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Important Summer Calendar Dates                                               2

Welcome from Carolyn Jacobs, Dean                                             3

Planning Check List: Before You Come to Campus                                4
   Materials Required, Due Dates, and Recipient(s)
   How and When to Come to Campus (map)                                       5

Your First Few Days on Campus                                                 6
  Mandatory Central Check-In & Orientation Schedule - Entering MSW Students   6
  Mandatory Central Check-In Schedule - Returning MSW Students                7
  Mandatory Central Check-In & Orientation Schedule - Entering and
      Returning Doctoral Students                                             8

Academic Information and Support Services                                     9
  General Class Schedule Information
  Curriculum and Faculty                                                      10
  Library Information                                                         10
  Computing Services                                                          10
  Writing Support                                                             11
  Research Support                                                            11

Campus Life                                                                   12
  Message from Diane L. Tsoulas, Associate Dean for Administration            12
  Office for International Students and Scholars                              12
  Dormitory Accommodations                                                    12
  Keys                                                                        13
  Meal Plan                                                                   13
  Important Information on Student Telephone Service                          13
  Air Conditioner Installation                                                13
  Pets, Mail, Banking                                                         14
  Office of Public Safety                                                     15
  Disability Services                                                         15
  Ombudsperson                                                                16
  Master’s Program Student Organizations                                      17
  Doctoral Student Organization                                               18

Who Has Answers to Your Questions?                                            19

                            Important Summer Calendar Dates

  June 1                         Dormitories Open (1:00 p.m.)

  June 2                         Central Check-In for all Students*
                                 Orientation for Entering Students*

  June 3                         Student Community Day

  June 4                         Orientation to Professional Social Work*
                                 Opening Convocation

  June 5– July 7                 Term I

  June 30 (noon)                 Thesis Deadline

  July 4                         Independence Day Observance – No Classes

  July 6                         Thesis Breakfast

  July 10 – 14                   Break

  July 17                        Anti-Racism Symposium workshop by NCBI for
                                 Entering MSW Students only *
                                 (Another event may be scheduled for Returning Students)

  July 17 – August 18            Term II

  July 21 – 22                   Annual Supervisors’ Conference (1st and 2nd year students)*

  August 18                      Commencement (4pm)

  September 5                    First day of Internship

* Attendance Mandatory

Important: Students are responsible for reading all materials distributed by the School. Although
information in this publication was correct at press time; changes in dates, times and locations of
events may occur. Updated information will be posted at Central Check-In and can be obtained
through the Office of Academic Support Services, 413/585-7989. From summer enrollment through
winter internships, all students are expected to check their Smith email accounts at least weekly for
important communications from the school.

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Welcome from the Dean

  February, 2006

  Dear Students:

  We are pleased to announce our full reaccredidation by the Council on Social Work Education which
  occurred last fall following their site visit in the summer of 2005. This affirms the strengths of our
  clinical social work educational program in meeting the needs of diverse and vulnerable populations.

  You will find in this booklet separate orientation schedules for entering and returning Master’s
  and Doctoral Program students. I would like to highlight the Sunday afternoon Orientation
  to Professional Social Work which is mandatory for entering students.

  A challenging and stimulating summer academic program lies ahead, with many opportunities for
  enrichment and discussion. During the year our resident and adjunct faculty have been engaged in
  numerous discussions on a range of issues related to pedagogy which will enhance the curriculum.
  Though not yet finalized, we have planned another very rich summer lecture series. Topics include
  transgender issues, experiences of soldiers returning from Iraq, responding to the needs of victims of
  natural disasters, and Buddhism and social action. We are especially pleased to welcome Saki Santorelli,
  Ed.D., M.A., Director of Clinical and Educational Services in the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine,
  Health Care, and Society at UMass Medical School, as our Lydia Rapoport Professor. His lecture will
  focus on research on the quality of attention in mindfulness practice and its implications for social work
  and he will also conduct a meditation retreat and a colloquium while he is here. We encourage all of you
  to attend these events as we consider the lecture series an important part of your education at Smith.

  I look forward to welcoming everyone to campus in June.


  Carolyn Jacobs, Ph.D.
  Dean and Elizabeth Marting Treuhaft Professor

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Planning Check List
           Class Code Key: 1 = 1st summer; 2 = 2nd summer; 3 = 3rd summer
                     Deadline                  Class Code             Description/Recipient
           ¨          3/01/06                      3                  Third Summer Students - Last day for
                                                                      BannerWeb Registration for minimum
                                                                      degree requirements (see February
                                                                      registration email for details)

           ¨          3/01/06                   *1/2                  Petition to Waive Required Course
                                                                      Send to Office of Academic Services

           ¨          3/15/06                      2                  Second Summer Students - Last day for
                                                                      BannerWeb Registration for electives
                                                                      only (see February registration email for

           ¨          3/27/06                  *1/2/3                 Housing Form - Send to Michelle Bala
                                                                      (sent as separate mailing)

           ¨          4/01/06                    2/3                  Petition to Waive Course Prerequisite
                                                                      Send to Office of Academic Services

           ¨          4/14/06                    *1                   Photo for ID – Send to Office of
                                                                      Academic Services

           ¨          4/05/06                     3                   Third Summer Students - Last day for
                                                                      BannerWeb Registration for extra
                                                                      electives (see February email for details)

           ¨           4/14/06                     3                  Diploma Name Response - Send

           ¨           4/14/06                    *1                  Human Biology Waiver Form -
                                                                      Send to Office of Academic Services

           ¨           4/17/06                  *1/2/3                Air Conditioner Form - Send to Michelle Bala
                                                                      (sent as separate mailing)

           ¨           4/21/06                    *1                  Health Insurance Form - Send to
                                                                      Linda Jacque

           ¨           5/01/06                  *1/2/3                Off-Campus Meal Plan - Send to Michelle Bala
                                                                      (sent as separate mailing)

           ¨           5/01/06                    2/3                 Final Field Assignments Due
                                                                      (follow instructions in Field calendar)

           *Entering Students: If the due date has elapsed, your forms are due one week after your acceptance.

