DECEMBER 2009

 Introduction                                                                                     owners and developers, municipal plans, business parks by municipality, and featured
 Goodman Williams Group and Cathy J. Maloney are part of a consultant team led                    commercial and residential projects.
 by HNTB to prepare a Plan for the 159th Street Corridor that stretches through six
                                                                                                  The CSEDC website ( also maintains a monthly calendar
 communities from Markham on the east to Homer Glen on the west. This section
                                                                                                  that lists events hosted by other planning and development organizations, including the
 presents the economic development and marketing recommendations developed for
                                                                                                  Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), the Metropolitan Planning Council
 implementation in coordination with physical improvements.
                                                                                                  (MPC), and the South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association (SSMMA).
 Businesses and destinations along the 159th Street Corridor rely on multiple entities
                                                                                                  In addition to their website, the CSEDC hosts a quarterly Economic Development Forum
 to promote themselves and encourage growth. Overseeing this activity is the Chicago
                                                                                                  that presents new developments and ideas for growth, with a different municipality
 Southland Economic Development Corporation (CSEDC), which is charged with
                                                                                                  highlighted in each forum. These forums are a good opportunity for professionals and
 identifying development opportunities in approximately 66 south suburban municipalities
                                                                                                  government administrators in the Southland to network and share ideas.
 and marketing these opportunities to the private sector.
                                                                                                  The CSEDC has played a key role in a number of progressive strategies. It has developed
 On the community level, each municipality has a major role to play in attracting and
                                                                                                  the Green River Pattern Book for the Calumet River Corridor, which provides energy,
 supporting businesses, identifying opportunity sites, providing information through a
                                                                                                  environmental, stormwater management, and physical design standards for site
 variety of electronic and other media, and hosting events and promotional activities.
                                                                                                  development. Currently, the Green River Pattern Book is being integrated into a larger
 Finally, the Corridor itself needs to have appropriate signage and other physical elements       Southland Green Pattern Book for the entire region. CSEDC is also a champion of the
 that guide visitors and area residents to major attractions. It is in this arena that economic   Greenest Region Compact of Metropolitan Chicago, which promotes the economic and
 development and marketing efforts are closely tied to corridor-wide and municipal                social viability of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the region.
 initiatives to enhance the physical environment along 159th Street, as addressed in other        Finally, CSEDC is involved in the Clean Air Counts campaign, a voluntary public/private
 sections of this Plan.                                                                           initiative to improve air quality in the metropolitan region. Participating Southland
                                                                                                  municipalities include Orland Hills (Silver Certified), and Oak Forest and Orland Park
 Each of these three levels of marketing activity is discussed in this report. The purpose        (Bronze Certified).
 of the recommendations is to help enhance the image and raise the profile of the 159th
 Street Corridor while supporting the activities of the many businesses, recreational uses,       Another excellent partner in the region is the Chicago Southland Convention and Visitors
 and civic functions that are located along it and are accessed from it.                          Bureau (CVB). As with the CSEDC website, all of the 159th Street Corridor communities
                                                                                                  are well represented on the Southland CVB website (
 The Role of the CSEDC                                                                            Two communities, Tinley Park and Oak Forest, already provide links to the CSEDC
 The CSEDC is the marketing hub of the Southland and is often the first stop for those            from the economic development sections of their websites, and all communities should
 seeking information on the area’s development opportunities. Their website includes              consider a link to the CVB website as well.
 valuable links on starting a business and navigating the permitting process, as well as links
 to other sources of information from affiliated economic development organizations,              The six municipalities along the 159th Street Corridor should take full advantage of
 municipalities, and local colleges and universities. The website provides searchable             CSEDC and CVB’s resources to help market their existing businesses and available sites.
 databases for available properties and redevelopment opportunities in Cook and Will
 counties, made possible through a state-run system at Other important
                                                                                                  Municipalities’ Marketing Efforts
                                                                                                  Each of the six municipalities has a stake in the health and mix of businesses along the
 information includes business incentives, information for prospective new business
                                                                                                  Corridor. These businesses attract shoppers to their communities and contribute to the

