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                                                                                                              Price Analyzer      TM

                      Acorn Price Analyzer
                      Spend Your Time Wisely

Pricing executives spend too much time and effort on mining, validating, and aggregating data — time that would be better
spent analyzing the business and making effective decisions. How much time do you spend rationalizing price waterfalls
with Finance? Finding and working off an accurate, validated set of data shouldn’t be so hard. With Acorn, it isn’t.

The Acorn methodology involves Finance, Operations, and IT up front, ensuring that the data you need is available, and
that all involved have signed off on the numbers before you begin your analysis. The Acorn Enterprise Performance System
(EPS)™ engine then gets to work on the data, bringing direct and indirect costs down to the Customers, Products, Channels,
and Transactions you need to see. Every cost and revenue that makes its way through the Acorn system can be validated
three ways: operationally, financially, and via capacity. With Acorn, all that time you used to spend battling over the numbers
can now be spent on your real job: analysis, strategy, and communication.

              Analyze                                  Strategize                              Communicate

 Uncover the “hidden gems” in your           Charge appropriately for high-cost
                                                                                       Incentivize the sales force properly
 Product Master — those products             cost-to-serve items, and/or
                                                                                       to sell today’s appropriate product
 with exceptional profit that only need      renegotiate terms to recoup a larger
                                                                                       mix, based on revenue, profit, and
 a little push from the sales force to       percentage of the cost expended
 climb in revenue
                                             Apply pressure on customers to live
                                                                                       Negotiate bids and contracts from
 Determine the “sweet spot” for each         up to their expectations (e.g.,
                                                                                       a position of knowledge about the
 of your SKUs and more accurately            minimum spend to qualify for a
                                                                                       real cost to serve your customers
 predict whether you can close the           discount) — or begin a discussion
                                                                                       and segments
 sale at the desired price                   of re-segmenting customers that
                                             continue to under-/over-perform

Complete Integration
Price Analyzer™ is based on the new Acorn Corporate Performance
Management (CPM) Dashboard Accelerator™, which works with
the MS SharePoint Portal. The Acorn CPM Dashboard Accelerator
provides instant access to the data you need: targeted Customer,
Segment, and SKU-level reports, a built in OLAP plug-in, integration
with your organization’s Balanced Scorecard, and more. All of the
MS Office Solution Accelerators are interoperable; the workflows
and data that drive your Balanced Scorecard and budgeting initiatives
can contribute to the analysis available in Price Analyzer — and
vice versa.

The detailed Price Analyzer results can also feed other third-party
systems. The Price Analyzer data can be used with price optimization
tools to ensure that the prices set are actually those paid, and to
track variances from the corporate strategy. The Price Analyzer data
can also feed forecasting models, such as those created with MS
Analysis Services, to provide an accurate basis for your forward-
looking decisions.
Accurate + Scalable = Actionable
Acorn continues to offer undeniable accuracy with Price Analyzer. Like the rest of the Acorn EPS suite, Price Analyzer provides
visibility at every level you need, from the high-level Segments and Channels down to the individual transactions that occur
every day. And Acorn knows that the transaction-level detail has to be just as accurate as the high-level data, because when
you’re talking with the Regional Managers about the last week’s sales, you need to be confident in your facts.

Analyze the price waterfall of any transaction, any product, or          See at a glance every sale made of a given SKU and the price
your company’s average sales. Group the results by customer              obtained. Benchmark them against the average or against the
or segment for aggregate analysis.                                       aspiration price.

- Recapture your true cost to serve.                                     - Monitor price trends.
- Align incentive programs.                                              - Advise the sales force.
- Make better decisions.                                                 - Capture value in each sale.

The performance of the Acorn EPS suite is unbeatable, even for the largest organizations. Whether you’ve got hundreds of
thousands of SKUs, millions of customers, dozens of segments and channel combinations — or all of the above — Acorn can
make sense of your business and deliver the results you need. Acorn doesn’t just provide visibility into the details — Acorn
provides insight into what makes your business tick.

System Requirements
Acorn software has been tested on the following platforms, broken down by function:

       Application Server                                 Report Server                           Database Server

  Windows 2000 or 2003 Server                    Windows 2000 or 2003 Server               Windows 2000 or 2003 Server
  running Internet Information Server            running Internet Information Server       running MS SQL Server 2000 SP3a.
  (IIS) and Windows SharePoint                   (IIS) and MS Reporting Services for       Dual 933MHz+ processors and
  Services 2.0 SP1+. 933MHz+                     SQL Server 2000 SP2+. 933MHz+             1GB+ RAM recommended.
  processor and 512MB+ RAM                       processor and 1GB+ RAM
  recommended.                                   recommended.

For More Information
For details about Price Analyzer or other Acorn products, visit or call 800-ACORN98.

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