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How to Get to SMITH

                            Smith College is located in Northampton in the Connecticut
                            River Valley of Western Massachusetts. From Route I-91,
                            take Exit 18. Follow Route 5 north into the center of
                            Northampton and turn left onto Route 9. Smith College is
                            just past the next set of lights. Bradley International, 38
                            miles south of Northampton on I-91, is the nearest airport.

        Interactive Smith College Campus Map:
        Visiting Smith:
          Directions on how to get to Smith:
        Daily Hampshire Gazette (local newspaper):
        The Republican on (area newspaper):
        Northampton Chamber of Commerce:
        Weather: (add zip code for Northampton “01060”)

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                                    Entering MSW Students’ Schedule
                                                    * = mandatory events
                           (Times and events are subject to change - updates will be available on Check-In day.)

           THURSDAY, JUNE 1               Dorms Open
           12:00 - 1:00                   Sandwich Buffet Lunch for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind
                                          There will be no programming on this day.

           1:00 - 4:00                    Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           5:30 - 7:00                    Dinner for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind

           FRIDAY, JUNE 2
           9:00 - 12:00                 * Central Check-In for all Entering Students, Seelye Hall, first floor

           9:00 - 3:30                    Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           12:00 - 1:30                   Lunch for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind

           1:15 - 2:15                  * Field Orientation, Neilson Browsing Room

           2:30 - 3:30                  * Library Orientation for students with last names beginning with A-N,
                                          Neilson Browsing Room
                                        * Computer Orientation for students with last names beginning with O-Z,
                                          Seelye 201

           3:45 - 4:45                  * Computer Orientation for students with last names beginning with A-N,
                                          Seelye 201
                                        * Library Orientation for students with last names beginning with O-Z,
                                          Neilson Browsing Room
           5:00 - 5:30                  * Entrance Interview for Stafford Loans, Seelye 106
           5:45 - 6:15                  * Welcome from the Dean, Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room
                                          Followed by dinner for all students

           SATURDAY, JUNE 3               Student Community Day

           SUNDAY, JUNE 4
           1:00 - 4:00                 * Orientation to Professional Social Work, Dean Jacobs,
                                         Wright Hall/Weinstein Auditorium
           4:15 - 5:15                  * Convocation, Wright Hall/Weinstein Auditorium
           5:30                           All Campus BBQ, Cutter/Ziskind Courtyard

           IMPORTANT NOTICE: Late Check-In is strongly discouraged and will be accommodated only under
           exceptional circumstances. A $125 fee will be assessed to those unable to arrive in time for Central Check-In.
           Students may not attend class until they have completed Late Check-In. If you have a scheduling conflict that
           makes it impossible for you to arrive on Friday, June 2, please contact Irene Rodriguez Martin, Director of
           Graduate Enrollment at (413) 585-7962 or by email at as soon as possible.

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                                            Central Check-In Schedule for
                                              Returning MSW Students
                         Times and events are subject to change - updates will be available on Check-In day.

           THURSDAY, JUNE 1                 Dorms Open
           12:00 - 1:00                     Sandwich Buffet Lunch for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind

                                            There will be no programming on this day.

           1:00 - 4:00                      Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           5:30 - 7:00                      Dinner for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind

           FRIDAY, JUNE 2
           9:00 - 3:30                      Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           11:00 - 4:00                     Mandatory Central Check-In for all Returning Students
                                            Seelye Hall, first floor

           6:15                             All students
                                            Dinner at Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room

           SATURDAY, JUNE 3                 Student Community Day

           SUNDAY, JUNE 4
           1:00 - 4:00                      Orientation to Professional Social Work, Dean Jacobs
                                            Wright Hall/Weinstein Auditorium
                                            (Not mandatory for returning students, but all are invited to attend)

           4:15 - 5:15                      Convocation
                                            Wright Hall/Weinstein Auditorium

           5:30                             All Campus BBQ
                                            Cutter/Ziskind Courtyard

           IMPORTANT NOTICE: A $125.00 administrative fee will be charged to your account if you fail to attend
           Central Check-In, on Friday, June 2, regardless of the reason. If exceptional circumstances make it impossible
           for you to attend Friday Check-In, send an email to titled ‘Late Check-In.’ We
           will expect you to attend Late Check-In between 8:00am and noon on Monday, June 5, in Lilly Hall. You
           must complete the Check-In process before you may attend class.

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                                Central Check-In and Orientation Schedule for
                                    Entering and Returning Ph.D. Student
                                                           * = mandatory events
                           (Times and events are subject to change - updates will be available on Check-In day.)

           THURSDAY, JUNE 1                  Dorms Open
           12:00 - 1:00                      Sandwich Buffet Lunch for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind
                                             There will be no programming on this day.

           1:00 - 4:00                       Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           5:30 - 7:00                       Dinner for on-campus students, Cutter/Ziskind

           FRIDAY, JUNE 2
           9:00 - 12:00                      Entering Ph.D. Students
                                             * Mandatory Check-In, Seelye Hall, first floor (See Important Notice, pg. 7)
           11:00 - 4:00                      Returning Ph.D. Students
                                             * Mandatory Check-In, Seelye Hall, first floor (See Important Notice, pg. 8)
           9:00 - 3:30                       Key pick-up at Hubbard House

           11:00 - 12:00                     Welcome Booth for First Year Ph.D. Students, Seelye Lawn

