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					                                            Healthful Eating Websites
                                            University Dining Service
                                           gNc (good Nutrition counts)

                    American Heart Association

                     Check out this site for ideas on how to Make Healthy Food Choices. Navigate around this
page to also find information on Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet (located on the panel on the left side). Related links
also provide information on how to better understand food labels.

Find the Nutrition Center to get ideas on smart substitutions, healthy snacking, tips on dining out, and so much

             Mayo Clinic

             The Mayo Clinic is a great source providing information on the basics of nutrition. By navigating
around Nutrition and Healthy Eating in the Mayo Clinic’s website, you can find an abundance of information on
healthy eating, choosing healthy recipes and you’ll have the opportunity to look at an assortment of diseases
and conditions and how nutrition relates to them. Also try out interactive tools available to enhance your
knowledge of such things as food labels and portion sizes.


Take a look at a variety of information ranging from information about multiple diets (high protein, gluten free,
foods for sleep, and much more), food and cooking, and information about diseases and the diet.

                              **Health Food Guide – Health Food For A Healthy Lifestyle**

Using the links located in the panel on the left you can find helpful tips in choosing healthier food options based
on a variety of situations. Find how you can better the fast food dining experience and make healthier choices
rather than avoiding those situations completely.

Looking for health benefits of foods? This site also provides additional information on the benefits of a variety of
foods and why it may be helpful to include them in your diet.
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 Interactive W ebsites - Providing R ecipes and Food as It Relates to Health/Disease Information,
                             A s W ell as T racking and Interactive Tools.

               Better Health Channel

               The Better Health website is a useful resource when trying to find a recipe using a specific
               ingredient. Also included are options available for dietary restrictions such as gluten free or dairy
free options. An interactive website, they also offer quizzes covering numerous areas of health and wellness.

                      Willis -Knighton Health System – Health Library

If you’re looking for a place to go for recent health news, the Health Library provides information daily about
current events in the area of health. Covering a broad range of areas, this site offers information about various
health and wellness topics and is a resource tool for finding recipes meeting individual needs one may have.
Simply search for the dietary restrictions or needs to find helpful ideas in meal preparation.

                              Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating is a great resource for individuals looking for tips on healthy family nutrition and other important
health topics. Look for information on healthy eating, healthy living, and diet and weight loss on this website.

                              Medicine Net

Medicine Net is a great website detailing recipes that meet specific dietary restrictions and needs. Browsing this
site will provide current new and updated health information. They offer Health News of the Week covering new
topics and keeping viewers up-to-date on health topics. This website covers a broad range of health topics, going
much further than just a nutritional standpoint.


             MyPyramid website provides a variety of information with tips for healthy eating and food groups
             along with interactive tools and personalized eating plans. The interactive tools include
MyPyramid Plan, Menu Planner, MyFoodapedia, and MyPyramid Tracker in addition to other interesting tools.

               Vegetarian Resource Group

              The Vegetarian Resource Group website presents a variety of information about vegetarian and
              vegan topics. The VRG Game challenges the user with a series of questions rating the individual
as a vegetarian.