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									An Introduction to AFD

The AFD group began operations in 1983, and started selling and supporting Address List
applications on Personal Computers in 1985, making us one of the UK's longest established personal
computer specialists.

Its Address Management software division, AFD Software Ltd has a customer base of over 7500
customer organisations stretched throughout the UK and internationally: representing in excess of
100,000 users of its products. The business operates from Ramsey in the Isle of Man and has senior
staff and regional sales staff in the UK.

AFD’s first address management software products were originally developed for church, charity and
business customers, in the early 1980s. Since 1995 the business has seen a rapid increase in its
customer base as a result of the production of affordable Postcode products. These are based on
the Royal Mail & United States Postal Service Postcode Address Files, and a number of other public
and commercial databases including the Electoral Roll.

The success in marketing these products to business and commerce throughout the UK led to a
period of rapid expansion.   These products have won national and international awards for
innovation and product excellence – and AFD is the world leader in provision of Address
Management products for E-Commerce and Internet sites.

AFD’s turnover for the coming financial year is expected to be in excess of 7 million pounds and we
currently employ some 35 full and part-time staff. Employment with AFD is entirely merit-driven – and
as a “Can-Do” company, emphasis is on ability and track record rather than on formal qualifications.
Each individual is primarily a practitioner – and the firm has a very shallow organisational chart –
leading to high levels of personal responsibility, job satisfaction and accountability. Our focus is on
output and achievement rather than bureaucracy – so the business remains extremely agile, in spite
of its substantial growth and size.

In 2005 the AFD Group acquired a major children’s action and adventure television programme,
“Friends & Heroes”, which includes animated bible stories, and is currently producing some 39 half-
hour television programmes in production centres on several continents. Our production team
includes some of the world’s best writers, producers, directors, designers and musicians. Marketing
and further development of the project is expected to continue for at least three decades.

The AFD Group’s objectives include:

   To produce and market world-class, innovative Address Management Software and so help
    organisations to efficiently deliver their goods and services.
   To produce and distribute high quality children’s television programmes and so provide access to
    stories from the Christian bible to the world’s children.
   To demonstrate excellence through honesty, integrity and quality in our products, services and
    the way we do business.
   To provide high quality employment and learning opportunities for our staff and help them to grow
    in skills and as people.
   To contribute directly and indirectly to the quality and well-being of the society in which we live.
   To generate profits, and to use them creatively in the relief of suffering, the improvement of
    society and furtherance of the Christian gospel.
Application for Employment:

Position Applied For: Web Developer

Please complete and return this form to us electronically. Please complete every section of the
Application Form even if the information is contained in your CV. If there is insufficient space in any
section, please insert additional lines or pages.


First Names:

Title:                     Mr / Mrs / Miss / Other:


Postcode:                                                      Telephone:

Email:                                                         WWW Site:

Date of Birth:                                                 Marital Status:

May we contact you at work? Yes / No                           Work Telephone:

Work Permit Required for Isle of Man: Yes / No

General Information
Do you Smoke?                                                                                          Yes / No

Do you enjoy Good Health?                                                                              Yes / No
(Please give details of any disability, chronic illness or allergy)

How many days have you been absent from work as a result of sickness or injury in the past 12 months?
(Please give details if more than 5 working days)

Do you have a full clean driving licence?                                                              Yes / No

Do you own a motor vehicle?                                                                            Yes / No

Have you ever appeared before a court or children's panel?                                             Yes / No

Church Membership:

Salary Expected            £                                   (State amount requested, not "Negotiable")

Holidays Expected                                              (State amount requested, not "Negotiable")
Education, Training and Qualifications

Membership of Professional Institutions/Professional Qualifications

Date obtained      Name of Institution / Qualification                                   Class / Grade
                                                                                         of Membership

Education and Qualifications
(Please give details of all educational qualifications you have obtained from school, college, etc)

Institution       Subject          Qualification                                           Date
                                   (include grade or class of diploma, degree etc.)        obtained

Other achievements at school or college:
Work Experience
Current or last employer’s name and address:

Date commenced:


Main Responsibilities:

Current salary or last salary:

Reason for leaving or wishing to leave:

Period of notice required or date left:

Previous employment (please account for any gaps in employment):

  Employer’s name                Dates           Position          Reason for leaving    Final
    and address                                                                         Salary
                          From         To
                         (mm/yy)     (mm/yy)

Main achievements in the work environment:
What computer programs do you use at work, and for what purposes?

Do you use a computer at home, and if so, what computer programs do you use, and for what

Additional Information
Please supply the addresses of some websites you have worked on and describe the extent of your
role in developing them. (If you cannot give any URLs please state why this is and briefly describe the
main functionality you have implemented.)

Which web technologies or development environments are you most familiar with?

Other than the development work itself what other areas of maintaining a website do you feel are your
strengths? (E.g. improving search engine rankings, copy-writing, proof-reading, database management

In what area(s) will you most contribute to the development of AFD Software Ltd?

What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?

Hobbies, Interests & Other Achievements:

1        (This should be your current or last employer)






Capacity in which known to you:

May we contact prior to interview if necessary? Yes/No







Capacity in which known to you:

May we contact prior to interview if necessary? Yes/No
Please sign this declaration after you have completed ALL parts of your application.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge all the information I have given on this
form and in my accompanying curriculum vitae is correct. I understand that any
inaccurate statement or omissions may disqualify me from consideration or, in the
event of my appointment, may make me liable to dismissal.

Signed ___________________________________ Date _____________________________________

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