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  SyntheSys Research is an innovator in high speed signal integrity test and
  measurement solutions. SyntheSys is leading the evolution of test by
  changing the way design engineers utilize test and measurement on the
  bench with a new instrument class, the BERTScope. SyntheSys is
  committed to reducing the overall cost of test, and providing
  solutions that improve productivity with greater test and
  measurement capability in less test time. Focused on customers
  who are leading the next generation of high speed serial data
  transmission development, SyntheSys is first to market in key
  areas to meet the most rigorous test standards:
        •    Giving engineers the insight they need to solve the
             toughest signal integrity problems quickly
        •    Direct correlation of bit errors to eye diagrams for faster time to insight
        •    3 and 4 tap programmable pre-emphasis with BERTScope Digital Pre-Emphasis Processor
             (DPP) for easy compliance testing

  SyntheSys Research was established in 1989 with engineering roots in signal integrity research. With
  a legacy in the disk memory, digital video test, and satellite businesses, SyntheSys has pioneered
  innovative bit error analysis techniques into award winning instruments. Dr. Lutz Henckels was appointed
  CEO of SyntheSys Research in 2004 to lead SyntheSys through the next generation of signal integrity
  research and design. Dr. Henckels was president and CEO of LeCroy Corporation for nine years, taking it
  public in 1996, and more than tripling its oscilloscope business during his tenure. The addition of test and
  measurement talent from Agilent and LeCroy over the last few years has given SyntheSys the breadth to
  lead the next wave of high speed communications test and measurement. Venture capital funded and
  supported by Advent International, SyntheSys is currently delivering innovative solutions to market at
  record pace.

  SyntheSys Research is focused on the computer, storage, enterprise and telecommunications market
  segments where faster clock speeds and new architectures are requiring greater efficiencies at higher
  bandwidths. The latest CMOS technologies are enabling 10 Gb/s development and beyond. The faster
  data rates are requiring a shift from parallel to serial to alleviate bottlenecks. Higher speed (>1 Gb/s)
  electrical components, serial links and interfaces are being developed for computer memory, buses, and
  backplanes, including Serial ATA, and PCI Express II & III standards. Design engineers are testing new
  electrical and optical storage, enterprise and telecommunications components, transceivers and network
  equipment, including OIF CEI, 4X, 8X & 16x Fiber Channel, and 10G, 40G, 100G Ethernet standards.

  SyntheSys Research has distributors worldwide and an established customer base of leading edge
  developers including AMCC, Ciena, Fujitsu, HP, Hitachi, IBM, IDT, Infineon, Intel, LSI, Lucent, Marvel,
  Maxtor, Samsung, and Seagate.

3475-D Edison Way — Menlo Park, California 94025 USA — Telephone: +1 650-364-1853 — Fax: +1 650-364-5716 —
  The BERTScope is a new instrument class, combining the pattern
  generation and error detection of a bit error rate tester (BERT) with the
  essential eye diagram of a sampling oscilloscope. It is the only
  instrument to bridge the information gap by directly correlating bit errors
  to the eye diagram. In addition to detecting errors, BERTScope allows
  engineers to analyze the jitter content of the data, locate bit errors, and
  see the performance limits of their device.
  The award winning BERTScope Clock Recovery (CR) instruments are
  the ideal companions to the BERTScope, providing hardware based
  clock recovery from signals with an embedded clock.
  For 100 Gb Ethernet (100-GBASE-LR4/ER4) and OIF-CEI-25G applications:
        •    The new 26 Gb/s BERTScope provides stressed eye generation for Stressed Receiver
             Sensitivity (SRS) testing.
        •    Live data traffic can be stressed for testing of line cards and network interfaces.
        •    The new 26 and 28.6 Gb/s CR products have built-in linear equalization to ensure a clock can
             be locked-to, even under closed eye conditions caused by severe ISI (inter-symbol interference).

  For the latest serial bus standards such as USB 3.0, PCI-Express 5 GT/s and future 8 GT/s:
        •    The new 8.5 Gb/s BERTScope supports asynchronous BER and Jitter Tolerance Testing
        •    Flexible waveform measurements have been introduced that adhere to many serial bus
             standards for easy standards compliance
        •    The USB 3.0 Jitter Transfer Function (JTF) is easily implemented with the new XLBW option
             on the BERTScope CR products, enabling compliant transmitter measurements.

  DesignVision Awards from International Engineering Consortium:
        •    Winner (2009 for BERTScope DPP, 2006 for BERTScope CR 12500A)
        •    Finalist (2010 for BERTScope Si 25000C & BERTScope CR 25000A, 2008 for BERTScope PLL
             analyzer, 2005 for BERTScope 12500A analyzer)

  Best in Test from Test & Measurement World magazine:
        •    Finalist (2010 for BERTScope CR 25000A, 2009 for BERTScope DPP)
        •    Honorable Mention (2008 for PCI Express Test Bench by BERTScope, 2006 for BERTScope
             CR 12500A)

  Test of Time Award from Test & Measurement World magazine

        •    Finalist (2010 for BERTScope 12500A analyzer)

  EDN Innovation Award from EDN magazine:
        •    Finalist (2009 for BERTScope DPP, 2006 for BERTScope CR 12500A, 2005 for BERTScope
             12500A analyzer)

3475-D Edison Way — Menlo Park, California 94025 USA — Telephone: +1 650-364-1853 — Fax: +1 650-364-5716 —