           12:00- 2:00                       Entering Ph.D. students
                                             * Co-Directors’ Orientation to the Program, Cutter Living Room
           2:30 - 3:30                       Entering Ph.D. students with last names beginning with A-N
                                             * Library Orientation, Neilson Browsing Room
                                             Entering Ph.D. students with last names beginning with O-Z
                                             * Computer Orientation, Seelye 201
           3:45 - 4:45                       Entering Ph.D. students with last names beginning with A-N
                                             * Computer Orientation, Seelye 201
                                             Entering Ph.D. students with last names beginning with O-Z
                                             * Library Orientation, Neilson Browsing Room
           5:00 - 5:30                       Entering Ph.D. students
                                             * Entrance Interview for Stafford Loan, Seelye 106
           5:45 - 6:15                    * Dean’s Welcome - Entering students, Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room
           6:15                              All students, Dinner at Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room

           SATURDAY, JUNE 3
           10:30 - 12:30                     Brunch at Dr. Berzoff’s home for all doctoral students,
                                               51 Harrison Ave, Northampton

           1:00 - 4:00                    * Anti-Racism/Diversity Training, mandatory for Entering Ph.D. students
                                               (Location to be announced)

           7:00                              Doctoral student meeting, (student planned event)

           SUNDAY, JUNE 4

           4:15 - 5:15                    * Convocation, Wright Hall/Weinstein Auditorium
           5:30                              All campus BBQ, Cutter/Ziskind Courtyard

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         Registration and Class Schedule Information

         Office of Academic Support Services
         (413) 585-7989

         Unshaded areas on the chart, below, represent official class meeting blocks for our summer
         academic terms. Doctoral students have no classes in the evenings or on Fridays.

                                              Mon    Tues    Wed    Thur    Fri 

                BLOCK          10:35­12:25 

                CHART          1:40­3:30 



         First summer students take five required courses, scheduled in eleven of these blocks, per term. All
         classes are pre-sectioned by the Registrar, and students are expected to arrange personal commitments
         around this schedule*. More information on first summer classes can be viewed on our web site.

         Second summer students participate in Web Registration the third week of March. Students choose
         one elective in first term and two electives in second term. The Registrar schedules
         required course sections to avoid conflict with the electives chosen by each student.* Registration
         instructions are sent to students’ Smith email addresses in mid-February, and preliminary schedules will
         be available to view on BannerWeb by mid-April.

         Third summer students’ schedules will consist of electives only. At the end of February, third
         summer students register for minimum degree requirements in both terms via the Web. Extra courses
         may be added in the first week of April. Registration instructions and schedules are sent to students’
         Smith email addresses two weeks before the beginning of registration. Schedules are considered
         preliminary until classes begin.

           *We understand that childcare, commuting and part-time work can add stress to your very full
           academic schedule. If you have special circumstances that you would like us to consider while
           scheduling your required courses, please contact the Office of Academic Services (413)585-7980,
  by March 1st (second summer students). Entering
           students must contact us within two weeks after acceptance. We will mail instructions and
           passwords for viewing schedules on BannerWeb to entering students in late April. Note: The
           School reserves the right to make changes to scheduled course offerings and meeting times.

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The Curriculum and Resident SSW Faculty
For information on our resident faculty, visit our web site:
Master’s Program:
Doctoral Program:

The School for Social Work Curriculum web pages are:
Master’s Program:
Doctoral Program:

The Smith College Libraries
Neilson Library is the main library for the Smith campus and for School for Social Work students.
The Young Science Library, in Bass Hall, is also of interest to SSW students, particularly for its
coverage of psychology and medicine. The Sophia Smith Collection, documenting the history of
women, contains the Social Work Archives with the papers of prominent social activists including
Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, co-founders of Hull House. The full array of Smith library
resources and services is available to SSW students.
SSW students may also use the libraries at Amherst, Mount Holyoke and Hampshire Colleges and
the University of Massachusetts. With a valid ID, students may borrow Five College materials in
person or may request them through the Five College Delivery Service. For more information on
our library services and collections, please explore the Smith College Libraries web site,

Technology Resources and The Computer Store
Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains microcomputer resource centers, more commonly
known as “computer labs”, in various locations across campus. These labs provide students with free
access to Dell and Apple computers and appropriate software. Laser printing is available in the labs
for a reasonable fee. Dormitory rooms are wired for connectivity to the Smith network and for full
internet access.
With all of these facilities on campus, some students feel it is not necessary to own a personal
computer or printer. However, the structure of the School for Social Work graduate program makes
owning a personal computer an extremely valuable resource. Many of the courses include computer
assignments and also have standard word processing requirements. The mobility of laptop
computers is especially practical, particularly during internships.
If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of having a personal computer, the Smith
College Computer Store offers a wide selection of computer equipment. Products from Dell, Apple,
Epson, Microsoft and other manufacturers are available at substantial savings, due to our special
educational pricing. Knowledgeable computer store consultants are on hand to help you determine
the proper configuration for your needs.
Paying for a computer can be difficult, especially for students. Therefore, the School for Social Work
Program offers interest-free, short-term computer loans to its students. The maximum loan amount
is $1,000, with the stipulation that the computer must be purchased at the Smith College Computer
Store. For more information about this loan, please contact Gina Zaikowski or Linda Jacque in the
Financial Aid Office: (413) 585-7956.
In April, you will be receiving more detailed information via email about our recommended computer
configurations, as well as ordering information. Please visit our web site and explore your options: If you have questions, contact the Smith College Computer
Store at (413) 585-3027 or email us at
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Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning
Seelye Hall, Room 307

Writing Counselors: Debra Carney (413) 585-3035 and Mary A. Koncel (413) 585-3036

Introductory Writing Workshops
These small group sessions, which are required for members of the first year class, introduce our
services and allow us to begin a discussion of your previous writing experiences, challenges,
tasks, strategies, and goals. We schedule these sessions during the first week of classes and you
will receive your assignment with the Orientation materials at Check-In.

Writing Skills Workshops

Each summer we offer small-group workshops on Overcoming Writing Anxiety, Grammar,
Punctuation and Mechanics, and Writing Clearly and Concisely. Schedules for these
workshops are available the first week of class, and we also announce them in the Luncheon
Notices, the biweekly newsletter that is sent to all members of the community via email. (We
would also like to encourage you to suggest workshop topics for us; we'd be happy to develop
more workshops to address your writing needs.)

