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					                                                                          do IT in 3D       TM

                                                                          Interactive Realtime 3D Software

Product portfolio

Focus                         Interactive and real-time 3D/multimedia software with the focus on the internet
                              based on the 3D standards VRML/X3D, MPEG-4

3D visualization-             BS Contact VRML/X3D
components                    Software for the visualization of 3D models in VRML /X3D standard

                              BS Contact Stereo
                              Software for the stereoscopic visualization of 3D models

                              BS Contact Geo
                              Software for the visualization of multimedia in GIS

                              BS Contact MPEG-4
                              Software for the visualization of 3D models in MPEG-4 standard

                              BS Contact Mobile
                              Software for the visualization of 3D models on mobile devices

                              BS Contact J
                              Software for the visualization of 3D models based on JAVA (Plug-in free)

Workflow Tools                BS SDK Paket
                              Documentation and tools for integrating the software into third party products
                              - a single PC license of the BS Contact VRML/X3D
                              - BS SDK documentation, BS Exporter Tools, BS Encrypt Tool

                              BS Exporter
                              Converter for 3ds max/ Blender to BS Contact VRML/X3D for workflow support

                              BS GeoFormer
                              Modeling tool for elevation and format converter

                              BS Tiler
                              Tool for data preparation for BS Conatct GEO

                              BS TrafficSim
                              Tool for creating traffic simulations

                              BS Reducer
                              Decrease the number of polygons in high detailed models without changing the

                              BS Encrypt
                              Encrypts 3D models (Content Encryption) for content security

3D control software           BS Sync + Track
                              Synchronization of visualization PCs and integration of tracking for CAVE solution

For evaluation purposes you may download our software from our Download Center. Bitmanagement customizes
the license models to the clients requirements and develops new features, extensions of our software and
multimedia projects on project base.                         
Tel: +49 (0)8151 971708                                 Fax: +49 (0)8151 971709