The impact of IPE on collaborative practice by kst12987


									The impact of IPE on collaborative

   Dr I.F Jones
   LTSN Health Sciences and Practice
   Preparedness for Collaborative Practice/
      Actual Collaborative activities

 The immediate effect on student

 Long term effects on student practice
Study of the long term effects of IPE on
‘collaborative practice’

 What is ‘collaborative practice’?

 Does it involve cross professional working

 Could it be multiagency

 Is it additional to or part of uni - professional
Model of evaluation

 Evaluation of Interprofessional Education
  requires more qualitative study(Freeth et al

 Qualitative research requires the integration
  of variables into their social context,rather
  than being isolated and
  decontextualised(Med Soc 1995)
Recognition of the context of IPE

 Realist Evaluation for Practice(Mantysaari and

 Context includes-
 Mediators-- social variables,demographic
  variables,individual experience
 Interventions--Interprofessional Education
Evaluation of IPE Impact on
Collaborative Practice

 Online questionnaire collecting
 Information about current
 collaborative practice

 Questionnaire also collects information
 About previous interprofessional educatio
  Data analysis
Demographic information

Content analysis of open information

Theme identification

Theme Association/
descriptive and inferential statistics
Qualitative research in the e

        Can this be done?
 Steering group

 Pilot - paper based , web based,
         case study based

   Main study through the LTSN web site
 Pilot Conclusion
Paper based questionnaire enabled initial
  definition of collaborative practice

Test web site - draft questionnaire

Reliability and validity in e data collection
 requires usual and additional analysis
 ‘Equality,partnerships,respect’

 ‘Working together with other practitioners for the
  benefit of clients or students’

 Working WITH-not alongside-other
  professionals,each giving up something to the others’

 ‘We work as a group,understanding the roles and
  responsibilities of each other’

 ‘Working together,openly,without barriers or

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