Individual Writing Conferences

Throughout the two summer terms, we offer you individual writing conferences. During these
half-hour sessions, we work on pre-writing, writing, and editing strategies. We serve as
an audience for your ideas about your assignments and the written expression of those ideas.

To schedule a writing conference during the summer, please come to Seelye 307. Our
schedules are posted in the foyer outside the door; just sign your name in any available slot.
Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the schedules.

Research Analyst
Marjorie Postal is the School for Social Work’s Research Analyst. She is available to assist
MSW students who are working on a quantitative thesis. She provides help designing
surveys, coding survey data, and choosing, running, and interpreting statistical tests. She
can also provide help with SPSS, the statistical analysis software used by the school.

Marjorie’s office is 201 Lilly Hall. During the summer she is usually available Monday,
Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with additional hours by appointment. She can be
reached by phone, (413) 585-7975 or email,

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Campus Life
Date:         February, 2006
To:           All School for Social Work Students
From:         Diane L. Tsoulas, Associate Dean for Administration
Subject:      Housing - Summer 2006
As we at SSW prepare to welcome you to the summer academic session of the School, I want to
inform you about what will be happening with campus facilities to help you make an informed decision
about living on or off campus.
Although final decisions have not yet been made, there will be little or no construction on the campus
this summer and none that we know of that should affect our summer residents. The student Campus
Center is open, Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm and Satuday, 9:00am - 12:00 noon.
This summer we will be eating in the newly renovated Cutter/Ziskind Dining Room. Our assigned
dorms will be close to central campus. It is important for you to know that the College has banned
smoking in all Smith buildings, including dorms. Candles, incense and halogen lamps are prohibited in
all campus houses in order to comply with fire safety regulations. Please remember that absolutely no
pets are allowed in College or residential buildings at any time; you need to make off-campus
arrangements for your pets. This year, any infraction of the above will be reported directly to me as
Associate Dean for Administration. This prohibition does not apply to individuals accompanied by
seeing-eye dogs or other trained, assisting animals.
I hope this memorandum helps you in deciding about housing for the upcoming summer.

Office for International Students and Scholars
The Office for International Students and Scholars provides advice and guidance to School for Social
Work students and faculty on U.S. immigration laws, visa and travel regulations, school transfers, work
authorization permits, and payment authorization for international faculty. The office works with
students and faculty prior to their arrival at Smith and throughout the length of their program. The
office also issues I-20 “Certificate of Eligibility” forms for F-1 student visa applications, and J-1 visas
for faculty. All international students must complete and submit a “Foreign Students Certificate of
Finances” form to this office prior to the issuance of the F-1 visa application from Smith. International
faculty must complete the Foreign National Information Form (this form may be submitted on-line) in
order for the office to issue the J-1 or other appropriate visa for visiting and/or full-time teaching
Hrayr Tamzarian, Associate Dean, assesses the needs of international students and faculty and helps to
facilitate a smooth transition to life at Smith by providing individual and group orientation during the
first few weeks of each summer session. International students or faculty with questions relating to the
services of this office may direct inquiries to: or call (413)
585-4943 or Fax (413) 585-4906. Please indicate that you are affiliated with the School for Social Work

Dormitory Accommodations
Dormitory rooms will be available on Thursday, June 1 beginning at 1:00 p.m. for students who need to
arrive on that day. For on-campus students, a deli lunch will be provided on Thursday, June 1, from
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Dormitory accommodations consist of single dormitory rooms with 1 twin bed, bureau, desk, and chair.
All rooms are wired for full internet access. Married accommodations provide two rooms. The school
does not furnish bed linens, towels, curtains, bedspreads, etc. Students may wish to bring a lamp, an
alarm clock and a fan. Swimmers should bring extra towels as none will be provided at the pool. You
may also wish to bring an additional blanket.
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Every student will be issued 1 key for entrance into dorms in the event of scheduled meetings.
Students living on-campus will also be issued an additional room key.
Keys may be picked up at Hubbard House:

                 Thursday, June 1 - 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                 Friday,   June 2 - 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

If for any reason you cannot arrive during the above designated times, keys will be left at Public
Safety. Beginning Monday June 5, keys will be available in Room 111 of Lilly Hall from 9:00 a.m. –
3:30 p.m.
Students who do not return their key(s) will be charged a $25.00 fee per key. Students who lose their
key(s) during the summer will be billed $25.00 for each additional key.

Meal Plan - Off-Campus Students or in Friedman House
The School for Social Work is making every effort to help make life more affordable for students
living off-campus or in Friedman House.
The School has established a meal plan for students to purchase 25 meals for $150.00. These meals
may be any combination of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner totaling 25. The 25 meals will be added to
your One Card to use at Cutter/Ziskind only.
PLEASE NOTE that these fees cannot be pro-rated OR refunded.
A form was mailed to you in the housing packet. Please complete it if you wish to participate in the
meal plan.

Important Information on Student Telephone Service
In January, 2005 the College installed a new campus-wide telephone and voicemail system. Students
in residence houses served by the new telephone system now have access to a digital phone, a private
voice mailbox, and on-campus, local, and 800 calling. However, in order to make long distance and
international phone calls, students must use pre-paid cards and calling cards. Information on prepaid
cards and calling cards is available at:
Because of this new system, we have changed the way students are billed for telephone services. All
SSW students living on-campus will be billed $30 for the full 10-week summer academic session
(senior doctoral students will be billed $15 for their final 5-week academic session) for telephone
service, including voicemail, on-campus and local calls.

Air Conditioner Installation
It has been brought to the School's attention that the College has several concerns regarding
electrical usage and window air conditioners in the dorms. Please be aware of the
following College regulations when making your plans:
(1) Because we must restrict usage, only people with a medical need and medical documen-
    tation to that effect will be able to bring air conditioners. Students must bring their own or
    rent air conditioners and will be charged a flat fee ($125.00) to cover any expenses associated
    with the installation, and removal, of these systems.