                  159TH STREET CORRIDOR PLAN
                                                                                                                                                          MARKETING THE CORRIDOR

tax base. In addition, a healthy commercial corridor establishes an image that reflects        of commerce and any neighborhood business districts to assure that they appear second
positively on the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Recreational uses, while not          and third in a Google search.
providing direct economic benefits, attract people to the Corridor and add to the appeal
of the area.                                                                                   In addition to residents and visitors, the municipal website is also an important resource
                                                                                               for real estate brokers and prospective business owners. Information on how to open a
The following marketing recommendations discuss efforts that the municipalities can            business should be easy to find from the home page of the municipal website, ideally in
undertake, focusing on their websites and the ability to disseminate useful information in     fewer than three clicks through a Business or Economic Development link. Information
a timely fashion.                                                                              should include:
                                                                                               • Contact information for the person responsible for handling new business leads,
Municipal Website                                                                                   including an e-mail address. Communities should agree on one contact for all new
The south suburban communities, with the assistance of the CSEDC, could benefit                     business leads, with this information listed on all community websites.
greatly from guidelines regarding common business attraction, retention, and marketing         • Links to other community websites, including the chamber of commerce, downtown
strategies. The most important of these strategies is the community website, the virtual            business district, or other neighborhood websites.
gateway to each town and, increasingly, the primary source of information for visitors, real   • Incentives such as grants or low interest loans for new or existing businesses
estate professionals, and local residents. Making information readily accessible online is          looking to expand. These should be clearly outlined with applications that can be
the best way to encourage residents to shop locally, visitors to linger, and business owners        filled out online and e-mailed to the appropriate contact.
to be able to market themselves better and tailor their business to the local community.       • Links to demographics and yearly events.
Website visitors must be able to navigate the website quickly and easily, with links to the    • Available property listings, organized by business district and type of space (retail,
most common information including:                                                                  office, or other commercial). Property listings should include (at a minimum) square
• A complete list of all major events in the community by month or season.                          footage of the space, broker/building owner’s contact information, a link to a listing
• Restaurant listings, including menus and business hours.                                          sheet, and a map with directions.
• Links to local stores and shopping centers.
                                                                                               Real estate brokers and prospective business owners frequently begin a search by physically
In many cases, the municipal website can avoid duplicating information by providing links      driving an area. Due to the increasing reliance on web-enabled phones, “For Lease” and
to existing websites for shopping malls, local stores, restaurants, neighborhood business      “For Sale” signs should be clear and legible from the street with an e-mail address and
districts, and local chambers of commerce. For those individual businesses without web         website name included on the sign. Another sign, created by the municipality, could
sites, they should be encouraged to take advantage of the free marketing afforded by the       be strategically placed in each business district promoting the community website that
municipal website. Municipalities can create a “get listed” campaign for business owners       would invite prospective business and property owners to learn more about local business
to register each year via an online form requesting basic information about their shop or      assistance and incentives. This practice would encourage brokers and building owners
restaurant.                                                                                    to interact with the municipality and receive information about incentives and business
Online visitors typically find municipal websites by using Google or another search
engine to search for the name of the town. Therefore, it is important that the municipal       E-mail Marketing
website be the first to show up in an online search. In the majority of the towns along        In addition to websites, e-mail marketing has become an important tool for providing
the 159th Street Corridor, the municipal website ranks #1 on a Google search. It is also       information. Almost all of the 159th Street communities utilize e-mail for their resident
helpful to review the ranking of other community-related sites such as the local chamber       newsletters, and Tinley Park already has an e-mail marketing campaign. Sending

