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Microsoft PowerPoint - Workshop - PDF


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David Jones MD Acorn Hospitality Systems (Squirrel UK
Business Partner)
Mark Pitcher MD Fourth Hospitality

Squirrel and Fourth.. We help you understand your
Past and Present

  30 years ago EPOS revolutionised the
   hospitality industry by sending the orders
   to the prep areas and even managing to
   do a guest bill at the same time…wow

  To day we know much more and with the
   help of the Management Tools can make
   positive use of this information
Protect your investment

  EPOS and reporting tool are a
   substantial investment.
  All to often we see these investments in
   EPOS solution erode over time due to
   lack of understanding of the systems
The Management tool

  Epos systems are more than an ordering and
   billing system they are a “management tool”.
  Because of the nature of the way they work
   they are a constant and up to the second, vital
   data collection point.
  This data is useful in getting a better
   understanding of our business and planning for
   the future.
What are the tools
  With the progress of data mining and the ease
   of use from “off the shelf” products like
   Microsoft OLAP ( Online Analytical
   Processing) it has become a simple task to
   tailor your own reporting to meet your criteria.
  In the future with the new Microsoft Office suit
   with its inbuilt “Reporting tools” this task will
   become even simpler and more widely
  EPOS Systems like SQUiRREL which are
   native MS SQL compliant are already able to
   supply this and more data “revelations” in the
   future. To help you, the operators fine tune
   your businesses.
  D:\LOGWOOD.xls
What do we know
  Well for example……

  You had customers and they spent
   money in your premises

  What you don’t know ….was it worth it
 The Solution
 Did your labour match your sales (Staff scheduling)
 How long did the table turn take (Occupancy – marketing)
 Did you optimise your opportunity (Sell as much as you could- contest
 Did you meet the customer expectation (Guest survey)
 What did the commodities cost you (Stock control- purchasing)
 Did your purchases match your sales (Just in Time – stock levels)
 Have you rewarded your customer( Loyalty)
 Have you collected any data on their habits (CRM)

 With the combination of SQUiRREL and
  FOURTH we can tell you just about everything
  that happen to THAT sale

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