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									M. Tech. in Computer Engineering Advanced Operating System Seminar Papers
January 26, 2009


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OS: Design and Evolution The Evolution of OS Monolithic vs MicroKernel Microkernel Construction Exokenel Threads Managment and Programming Using Continuation to implement Thread Managment An Introduction to Programming with Threads Experiences of Processes and Monitors in Mesa IPC Primitives Paradigms for Process Interaction Implementing Remote Procedure Calls Lightweight Remote Procedure Call VP A New Operation for Semaphore VP Dipavali Problem IPC Implementation Algorithms of Scalable Synchronization on Shared Memory Multiprocessors Buliding Reliable High Performance Communictaion System from Components Fast Messages User level IPC for Shared Memory Multiprocessor High-level Process Modeling Languages A Process Modeling Language (JOT article) JAPROSIM (JOT article) Formal Models for Process Interactions CSP Petri Net Interaction Diagrams

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