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					                     MINUTES (Abbreviated) Acorn Foundation Committee Meeting
                                      Thursday, April 24, 2008
                     Mahany/Meininger Community Center - 3500 Marais, Royal Oak
MEMBERS PRESENT:                  William Willard, Jeanne Sarnacki, Pat Capello, Gary Callender, Rob Winter

MEMBERS EXCUSED:                  Mayor Jim Ellison, Commissioner Mike Andrzejak, Bernard Shulman, Nancy
STAFF:                            Kathy Heikkila

ALSO PRESENT:                     Trevor Weston, Historic Commission; Margaret Whitfield, ROAM; Kerry Burke,

Approval of Minutes       Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm. March 20, 2008 minutes approved as read.

City Commission Comments na.

Public Comment Trevor Weston introduced himself as the Historic Commission’s appointee to the Acorn
Foundation to replace Don Chisholm. KH will check with City Clerk’s office to see if any additional application or
approval from City Commission is needed.

Old Business
Grant Proposal
   1. The template for subgroups to complete:
            • Mission
            • Scope (who serve)
            • Impact
            • Needs Statement
            • Accomplishments
            • Anything Unique
   2. Five of the subgroup templates have been received – Senior Programs, Animal Shelter, Nature Society,
       Farmers Market, and Library. Need Parks & Rec and Historical Society, email copies can be sent to
   3. Telosa Software – A demo was loaded on AARP 6 computer in room 2 at M/M Center. Gary C. placed a
       conference call to representative at Telosa, was unable to get through. Call will be made at next meeting
       (May 29). Any questions regarding the software should be forwarded to Gary Calender before the next meeting. Among the questions to ask:
       • Is the software web-based or individual copies necessary?
       • Is training and ongoing support offered?
       • Who has access? Are there multiple levels?

Summary of Activity (as of 3/31/08) and details of recent donations were emailed prior to the meeting. Kathy H
noted that Veteran’s War Memorial is purchasing a plaque for $1180.

New Business
Royal Oak Animal Mission (ROAM)
    1. Margaret Whitfield asked the difference between 501c3 or 5091a. No one was certain, but felt they were
        basically the same type of non-profits but the latter was used for municipalities.
    2. Margaret Whitfield and Kerry Burke wished to discuss the use of Pay Pal to collect donations for the Acorn
        subgroup ROAM (under Parks & Rec). They have an established web site; would like to add a DONATE
        button. If button clicked, donor would transfer to Pay Pal site to fill out credit card info. Pay Pal gets 2.9% +
        30¢ from each donation. The balance of donation would be transferred to Bank Account. ROAM would like
        the City to handle funds from this account to ACORN accounting. ROAM would like Acorn members to
        make recommendation to the City Commission.
    3. Bill Willard did not think there would be any problem with Acorn members regarding ROAM’s use of Pay
        Pal. Would need the information in writing to send to all members. The written information should include a
        more detailed description of Pay Pal including: Can web-based transfers be made directly to RO Acorn?
        How is the security, are there multiple levels of access? Is there a history log provided?
    4. There was discussion about the possibility of Acorn adopting Pay Pal as a donation choice.
    Nature Society made $6000 at annual fundraiser; ROAM raised $4000 with direct mailing (3500 sent). Gary
Callender handed out tri fold from Animal Shelter for 2009 Pet-a-Day Planner seeking business sponsors and
photos of pets.
Adjournment 8:25 pm

NEXT MEETING        Thursday, May 29, 2008 (5th Thursday of the month)

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Heikkila