ogro ups whe re you th Ulti mate playe rs and o rgan ize rs com muni cate wit h each ot her. Check o ut the UP A l inks pa g e to see how to subs cribe to t hese yahoog roup s. The UP A also host s a teams an d tou rnamen ts websi te
    where you can regi ster yo ur team, f ind co ntac t info rmatio n for ot her team s, re port yo ur s core s, and fi nd info rmati on on to urna ments.

    Games and To urnaments

    Now that you a re conne cted to o the r teams i n your a rea, you s hould sched ule game s. Schedu ling a game is as easy a s e-maili ng anot her team o r the local yah oogro up and de cidi ng on a t ime and a pla ce for a game. Fo r tou rnamen ts, s imply e -mail the tou rname nt di rect or an d reque st a bi d for you r team. Pla nnin g for game s and to urna ments is cove red in the UP A Coachi ng Clin ics.
Maintain ing t he Team Year to Year

It’s impo rtant that when the playe r/leaders of a team g raduate that t he team does n’t d isappea r the nex t year. Mai ntain ing team s is a n impo rtan t part of growi ng the sport so tha t in t he futu re the re are mo re oppo rtu nit ies to p lay at the h igh s c hool level. The re are two impo rtant thin gs to do to make su re tha t your tea m cont inue s. The fi rst i s to have a coa ch and a te ache r spo nsor w ho will s tick a roun d after p layers grad uate. The se cond is to have a Jun ior be a n ass istan t capta in. Ma ke sure tha t the as sis tant is invo lved in al l of the majo r orga niza tional a spec ts of the tea m and knows wha t to do t he next year a s a capta in. Thi s will make yo ur t ran sitio n to the next year m uch eas ier. If you have too ma ny players for one tea m, start a secon d or “ B” team.

Bui ldin g Your Team for t he Futu re

One ste p beyond s imple mai ntena nce is a ctua lly bui ldi ng your team for t he futu re. Many as pects of buil ding yo ur team a re cove red in de pth i n the UP A Coachi ng Cli nic. Int rodu ce Ulti mate to t he PE depa rtmen t. If peop le are lea rni ng about Ulti mate in the ir PE clas s they wil l have a base when they come ou t to p ract ices. T he UPA ha s many resou rces fo r PE tea chers in clud ing c urric ulum fo r teac hing the spo rt. If you pu rcha se the team ins tru ctio nal kit, yo u can g ive the cu rricu lum i n th e kit to your P E teache r. Ge t your paren ts invo lved by inv itin g them ou t to game s. Paren ts can be an inval uable resou rce fo r your team. They ca n help wi th organiza tion, tran spo rtati on, or help the team finan cial ly. Most i mportant ly, they can b e stron g lobby fo r your team with the sc hool adm inis tra tion. We even have a site specif ically fo r pa rents to learn more ab out Ul timate. Send yo ur pa rent s here to read o n.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The UPA i s the na tiona l govern ing bo dy for the spo rt of Ult imate in the Uni ted States.
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