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(2) We will need prior notification if you are planning to bring a window air conditioner. We must
    be able to plan room assignments accordingly and schedule HVAC professionals to install the
    air conditioners. For reasons of safety all air conditioners will need to be installed in this
     We understand the importance of making your rooms habitable and are not trying to make
     your lives more difficult. However, these old buildings are not all equipped for carrying the
     electrical load that occurs and we must plan accordingly. In addition, unless the air
     conditioners are installed correctly, they pose a danger to others and this is not a risk the
     School/College can take.
(3) If you will require an air conditioner installed, please fill out the Air Conditioner Installation
     Form (in the Housing Packet) and return it, with medical documentation, to the Housing
     Coordinator by April 17th. If medical documentation is not attached, the form will be returned
     to you.

ABSOLUTELY NO PETS are allowed in College or residential buildings. Students are expected
to make off-campus arrangements for the care of pets. Violations of this strict College policy will
be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean for Administration.
Note: this prohibition does not apply to individuals accompanied by seeing-eye dogs or other
trained, assisting animals.

Packages mailed to you at the school can be accepted as of Monday, May 22 or earlier if needed.
Please mark “Hold for Arrival” in place of PO Box number if mailed before May 22nd,

Your official mailing address for the summer is:

                                   Student Name
                                   Box - - - -
                                   1 Chapin Way
                                   Northampton, MA 01063-6302

Your P.O. Box is located in the Campus Center and P.O. Box numbers will be assigned no later
than May 26, 2005. Further information will be available upon your arrival at Smith College in
June. If forwarding order is requested from home address, please mark it ‘Temporary’ and only
for the duration of the program (until August 18, 2006).

Students are advised to bring their money in traveler’s checks or money orders. Local banks are
happy to open accounts for students. Unfortunately, the College Controller’s Office is
unable to cash personal checks. There is an ATM machine in the lower level of the Campus Center.
Its services include Cirrus, MasterCard, NYCE, Sum, and Visa.

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Office of Public Safety
The Smith College Department of Public Safety provides protection and security services to all
members of the college community, including its visitors and guests, 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. The Department’s full-time public safety officers are trained professionals. They have police
powers on college property (as granted under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22C, Section 63)
and are sworn Hampshire County deputy sheriffs. All officers must complete training as mandated by
the Massachusetts State Police.
There are 272 green lined parking spaces in various lots throughout the campus and in the parking
garage designated for student parking. The cost of a decal is $5.00 and parking in green lined
spaces is on a first come, first served basis.
The Department of Public Safety Office, at its new location in Tilly Hall (as of March 2006), off of
Henshaw Avenue, is staffed 24 hours a day. As the main purpose of Public Safety is to protect life
and property, calls for service are prioritized. Officers respond to such calls on foot, in cruisers or
on mountain bikes. The department’s website is:

Disability Services
Smith College values the diversity of its student body and is committed to assuring non-discrimination
in its programs for students with disabilities. The College works to meet its obligations under Section
504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act in a variety of ways, including the
provision of necessary services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
Students with a disability needing accommodations or support services should return the disability
identification form in your admission packet and contact the Office of Disability Services, located at
College Hall, Room 3, well in advance of your arrival on campus. You will be required to provide
current medical documentation or educational testing which directly supports any accommodations
requested. Guidelines for documentation are available on the Smith website under Disability Services.
Inadequate or incomplete documentation can delay the provision of academic accommodations or
support services. The cost and work involved in obtaining documentation is the student’s responsibility.
Students with disabilities should make a telephone or in-person appointment to discuss your needs
directly with the Director of Disability Services so that disability-related academic and housing
accommodations and services can be approved and provided as appropriate. Requests for
accommodations for your year long placements should be discussed with Disability Services
immediately upon acceptance as it may require identification of specific sites that can sufficiently
make the necessary accommodations. All communications with Disability Services are confidential.
Requests for accommodations must be made one month prior to the beginning of each summer
session to allow necessary arrangements to be made. Students needing sign language interpreters or
books on tape must contact the Office of Disability Services at least 6 weeks before the start of
classes to allow time to secure interpreters or books on tape. Many books are also available in
electronic format or can be scanned.
Students with disabilities that significantly impact reading, writing, or organizational skills are advised
to investigate and become comfortable using assistive technology such as voice recognition software,
scheduling software, books on tape, or new technology available for reading electronic materials such
as Kurzwekl Reading Software prior to admission. Students have found it very challenging to learn
new methods of reading, writing, and organizing while also starting a new graduate program.
Transition to the SSW program will be easier if you arrive with an array of compensatory skills and a
familiarity with new assistive technologies. Information about these technologies and services for skill
development could be found by contacting a local college in the area where you live or by calling
Smith’s Disability Services Office. Students interested in utilizing voice recognition or Kurzweil
reading software available in the Smith Adaptive Technology Lab must set a time for a demonstration
and subsequent training as needed in order to have authorization to use software which is available in
our Assistive Technology Lab. You can reach the Office of Disability Services at the numbers below:

Laura Rauscher                               
Disability Services Director/ADA Coordinator           (413) 585-2071 (Voice or TTY/TDD)
Smith College, College Hall, Room 3                    (413) 585-4498 (Fax)
Northampton, MA 01063                        

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The Ombudsperson is a confidential, independent, neutral resource for the informal resolution of
conflicts for all members of the college community. Upon request, the Ombudsperson can also serve as a
neutral observer and provide feedback to student groups, staff organizations, and academic departments
and programs in the interest of facilitating informal conflict resolution at the small group level.

You may contact the Ombudsperson to discuss: concerns of violation of the College’s Civil Rights Policy;
 information on college policy and procedures; allegations of inequitable application of college policy;
 sexual harassment concerns; informal conflict resolution mediation (facilitating meetings between parties
 in conflict who are working towards resolution); resolving conflicts through intervention (shuttle
diplomacy); situational stress and handling extreme emotions; brainstorming on how to resolve a conflict
on your own.

