Guidelines for Writing a Survey Report (version 1) by qza17959


									            Guidelines for Writing a Survey Report (version 1)

Your report should contain three sections:

Say the topic of your survey, when and why you did it, and how many people
you interviewed.
What is the topic in the example report? When was the survey done? What
did they want to find out? How many people were interviewed?

Survey Results:
Report the questions* and how many people gave each answer. Use
reported speech.
What questions did they ask in the example report? Give an example of
reported speech from the report.

Say what was most popular and most unpopular. Will you make any decisions
or recommendations based on this information?
What activities were popular and unpopular in the example report? What
recommendations do the writers make about next year’s programme?

*You do not need to report all the questions. Choose 3 or 4 which you
think are important or interesting.

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