                                                                                                                                                         December 2009

 electronic news saves money, makes information easier to find and pass along, and is           The Municipal Web Site Checklist below summarizes the major components needed to
 more environmentally friendly than sending paper newsletters.                                  create an effective municipal website. The Website Matrix on the following page displays
                                                                                                the features on the websites of the six communities.
 Using this strategy can also aid in communicating with brokers, building owners,
 developers and prospective business owners. A quarterly e-mail to brokers and                      Municipal Website Checklist
 developers could include information on available properties, development incentives,
 planned projects, and new businesses. The recipient list for this newsletter would be              ☐ Community Website Google Rank #1
 based on each municipality’s existing list of brokers and building owners, which could
 then be expanded with a broker/developer contact list available through the International          ☐ Shopping/Dining/Events/Attractions Link on Home Page
 Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). This newsletter should also be available to local                   { Include sign-up for e-mail marketing campaign
 residents interested in opening a business or owning commercial property, with sign-up             ☐ For Shopping & Dining
 information placed prominently in the municipal bulletin and on the website.                            { Divide community into business districts
                                                                                                         { List businesses by category with map, link to website
 E-mail marketing is also an effective tool in attracting shoppers and diners to a community.            { Include business hours, restaurant menus, reviews
 Unlike the municipal bulletin that encompasses political meetings and street closings, a
 marketing campaign focuses on shopping, dining, and events. Launching such an effort
                                                                                                    ☐ For Events & Attractions
                                                                                                         { List major events for entire year
 could involve a business alliance between the municipality, chamber of commerce, tourism
                                                                                                         { Provide calendar of events for all to access & submit
 office, and/or the public information officer. Components of a monthly marketing e-mail
                                                                                                         { Show Google map of attractions
 should include:
 • Promotions for new businesses, sales, and dining specials.                                       ☐ Open a Business Link on Home Page
 • Major events such as parades, art fairs, house and garden walks, and holiday                          {   Community contact phone and e-mail
      celebrations.                                                                                      {   List of available properties by business district
 • Links to business directories, restaurant menus, and store hours.                                     {   Separate list for retail/office
                                                                                                         {   Map
 Other Marketing Techniques                                                                              {   Broker contact/e-mail/listing sheet
 One of the latest movements in helping local economies thrive is encouraging residents to               {   Incentives
 “shop local.” Municipalities can launch their own shop local campaigns, which promotes             ☐ For Lease/Sale Sign Guidelines
 independent and locally-owned businesses and makes consumers aware of how they can                      {   Register with Economic Development department
 help to keep their dollars in their community.                                                          {   Visible property address
                                                                                                         {   Phone number, e-mail, website
 One example of a viral “shop local” crusade is the 3/50 Project (www.the350project.                     {   Sign with community web address and contact
 net). The 3/50 Project is committed to “saving the brick & mortars our nation is built
 on” and urges everyone to save your local economy...three stores at a time by choosing 3
                                                                                                    ☐ Quarterly Broker/Building Owner e-mail campaign
                                                                                                         {   Available properties
 independently owned businesses and spending $50 among them each month.
                                                                                                         {   Incentives
                                                                                                         {   New businesses
                                                                                                         {   Redevelopment opportunities

                  159TH STREET CORRIDOR PLAN
                                                                                                                                            MARKETING THE CORRIDOR

Website Matrix
                Web Address              First on   List of     List of       List of    Link to      ED       List of    Enewsletter   Enewsletter     Email    Link to
                                         Google?    Yearly    Attractions   Businesses   Menus     Contact    Available     Brokers      Residents    Campaign   CSEDC
                                                     Main                                            Info    Properties                               Shoppers
                                           YES       NO           NO           NO         NO         NO         YES           NO           YES          NO        NO
 Homer Glen

                                           YES       NO           NO           NO         NO        YES         YES           NO           YES          NO        NO
 Orland Park

                                           YES       NO           NO           YES        NO         NO         NO            NO            NO          NO        YES*
 Orland Hills

                                           YES       YES         YES           YES        YES       YES         YES          YES           YES          NO        YES
  Tinley Park

                                           YES       NO          YES           NO         NO        YES         YES           NO           YES          NO        YES
  Oak Forest

                                           NO        NO           NO           NO         NO         NO         NO            NO           YES          NO        NO