Conversations with the Ombudsperson are held in confidence unless they involve the threat of serious
harm to a person, or to Smith College as an institution. In such cases, the Ombudsperson will strive to
release the information in a manner that is consistent with maintaining confidentiality.

The Ombudsperson is a member of The International Ombuds Association and adheres to its Code of
Ethics and Standards of Practice. These documents may be found online at and are also available for review in the Ombudsperson’s Office.

Adrianne R. Andrews, Ph.D.

Please phone or e-mail for an appointment
Phone: (413) 585-3358; Fax: (413) 585-3731
Email: [Please do not send confidential information]
Office: 8 College Lane (opposite the Office of Admission), 1st Floor (rear)
Web page:

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                             Master’s Program Student Organizations
(Note: These listings are accurate at time of publication, for updates please visit:

                                     Council for Students of Color
                         Co-Presidents - Ivy Chang, A06 and Tia Marie Dabney, A06
                                   Vice-President - Rhonda Stewart, A06
                                   Secretary - Melissa Camorongan, A07
                                     Treasurer: - Elisabeth Franco, A06
                                   Historian:            Nidia Ponce, A07
                        Diversity Representative to Student Org. - Ivy Hooper, A06
         Co-Diversity Representatives for Field Placement - Brandin Dear, A06 and Ivy Hooper, A06
          Co-Diversity Representatives for Curriculum - Betty Alban, A06 and Timothy Alvarez, A06
                   Co - Social Chairs - Christian Gale, A07 and Nia Hamilton, A06

                    Smith College School for Social Work
      Student Organization Governing Body List of Positions for 2005-2006
                                                 Executive Committee

                      Co-Presidents – Jeanette Jimenez, A06 and Karen Kenneally, A06
                Co-Executive Vice Presidents – Myrtho Gardiner, A06 and Heidi Wood, A06
                                  Co-Secretaries – Meghan Barrager, A06
                                    Treasurer A06 - Gellianne Previlon
                                    Treasurer A07 – Thomas Lusignan
             Co-Vice Presidents in Charge of Curriculum A06 – Karla Sanborn and Alison Weiss
                        Vice President in Charge of Curriculum A07 – Christie Coy
                   Field Placement Committee Vice President A06 – Caretia Fernandez
                    Field Placement Committee Vice President A07 – Stephanie Harris
                          Co-Class Reps. A06 – Megan Przygoda and Sarah Lewis
                           Co-Class Reps. A07 – John Gill and Stephanie Melmed
                                         Campus Life Rep - open
                                             Historian - open

                                            Remainder of Governing Body

               Field Placement Rep Eastern New England and Canada A06 – Jill de La Hunt
                   Field Placement Rep Eastern New England and Canada A07 - Open
                     Field Placement Rep Western Mass and Connecticut A06 - Open
                Field Placement Rep Western Mass and Connecticut A07 – Andrea Galeucia
                Field Placement Rep Midwestern and Western States A06 – Donald Haiman
               Field Placement Rep Midwestern and Western States A07 – Benjamin Kudler
                Field Placement Rep Mid-Atlantic and Southern States A06 - Alexia Morgan
                 Field Placement Rep Mid-Atlantic and Southern States A07 - Lisa Smith
                      Council for Students of Color Diversity Rep – Mariko Ono, A06
                          Field Placement Rep California A06 – Kathryn Schwartz
                Field Placement Rep California A07 - Co – Willow Thorsen, Melissa Rocklen
                              Curriculum Rep – Research A06 – Lisa Mycanka
                             Curriculum Rep – Research A07 – Jamie Loveland

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                               Curriculum Rep – Policy A06 – Leslie Wax
                              Curriculum Rep – Policy A07 – Julia Chafets
                                 Curriculum Rep – Practice A06 - Open
                             Curriculum Rep – Practice A07 – Amelia Reyes
                            Curriculum Rep – HBSE A06 – Lindsay Duckles
                           Curriculum Rep – HBSE A07 – Rhyannon O’Heron
                              Curriculum Diversity Rep – Aziza Jones, A07
                                 Curriculum Secretary – Jillian Weis, A07
                                       Financial Aid Rep - Open
                                Academic Support Services Rep - Open
                                  Admissions Rep – Nicole Young, A07
                                Social Action Rep – Lisa Schoendorf, A07
                          Social Welfare Action Alliance – Mekhala Koshy, A07
                                  Off-Campus Rep – Julie Warner, A06
          Academic & Field Work Performance Standing Committee Rep A06 - Alisha Ellis
        Academic & Field Work Performance Standing Committee Rep A07 – Claretta Daniels
                 Anti-Racism Consultation Committee Rep A06 – Gellianne Previlon
                      Anti-Racism Consultation Committee Rep A07 – Donna Bell
                              Class Issues Alliance – Stephanie Killian, A06
           Disabilities Awareness Group Rep - Co – Betty Alban, A06 and Rosa Guzman, A06
                          Jewish Students Association Rep – Joel Sanchez, A06
          L/G/B/T/Q² Alliance Rep - Co - Sandra Hall, A06 and Lili Schwan-Rosenwald, A07
                                Men’s Consortium - William Moore, A06
  International/Multicultural Support Group Rep – Co – Toshie Suzuki, A06 and Hillary Despres, A07
                                 Meditation Rep - Donald Haiman, A06
                                       SAGE - Mary Dowcett, A06
                              Unlearning Racism Rep - Lauren Clarke, A07
                   Ph.D. Mentoring – Co - Shirley Malove, D05 and John Linder, D06

