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					                                                 State of Louisiana
                                             DIVISION OF ADMINISTRATION

                                          OFFICE OF INFORMATION SERVICES

KATHLEEN BABINEAUX BLANCO                                                                         JERRY LUKE LEBLANC
       GOVERNOR                                                                              COMMISSIONER OF ADMINISTRATION

                                                     January 31, 2005

        ISIS Memorandum 05-031

        To:              Business Objects Users

        Subject:         Business Objects Server Maintenance

        Several changes to Business Objects security were implemented this past weekend. As a result
        of those changes, all users’ passwords have been changed to a temporary password which is the
        same as their User ID. After logging in using the temporary password, users will be prompted to
        change the password.

        Also this weekend, all User IDs beginning with an “N” were changed to “P” to follow the
        standard for state employee personnel numbers. For example, user N00349854 will now log in
        as P00349854.

        If you have any questions about this maintenance or the User ID and password changes, please
        contact the Business Objects help desk at (225) 342-2677, option 2, 5, 3.


        c: Whit Kling, Deputy Undersecretary
           Technical Coordinators

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