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					Role Profile - HR Manager

Our client a leading Indian IT Company is seeking to hire an HR Manager to be based in their
UK offices in Milton Keynes. Presently, there is no HR Manager based in UK and a need has
been felt to position an experienced HR manager profile resource to manage the HR activities
in these changed circumstances.

The role of the HR Manager is as follows:

Reporting to         •   Head – HR Operations

Role Profile         •   Developing and working with the vendor eco system to fulfill
                         company’s hiring and staffing needs on a timely basis including
                         handling professional management of negotiations and
                         management of organizational objectives without any comprise.
                         Dealing with the vendors on behalf of the company will call for
                         requisite professional experience with a mature approach to the

                     •   Understanding of statutory laws and their relevance and
                         application to the company, its employees and working
                         environment. Role requires inherent knowledge and/or willingness
                         to read, interpret, understand and consult with professional
                         advisors in the process.

                     •   Foster high levels of employee engagement in the work force
                         through planned interventions and programs.          Inputs for
                         improvement programs need to be generated through annual SAT
                         surveys. This warrants more engagement and utilization of
                         requisite resources to align company’s HR engagement initiatives
                         to improve/enhance satisfaction scores amongst the work force.

                     •   Be responsible for effective management and administration of
                         Work permits under the revised system that comes into force from
                         October ’08 and be the company’s representative for ensuring
                         compliances with the provisions of law.

                     •   Provide management coaching/mentoring and introduce career
                         development programs as required to members of the work force.
                         Ensure high levels of learning and capability building activities that
                         creates a “differentiator” in the workforce.

                     •   Advise the Corporate HR function on remuneration trends in the
                         geography including salary adjustments that need to be made.
               •    Constantly review and recommend changes to HR policies and
                   employee benefit programs.

               •    Minimize unwanted staff attrition by developing a keen
                   understanding of issues and proactively taking corrective
                   actions/interventions in this regard.  This will be a key
                   performance metric for the HR manager.

               •   Help create a high performance & open transparent culture and
                   ensure compliance with over all organizational value system.
                   Ensure effective roll out of global Human Resources policies and

               •   Be a partner to the Business Head in the management of human
                   capital .

Interfaces     •   Interface with heads of departments /senior management/HR
                   resources of the company

               •   Interface with Head of Learning & Capability building on training /
                   development strategy and initiatives

               •   Interface with HR Service Providers like :
                       o Insurance Providers, verification agencies
                       o Statutory Compliance Administrators
                       o Government agencies

               •   Interface with auditors
               •   Interface with Central recruitment and resourcing team

Competencies   •   A professional degree in HR (MBA)preferably from a premier
                   institute) with about 7 – 10 years of work experience

               •   Capability to lead the HR function in a highly dynamic and
                   international environment

               •   Experience and background of handling recruitment / employee
                   engagement activities and be a business partner contributing to
                   the challenges of people management

               •   Process driven approach with strong exposure to HR systems and
                   practices with ability to understand and interpret laws effecting
                   human resources management.

               •   Good communication and presentation capabilities of working
                   closely with the business to understand the pain points faced by
    the employees and business in general.

•   Ability to resolve conflict and take decisions in the overall interest
    of the organization.

•   Display personal qualities of energy, drive, patience and be a good
    listener including multi-tasking skills.