 *Link is to Southland Visitors Bureau

 Source: Cathy J. Maloney

                                                                                                                                            December 2009

 Wayfinding and Identification                                                                   •   Indian Boundary Prairies – Markham
 The 159th Street Corridor enjoys robust traffic counts ranging from 17,500 vehicles per         •   Tinley Creek Bicycle Trail – Various communities
 day in Homer Glen near I-355 to roughly 33,000 vehicles per day between 84th Avenue
 and Central Avenue in Orland Park, Tinley Park, and Oak Forest. Many of these vehicles          Retail Businesses
 belong to local residents who are already familiar with the area. For visitors to the 159th     In addition to recreational attractions, the 159th Street Corridor is a key retail destination
 Street Corridor, however, good wayfinding and signage is crucial. A visitor’s image of a        in the region. Major retail clusters are located in Tinley Park around the intersection
 community is improved when attractive signage helps identify and direct them to various         of 159th and Harlem, and in Orland Park along LaGrange Road. Some of the major
 destinations. Good signage is also an important economic development strategy that              shopping centers include:
 can direct visitors to shopping, dining, and attractions that they might otherwise have         • Orland Square Mall in Orland Park is a 1.2 million square feet super regional
 overlooked. Ideas for wayfinding are suggested below.                                                shopping center with more than 160 stores. Constructed in 1975, it is anchored by
 • When traveling on 159th Street, it can be difficult to distinguish between municipalities.         JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s, and Carson Pirie Scott & Co.
      Distinctive signing of similar design could distinguish each municipality while            • Orland Park Place, an 800,000-square-foot shopping center is anchored by Bed Bath
      providing overall consistency. HNTB will provide recommendations regarding                      and Beyond and Kohl’s. It is located on the expanding LaGrange Road Corridor near
      potential types of signage.                                                                     Orland Square Mall.
 • With the growing popularity of smart phones, carefully placed signage can encourage           • Orland Towne Center, located in Orland Hills, is anchored by a Wal-Mart. The Super
      passersby to visit each community’s website to find out about local shopping, dining,           Community Center has approximately 260,000 square feet of space.
      events and attractions.                                                                    • Park Place and Brementowne Mall in Tinley Park have 408,000 and 356,000 square
                                                                                                      feet of space, respectively, at the corner of 159th and Harlem. Also located at the
 Regional Attractions/Cultural Amenities                                                              intersection is Tinley Park Plaza with 250,000 square feet. Notable retailers include
 Many recreational and cultural attractions are located along the 159th St. Corridor,                 Sam’s Club, Bally’s Total Fitness, Menard’s, and Burlington Coat Factory.
 enticing visitors to stop, have fun and linger. Adding wayfinding signage will make             • Oak Forest Commons is located at the northwest corner of 159th and Central Avenue
 these attractions easier to find. Below is a list of attractions that should be included in a        and is anchored by a Food-4-Less. Other retailers in the 110,000-square-foot space
 wayfinding strategy, several of which are also highlighted on the following page:                    include Hollywood Video and Murray’s Auto.

 Local Attractions                                                                               The Corridor also has a number of large format, or “big box” retailers. Costco recently
 • Orland Park Sportsplex – Orland Park                                                          opened a store in Orland Park near the southwest corner of 159th and LaGrange Road. As
 • Centennial Park – Orland Park                                                                 noted earlier, Wal-Mart is located on the south side of 159th near 94th Avenue, and Home
 • Old Orland Historic District                                                                  Depot is located at the northwest corner of 159th and Harlem in Orland Park.
 • Old Town Tinley Park
 • Forest View Farms – Tinley Park                                                               In between the shopping centers are many smaller strip centers and independent retailers.
 • Historical Sites such as Hostert Cabins in Orland Park                                        These shops and restaurants depend on the traffic and visibility that 159th Street offers.
                                                                                                 Additional marketing efforts, such as being listed on the municipal website, could enhance
 Regional Destinations                                                                           their business.
 • Cook County Forest Preserves – Midlothian Meadows and Reservoir
 • George W. Dunne National Golf Course – Oak Forest

                  159TH STREET CORRIDOR PLAN
                                                                                                          MARKETING THE CORRIDOR