                                Doctoral Program Student Organization

                           Co-Presidents - Shella Dennery, D06 and Cara Segal, D06
                    Co- Presidents Elect - Ralph Detri ,D07 and Annette Henderson , D07
                   Co - Secretaries - Jennifer Swantkowski, D06 and Indira Balkissoon, D07
                      Class Representatives - Alllison Sibley, D06 and Susan Pasco, D07
              Studentts of Color Representatives - Vickey Sultzman, D06 and Laverne Marks, D07
                  Alumni Representatives - Vikki Winbush, D06 and Marki McMillan, D07
             Academic & Field Work Performance Standing Committee - Dana Schneider, D06
             Co-Liasons for International Students - Haya Naaman-Nir, D06 and John Linder, D06

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                                          Smith College School for Social Work
                                           Directory of Administrative Offices

 Reception Desk (413) 585-7950                                          Computer Resources
    Doreen Kelly (                                 See ITS Information Technology Services

 Academic Support Services (413) 585-7989                               Continuing Education (413) 585-7964
   Mary Lou Wittig, Director and Registrar                                Irene Rodriguez Martin, Director
       (                                              (
   Lisa DeCarolis, Faculty Services Coordinator                           Roxanne Pin, Assistant Director
       (413) 585-4053 (                              (
   Christina Kuralt, Student Services Coordinator
       (413) 585-7980 (                         Dean’s Office (413) 585-7977
                                                                          Carolyn Jacobs, Dean and Elizabeth Marting
 Admission (413) 585-7960                                                  Treuhaft Professor
   Irene Rodriguez Martin, Director                                           (
       (                                          Jensey Graham, Executive Assistant to the Dean
   Valerie N. Hooper, Enrollment Coordinator                                  (
      (                                           Susan E. Donner, Associate Dean
 Alumni Affairs & Networking (413) 585-7960                               Melva McLaurin, Administrative Assistant to the
    Roxanne Pin, Assistant Director                                            Associate Dean, (
        (                                            Diane L. Tsoulas, Associate Dean for Administration
    Patricia Graham, Administrative Assistant                                 (
        (                                         Tonya Dixon, Administrative Assistant to the Assoc.
                                                                             Dean for Administration (
 Annual Supervisors’ Conference (Field Work)
   See Field Work                                                       Disability Services (413) 585-2071 voice (TTY/TDD)
                                                                          Laura Rauscher, Director
  Audio/Visual needs                                                           (                             Geary Gravel, Deaf Services Coordinator
                                                                               (413) 585-2139 (
 Bills (Student)
   See Financial Aid and Fiscal Affairs                                 Doctoral Dissertations
                                                                          See Doctoral Program
   See Grecourt Bookshop                                                Doctoral Program (413) 585-7981
                                                                          Joan Berzoff , Co-Director
 Career Development Office (413) 585-2582                                   (413) 585-7954 (
 (Job Search, Resume Writing, Interview Prep)                             Joyce E. Everett, Co-Director ~                                          (413) 585-7961 (
  Lucy Greenburg, Assistant Director, (          AnnaMarie Russo, Administrative Assistant
  Janice Schell, Assistant Director, (               (413) 585-7981 (

 Center for Innovative Practice and Social                              Enrollment Verification
 Work Education (413) 585-7983                                             See Academic Support Services
   Diane L. Tsoulas, Associate Dean for Administration
       (                                       Faculty Clerical Support (Adjunct)
                                                                           See Academic Support Services
  Central Services (413) 585-2600
   Printing, Copying & Fax services                                     Faculty Sequence Chairs
       (                                        HBSE - Dennis Miehls (Acting)
                                                                             (413) 585-4198 (
 Community Practice Project (413) 585-7967                                PRAC - Phebe Sessions
   Fred Newdom, Coordinator                                                  (413) 585-7982 (
    (518) 475-1199 (                                 RSCH - Joanne Corbin (Acting)
   Pattie Lumbra, Administrative Assistant                                   (413) 585-4039 (
    (413) 585-7967 (                              SWPS - Josh Miller
                                                                             (413) 585-7966 (

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Directory of Administrative Offices (cont.)

Faculty Teaching Schedules                            ID Cards
 See Academic Support Services                          See OneCard Office

Field Work—Master’s                                   Information Technology Services (ITS)
  Carolyn du Bois, Director                             Computer Accounts, Networks and Questions
    (413) 585-7987 (              (413) 585-4ITS or (413) 585-4487
  Christopher Shanky, Coordinator
    (413) 585-7997 (          International Students & Scholars Off. (413) 585-4943
  Randi Stebbins, Administrative Assistant              Hrayr Tamzarian, Associate Dean
    (413) 585-7965 (           Barbara MacDonald, Administrative Assistant
  Pattie Lumbra, Administrative Assistant       
    (413) 585-7967 (
                                                      Loan Deferments
Field Work—Doctoral                                     See Academic Support Services
  See Doctoral Program
                                                      Luncheon Notices
Financial Aid and Fiscal Affairs                        See Dean’s Office
  Gina Zaikowski, Director
   (413) 585-7986 (          Mail Services
  Linda Jacque, Administrative Assistant                See Student Postal Center
   (413) 585-7956 (
                                                      Center for Media Production (413) 585-2954
Federal Bank Loans                            
 See Financial Aid and Fiscal Affairs
                                                      Medical Insurance (Student)
Food Service and Meal Tickets (413) 585-7986            See Financial Aid and Fiscal Affairs
  Gina Zaikowski, Director of Fiscal Affairs
  and Financial Aid (        Meetings: Scheduling of
                                                        Cutter/Ziskind Meeting Rooms
Graduation                                                Gina Zaikowski, Director of Fiscal Affairs
  See Academic Support Services                            and Financial Aid (413) 585-7986
Grecourt Bookshop (413) 585-4140                        Large Meeting Rooms, Film Viewing Rooms,
  Laura Noddin, Textbook Manager                        Other Campus Space
   (413) 585-4155                                          Tonya Dixon, Administrative Assistant to the
                                                           Associate Dean for Administration
Helen Hills Hills Chapel (413) 585-2750                    (413) 585-7983 (
  Office of the Chaplins                                Lilly Hall
 Open daily 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (office)                 Doreen Kelly, Communications Assistant
              7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (building)             (413) 585-7950 (
                                                        SSW Classrooms (fewer than 50 students)
Housing                                                    Mary Lou Wittig, Director of Academic
 Off-Campus Sublet Information                             Support Services and Registrar
 Doreen Kelly, Reception Desk                              (413) 585-7989 (
   (413) 585-7950 (
                                                      Neilson Circulation Desk & Reference Desk
  On-Campus Room Assignments and Keys                   (413) 585-2910 and (413) 585-2960
  (Student & Faculty)
  Michelle Bala, Housing Coordinator                  Ombudsperson (413) 585-3358
   (413) 585-7979 (              Adrianne R. Andrews, Ombudsperson
Human Subjects Review (413) 585-7974
  Ann Hartman, Chair                                  OneCard Office (413) 585-3082
   (                          Andrew Weir, Systems Coordinator
                                                       (Photo ID Cards)

