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May 2, 2005                                                Meeting                 London City Hall, 2nd Floor

Chairperson: Darlene Ritchie

Bellerose       Darlene                                My Sisters' Place
Davis           Linda                                  LCRC
Dimitrie        David                                  Kipps Lane Tenants Association
                                                       East London United Church Outreach Cluster -
Eagle           Rev Susan                              Council Housing Leadership Committee

Eastabrook      Henry                                  London Intercommunity Health Centre - H.O.H.P.
Fredin          Heather                                John Howard Society
Harris          Rosalie                                Human Resources Skills Development Canada
Johnson         Trevor                                 Youth Opportunities Unlimited/Youth Action Centre
Joplin          LiBbey                                 No Security Outreach Dundas Street
                                                       Centre for Research on Violence Against Women &
Lang            Joy                                    Children, UWO

Lazenby         Chuck                                  Unity Project
                                                       Heartspace-Addiction Services of Thames
Lopez           Raquel                                 Valley

Lupson          Sheila                                 London Community Resource Centre
McManus         Kelly                                  City of London - Community Services Dept
Milczarek       Kathy                                  London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
Molineux        James                                  City of London - Housing Division
Noordermeer Leaurie                                    Rotholme Women's and Family Shelter
Rastin          Dick                                   Street Connection
Ritchie         Darlene                                At^Lohsa Native Family healing Services Inc.
Russell         Gord                                   Mission Services of London - Men's Mission
Sexsmith        Bob
Stuart          Bruce                                  London HRCC
Van Beers       Michele                                Canadian Mental Health Association
Watson          Neil                                   City of London Housing Division
Yeo             Shelley                                Women's Community House
Yost            Mag                                    Middlesex London Health Unit

Minutes taken by Elizabeth Lam (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)

London Homeless Coalition ---------------- Minutes of May 2, 2005 ------------------------------------------ Page 1 of 4
    1.       Meeting called to order by the chair, Darlene Ritchie

    2.       Action Plan Working Groups met

    3.    General meeting reconvened
          • Terms of Reference, mission and philosophy of Coalition reviewed
          • Agenda items added
                 a. Susan Eagle - funding announcement on Friday Apr 29 05
                 b. Neil Watson – update from City
                 c. Bob Sexsmith
Motion: To approve revised agenda. Carried, none opposed

    4.       Introductions were made

    5.       Susan Eagle
             • Distributed copies of funding announcement press release
             • available at
             • CASH program effective and recommend writing to J. Fontana to thank him for following
             • Steering Committee to put out press release to respond to announcement
             • Strategic planning/needs assessment staff will be hired pending approval at council Apr 29

    6.       SCPI Award – London Coffee House (Dick Rastin reporting)
             • Hiring Outreach Worker and Senior Administrator as per ad in LFP Apr 30 05
             • Aim to encourage smooth and welcoming facilitation of services to clients through London
               Coffee House focusing on persons with addictions, mental health issues and/or homeless
             • Reference article in Londoner week of Apr 25 05 re wishing to move homeless out of core
             • Need to educate proprietors in core regarding alternative measures and supports to use
               instead of police when needing to deal with homeless

    7.       Action Plan Reports
             Coordination of Services
             • Mental health outreach should be stepped up in partnership with existing services – note
                 the above new positions are 8 month contracts
             • Need to develop long term solutions, services and data collection
             • Consistency in officers on foot patrol makes relationship between service providers and
                 police better
             • Should be an education piece available to service providers and police on working together
                 – scripts have been written and Sheila Lupson will follow up on this on behalf of Advocacy
                 and Public Education
             • Chuck looking to connect with focus groups from cross section of population – contact her
                 to facilitate group and details – preliminary report available at next meeting
             • Plan to make recommendations to include recipients more

             Advocacy and Public Education
             • Respond to April 29 announcement
             • Reviewed Hands Off Campaign (post cards and posters available at
                regarding the clawback of NCTB from OW recipients
             • Leaurie Noordermeer will draft letter on behalf of steering committee re support of Hands
                Off Campaign
             • Letter of congratulations will be sent to Randy Richmond for his series in the LFP on
             • Mayor DiCicco has been invited to our June meeting
London Homeless Coalition ---------------- Minutes of May 2, 2005 ------------------------------------------ Page 2 of 4
             •    “Eyes on Homelessness” DVD should seen by public
                      o suggested Rogers may run it
                      o should ask for funding to get copies made for sale /distribution
                      o approach film festivals
             •    need to pull a list together of all projects to ensure that “slippage” does not end up outside
                  of London

             • suggested to try: London St. Thomas Real Estate Board, Chambers of Commerce, service
               clubs, tenant’s associations, engage private sector
             • need to develop template for promotion package for membership
             • make LHC newsworthy by providing copy to newsletters produced for and by private and
               public sectors as way of introduction (use Fanshawe’s Corporate Commercial and Business
               Relations Dept.)
             • use tenant associations to mobilize those at risk of homelessness and to overcome sense
               of hopelessness in the “fight” for clientele

             Research and Development
             • identify our focus – to deal with poverty or adding supports to deal with poverty?
             • Kelly McManus reiterated quality of life and poverty are primary focus and the need to
                coordinate information – willing to attend meetings to participate in focus efforts

             Neil Watson – report from City
             • Rent subsidies discussed
             • Subsidies could keep people on the verge of homelessness in their homes but provides no
                 real affordable housing and ends up becoming cash flow for private landlords
             • Subsidy applicants would also be subject to passing a credit check which will be difficult for
                 anyone in the position of needing subsidized housing

             Bob Sexsmith
             • Working on report card, process and project fact sheet
             • Working at LCRC
             • Please email your stats (annual reports etc to Bob)
             • B. Stuart confirmed the SCPI proposal under consideration

    8.     Approval of Minutes
           • Amendment to minutes of April 04 05 sent via email this morning
Motion: To accept the minutes of April 04 05 (above noted amendment not available at this meeting).
Carried, none opposed

    9.       Business Arising from the Minutes
             • None noted

    10.      Announcements
             • Linda Davies replaces Sheila Lupson as acting ED at LCRC. Sheila has accepted the
                position of ED at the Military Family Resource Centre. Sheila will remain as a member of
                this coalition.
             • Kelly McManus will attend conference on Homelessness May 17 and report back at next
                meeting ( for information)
             • Please limit emails to the coalition members to items directly relevant to the coalition
             • Contact Leaurie Noordermeer re conference scheduled in London Sept 29 & 30 on

London Homeless Coalition ---------------- Minutes of May 2, 2005 ------------------------------------------ Page 3 of 4
             •Neil asked to be added to next agenda (Apr 29 announcement details, implementation etc)
              – convert to rent program - seed grants available from Feds re affordable housing but
              recommend proposal include business plans – contact Neil for details
           • LiBbey Joplin reported she met with National Secretariat on Homelessness and documents
              presented were well received.
Motion: to adjourn 11:30 carried, none opposed

London Homeless Coalition ---------------- Minutes of May 2, 2005 ------------------------------------------ Page 4 of 4

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