John Deere Team Weekly Status Report Week 2 by tfo34034


									John Deere Team
Weekly Status Report
      Week 2

       Josh Ebeling
      Jamari Haynes
       James June
        Mike Reno
        Ben Spivey
        Gary Twedt
Project: Modification of Gator
for Handicap Accessibility
   Task assigned by John
    Deere is the open-ended
    modification of their six
    wheeled Gator Utility
    Vehicle to facilitate
    handicapped accessibility
   Two primary suggestions:
    wheelchair hoisting
    mechanism and controls
Preliminary Meeting
   Main contact: Bobby Henebry
   Parameters of project:
    • $2000 Budget
    • Modification of Gator for handicapped
   Parallel projects:
    • UIUC – Seat/Suspension altered to slide out
Project Bids: Possible
   Bid 1: Hoisting Mechanism
    • Utilization of a pneumatic or otherwise
      mechanical hoisting mechanism to move
      wheelchair from ground to vehicle bed
   Bid 2: Controls Modification
    • Integration of existing gas and brake control
      pedals into an apparatus designed to be
      operated totally by hand
Project Bids: Possible
Modifications (continued)
   Bid 3: Wheelchair Integration
    • Modification of the Gator to allow the
      wheelchair to travel up a ramp and act as the
      drivers seat
   Bid 4: Bed Modification
    • Modification of bed to raise and lower in order
      to place the wheelchair (via hoisting
      mechanism) below the bed, causing no loss
      of available loading space
Project Bids: Possible
Modifications (continued)
   Bid 5: Storage Rack
    • Addition of a storage rack somewhere along
      the body of the Gator, allowing storage of the
      wheelchair with no loss of cargo space
   Bid 6: Wheelchair Modification
    • Modification of existing wheelchair design to
      include a removable seat, allowing seat to be
      moved into position as a drivers seat
Project Bids: Possible
Modifications (continued)
   Bid 7: Controls Kit
    • Design of a modified controls system that can
      be added onto existing Gator design as a kit
      to be sold separately
   Bid 8: Roll Over Protective Structure
    • (ROPS) – addition of a “roll bar” to protect
      passengers as well as facilitate the entrance
      of the vehicle by handicapped persons
      through the use of handles on the structure
New Action Items
   Continued contact with Bobby and other
    John Deere personnel to facilitate web
    conferencing with teams at other
    Responsibility: Gary Twedt
   Continued updating of webpage with
    relevant documents.
    Responsibility: Gary Twedt
New Action Items (continued)
   Contact Handicapped Driver Services,
    Inc. for information and advice on
    incorporating wheelchairs as the driver
    seat on the Gator vehicle.
    Responsibility: Ben Spivey
   Contact wheelchair company through
    contacts in order to possibly obtain free
    equipment to use and test with.
    Responsibility: Ben Spivey
New Action Items (continued)
   Investigate preliminary design
    possibilities for implementation of
    steering wheel-controlled gas and brake
    Responsibility: Josh Ebeling
   Compile information into weekly
    progress report.
    Responsibility: Josh Ebeling
New Action Items (continued)
   Investigate preliminary design
    possibilities for wheelchair hoisting
    Responsibility: Mike Reno and James

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