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Directory of Administrative Offices (cont.)

  See Public Safety

Payroll (Part-time Faculty, Summer Students)
 Gina Zaikowski, Director of Fiscal Affairs
 and Financial Aid (413) 585-7986

 See Central Services

Public Safety (413) 585-2490
 Paul Ominsky, Director
 Scott T. Graham, Assistant Director
     Emergencies (from campus phone) x800
     Routine (from campus phone) x2490

Registrar’s Office
 See Academic Support Services

Smith College Studies in Social Work
  Gerald Schamess, Editor
    (413) 585-7984 (
  Michelle Bala, Studies Coordinator
    (413) 585-7979 (

Student Postal Center (413) 585-4156 
  Mail boxes located in the Campus Center

Tax Forms
 Gina Zaikowski, Director of Fiscal Affairs
 and Financial Aid
    (413) 585-7986 (

Telephones (Phone mail and phone service)
 Mary Clayton, Telephone Assistant
    (413) 585-2082 (

Theses (Master’s) (413) 585-7974
 Jean LaTerz, Thesis Coordinator
    (617) 922-0894 (
 Ann Hartman, Chair, Human Subjects Review
    (413) 585-7974 (
 Marjorie Postal, Research Analyst
    (413) 585-7975 (
 Laura Wyman, Administrative Assistant
    (413) 585-7974 (

Transcripts and Student Files
 See Academic Support Services

Writing Support-Jacobson Center
 Debra Carney, Writing Counselor
     (413) 585-3035 (
 Mary A. Koncel, Writing Counselor
     (413) 585-3036 (

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Smith College School for Social Work is to advance the aims of the profession through education for excellence in
clinical social work practice and through the development of knowledge.
Clinical social work practice is concerned with the interdependence between individuals and their environments and the use of
theoretically grounded, relationship based, culturally informed interventions to promote healing, growth and empowerment. Clinical
social work recognizes and responds to the complexities of the human condition: its strengths, possibilities, systems of meaning,
resilience, vulnerabilities and tragedies. As a collaborative process, clinical social work expresses the core values of the profession,
including recognition of client self-determination, growth and change in the client system, and pursuit of social justice. It rests upon a
liberal arts base and integrates evolving theories about individuals, families, groups, communities, and the larger social systems in
which they are embedded.

In its educational practices, the School promotes critical thinking and self-reflection to help students expand their knowledge in the
substantive areas of human behavior and the social environment, social work practice, research, social policy, field, values and ethics,
diversity, populations-at-risk and social and economic justice. The School educates students in the application of professional values
and ethics, collaboration with other disciplines and the evaluation and dissemination of evolving theories and practice models.

The School shares with the social work profession its historic commitment to serve oppressed, disadvantaged and at risk members of
our society. It is committed to implementing a curriculum that addresses the concerns, issues, and interests of these populations.
The School joins with the profession to struggle against inequality and oppression based on such variables as: race, ethnicity, class,
gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability. The School and Smith College are committed to promote social justice, service
to society, and appreciation of individual and cultural diversity in a multicultural community. The School recognizes the pernicious
consequences of racism and works to identify and diminish the overt and covert aspects of racism. Smith College School for Social
Work is committed to work toward becoming an anti-racism institution.

The School implements its educational mission through its masters and doctoral degree programs, as well as through its Program of
Continuing Education. Through its scholarship, publications and research and program initiatives, the School contributes to the
development and dissemination of knowledge relevant to social work. In its affiliation with a liberal arts college, the School places a
priority on the process of teaching and learning and community service. The School maintains relationships of mutual respect and
influence with its affiliated agencies, major professional organizations, and other representatives of the social work practice
community to aid in curriculum renewal and to contribute to the development of the profession as a whole. Approved by Faculty,
November 20, 2003

Statement of Anti-Racism

Racism in the United States is a system of privilege, inequality, and oppression based on perceived categorical differences, value
assigned to those differences, and a system of oppression that rewards and punishes people based on the assigned differences. It
is manifest politically, socially, economically, culturally, interpersonally and intrapersonally and grounded in the unique history of
racism in the United States.

Smith College School for Social Work is committed to addressing the pernicious and enduring multi-layered effects of racism
Anti-racism initiatives promote respect for and interest in multiple worldviews, values, and cultures. The School for Social Work
develops and teaches knowledge, skills and values that enhance the ability to mutually affirm each other’s equal place in the world.
In addition, self-reflection and deepening conversations about race shape the School’s anti-racism mission and promote culturally
responsive practice, research and scholarship, and other anti-racism activities.
Revised by Faculty and Administration on December 16, 2004

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Smith College is committed to maintaining a diverse community in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation of
differences. Smith College does not discriminate in its education and employment policies on the bases of race, color, creed,
religion, national/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or with regard to the bases outlined in the Veterans Readjustment Act
and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Smith College School for Social Work’s admission policies and practices are guided by the same principles concerning
applicants to its graduate program. The following office has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination
policies: Director of Institutional Diversity, College Hall #31, (413) 585-2141.

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