Easter Bunny Ear Boppers by yad15518


                                                            EASTER: BUNNY EAR BOPPERS
This fun Easter craft will have you hopping for joy! So get ready to dress up your head with these cool boppers!

    •   white faux hair                                                •    scissors
    •   pink faux hair                                                 •    glue
    •   hair band                                                      •    white foam board
    •   white pipe cleaners

    1. Take a thick piece of white foam and cut it in half. If you don’t have white foam, you can use cardboard. Cut each
       piece into the shape of a bunny ear.

    2. Cover your ears with white faux hair using glue. Start by attaching each ear to your sheet of faux hair and then,
       after applying more glue, fold the sheet over to cover the back of the ear.

    3. While your ears dry, cut two triangles out of your pink faux hair. You can also use construction paper or glitter if
       you don’t have faux hair. Glue a triangle to each ear.

    4. Once both ears and fur are dry, trim the hair by cutting around the ears to give it a matching ear shape.

    5. Attach pipe cleaners to the bottoms of the ears by folding up the bottom hair and poking two holes through the
       foam with your pipe cleaner. Insert the piece of pipe cleaner through each hole to make a U-shape. Thread
       another piece through the same holes in the opposite direction.

    6. Attach the ears to your hair band by tightly winding the pipe cleaners around it and you’ll be ready to wear your
       ears for Easter!

                    Did you know there’s a free web video for this activity with step-by-step instructions?
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