                                               159th Street Corridor Attractions
159th Street Corridor Attractions

                          Old Orland Historic District

                                                                 Tinley Creek Bicycle Trail

                                                                     Cook County Forest Preserve
                        Centennial Park

                                                                                              Indian Boundary Prairies

     Orland Park Sportsplex                              Dunne Golf Course

                                                                    Forest View Farms

                                             Old Town Tinley Park

                                                                                                                     Not to Scale

                                                                                                          December 2009

 Auto Dealerships                                                                            •   In the north suburban community of Libertyville, 13 dealerships have joined together
 Twenty-two dealerships are located between I-294 and I-355, with the majority clustered         to offer four $25 gift vouchers for local stores and restaurants with every car purchase.
 in Orland Park and Tinley Park between 80th and 94th Avenues. Given the tremendous              The promotion, which cost a total of $65,000, is being funded by the municipality.
 impact that these businesses have on the local economy, an active and coordinated
 marketing campaign for the auto row should be pursued. A 159th Street automotive            As discussed previously, educating consumers about shopping locally is an important way
 dealer “brand” could be used on banners, wayfinding signage, municipal websites, and        to stimulate business. Communities should emphasize auto dealership tax contributions
 other marketing outlets such as auto show events and joint promotional efforts with local   to inform and remind residents how much the dealerships support the local economy. As
 retailers and restaurants.                                                                  with all other types of businesses, communicating with residents about new businesses,
                                                                                             promotions and events will encourage them to keep their dollars in their hometowns.
 While joint efforts between dealerships can be challenging, there are several successful
 regional examples.                                                                          The map below and the following table highlight the existing auto dealerships on the
 • The Naperville Test Track was created from an alliance of 11 dealers and the City         Corridor. Dealerships shown in red (Thomas Dodge, Mancari’s Chrysler Jeep, and Mason
      of Naperville. The seven-acre track was constructed in 2006 for approximately $4       Subaru) had either closed as of the summer of 2009, or had lost a significant portion of
      million and is maintained by the Naperville Test Track Association, which shares all   their business due to the discontinuation of several Chrysler dealership agreements.
      costs.                                                     th
                                                             159 Street Corridor Auto Dealerships
    159th Street Corridor Auto Dealerships

                                                                                                                                                                         Not to Scale
                 159TH STREET CORRIDOR PLAN
                                                                                     MARKETING THE CORRIDOR

159th Street Corridor Auto Dealership Addresses
Name                         Brands                  Address           Community
          Thomas Dodge Dodge                         15941 S 94th St   Orland Park
       VW of Orland Park Volkswagen                  8920 W 159th St   Orland Park
       Roesch Mitsubishi Mitsubishi                  8900 W 159th St   Orland Park
 Mancari’s Chrysler Jeep Chrysler, Jeep, Isuzu       8821 W 159th St   Orland Park
         Apple Chevrolet Chevrolet                   8585 W 159th St   Orland Park
      Orland Park Nissan Nissan                      8550 W 159th St   Orland Park
           Orland Toyota Toyota                      8505 W 159th St   Orland Park
                   Infiniti Infiniti, Nissan         8500 W 159th St   Orland Park
                    BMW BMW                          8470 W 159th St   Orland Park
          Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz                8430 W 159th St   Orland Park
           Rizza Cadillac Cadillac, Buick, Hummer    8425 W 159th St   Tinley Park
    Saturn of Tinley Park Saturn                     8355 W 159th St   Tinley Park
       Community Honda Honda                         8340 W 159th St   Orland Park
     Community Pontiac Pontiac                       8325 W 159th St   Tinley Park

           Mason Subaru Subaru                       8301 W 159th St   Tinley Park
         Lexus of Orland Lexus                       8300 W 159th St   Orland Park
             Rizza Acura Acura                       8150 W 159th St   Orland Park
          Family Hyundai Hyundai, Suzuki             8101 W 159th St   Tinley Park
               Rizza Ford Ford                       8100 W 159th St   Orland Park
           Rizza Porsche Porsche                     8130 W 159th St   Orland Park
              Land Rover Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar   8031 W 159th St   Tinley Park
                     Audi    Audi                    8021 W 159th St   Tinley Park
         B&M Auto Sales Used                         15820 Arroyo Dr   Oak Forest
       Community Mazda Mazda                         5900 W 159th St   Oak Forest

                                                                                     December 2009

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