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					Serge ABUNNY
                   This old-fashioned, flop-eared bunny is so adorable, your
              favorite little girl or boy will want to carry him around all day.
              He’s also so classic looking, you’ll want him displayed with your col-
              lectibles. Fortunately, he’s so easy with your MyLock serger,
              you can make one for everybody in no time.


1. Set up serger for balanced, wide, 3 thread           8. With wrong sides together, place
   operation with decorative thread in loopers and         face on head back. Serge around
   regular serger thread in left needle.                   head, leaving neck edges open. With
                                                           inner ears facing the face, line up raw edges
2. With wrong sides together, serge outer edges
                                                           of ears with top right side of head. Serge
   of legs and arms, leaving straight ends open
                                                           over top edge again to attach the ears. Secure
   for stuffing. Guide edge of fabric against
                                                           all serger chains before cutting them off.
   edge of knife so you don’t cut away any of
   the fabric.                                            9. Stuff head and body sections. Insert body
                                                             neck edge into head opening and hand sew
3.   Stuff feet to foldline. Fold foot up (to the front)
                                                             edges together.
     and serge along the fold on the back side,
     being sure to catch both layers of fabric.          10. Sew or glue eyes to face. Sew or glue ear
                                                             backs to serged seam. Embroider or draw on
4.   Stuff arms and remainder of legs.
                                                             pink nose and mouth. Using Pearl Crown
5.   With body front and back wrong sides                    rayon thread, sew on 3 sets of whiskers. Glue
     together, baste arms and legs in place,                 pom pom tail to body back.
     matching dots and raw edges. (Arms and
                                                         11. Tie ribbon into a bow around neck. Or use
     legs will overlap each other on top of body
                                                             your serger to roll hem a fabric strip like the           EAR
     front.) Serge around body leaving neck                                                                                • CUT TWO OF FABRIC                       NECK
                                                             one in our example. You could also glue this in                                                      BODY
     edges open. Flip out arm or leg after serging                                                                         • CUT TWO OF PINK
                                                             place if you like.                                                   FABRIC FOLD-                    FRONT/
     past them and continue serging around body.                                                                                           LINES                  BACK
                                                         12. Using the Pearl Crown rayon thread, tie a piece                                                     •CUT
6.   With wrong sides together, serge long edges                                                                                                                  TWO
                                                             onto the pink “belly button” button. Then
     of ears. Fold sides towards front along fold                                                                   ARM                                           ON FOLD
                                                             hand sew in place on body front.                                                                    BELLY
     lines and press on fold lines.                                                                                     • CUT FOUR
                                                                                                                                                     1/4” SEAM
7. Sew face darts with conventional                            Serger Bunny was designed                                                           ALLOWANCES       TAIL
   machine. Press mouth darts up.
   Press eye darts toward center of face.
                                                                    by Nancy Burg of
                                                                 Green Bay, Wisconsin.                                                         FOOT
                                                                                                                                       LINE                       •CUT
                                                                                                                 LEG                                                FOLD
                                                 Materials                                                        • CUT FOUR                             DART
Approximately 1/3 yd. of 45” check or print               1 - 1” white pom pom for “tail”                                                                             •CUT
fabric for body                                           2 spools Pearl Crown rayon thread - loopers                                                                  ON
3 1/4” x 10 1/4” piece pink fabric for inner ears         1 spool regular serger thread                                                                                 FOLD
                                                                                                               Bunny pattern is shown smaller                FACE
27” of 2” wide ribbon for bow                             Optional: pink embroidery floss or permanent         than actual size of 12” (from tip
Fiberfill stuffing                                        marker for facial features
                                                                                                               of toes to tip of ears). Enlarge
1 small pink button for “belly button”                    Note: All pattern pieces have 1/4” seam allowances   approximately 280% at your
2 - 6 mm black round beads for “eyes”                     included.                                            local photocopier facility.          DART              NECK