POLICY STATEMENT ON
                           FOOD & NUTRITION

                                OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE
This service promotes the provision of food, which is appropriate to the age and cultural needs of all
children attending Epping Views Primary Out of School Care. The foods offered should cover at least
50% (as per Australian Dietary guidelines) of the recommended diet for the growth and development
for children.

Presentation of all food, e.g. Color, texture and variety are considered when planning a menu.
Children are encouraged to enjoy snack times. A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, with low-key
conversation to aid digestion and the development of positive attitudes about eating as well as
encouraging social interaction is promoted.
Children are encouraged to serve their own foods therefore giving choice and developing their own
independent skills.

Information and discussions will be held with the child health or nutrition experts if necessary.

A good nutritional program can provide a means of learning about life and culture. It teaches children
how to be selective about food and can combat misinformation from advertising.

The completed policy will be displayed next to the menu and available with all policies by request.


       • The service will ensure that the childcare practice and policy regarding safety, food, nutrition
         and the dietary needs of children comply with the Community Services Regulations 1998
         and National Childcare Accreditation Council.
       • A menu with all foods offered to children throughout the week is displayed for all parents to
         view. Menus will be planned to provide the appropriate recommended food with nutritional
         values. A communication book will be made available for parents to make comments or
         suggestions on the menu.
       • The service will have implemented a food safety plan that will be audited on an annual basis.
       • Food will be stored at appropriate safe temperatures i.e. below 4C or above 60C. The
         refrigerator will be kept at 4C or below
       • Staff and parents are educated about foods and cultural beliefs and celebrations, which are
       • Water is offered with a snack to the children and is available at all times. Orange juice/Milo
         is offered at Before Care.

In the event a child develops an allergic reaction to food, staff will undertake appropriate first aid and
immediately contact parents. After appropriate discussions are held with staff and parents, the need for
outside professional advice will be encouraged and passed on to all staff.

Staff will communicate with parents and follow up regarding allergies; religious beliefs and other
cultural needs as required.

Children will be offered an alternate meal if unable to eat the foods provided e.g. religious reasons,
cultural, allergies, etc.

A list of children with allergies is displayed in the kitchen and office.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


Regular in house training will be held during staff meetings. More informal training will be provided as
required. All staff will participate in food safety training.

This policy will be reviewed annually by OSHC Committee.

                   This policy was last ratified by School Council in....
                                                                                     December 2008

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