Heavy Duty Industrial Ceiling Fan

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					Heavy Duty Industrial Ceiling Fan
The J&D Heavy Duty Industrial Ceiling Fan provides a
healthier, cooler environment all year long.

In the summer, the fan creates a mild wind chill to help cool
people and machinery. It vertically mixes warm stagnant air                                     Limited
and reduces heat stress to keep production at maximum
levels.                                                                                     Lifetime
In the winter, the fan prevents warm air from collecting in
the rooftop and peaks which produces condensation that
drips down on surfaces in uninsulated buildings. Instead of
wasting the valuable winter heat that collects in peaks, the
heat is mixed and circulated throughout the building, saving
on energy costs and keeping temperatures comfortable.

J&D’s Heavy Duty Industrial Ceiling Fan has an energy                                                               UL
efficient motor that uses less energy than a 100 watt light
bulb. The UL certified fan has forward and reverse operation                                                       LISTED
that allows you to direct airflow upward or downward, giving
you total control of the airflow.

The J&D ceiling fan is perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential applications
(requires minimum 10’ clearance), as well as retail stores.

• UL certified
• Forward and reverse operation for upward or downward airflow           • High output curved steel blades
• 110 Volts                                                              • White powder coated finish
• Easily adjustable from forward to reverse by switch on fan             • Easy to install ceiling mount
• 10” down-rod                                                           • For indoor use

                                                                                                Variable Speed Fan Controls
                                                                        Down                    Part#      Description         Volts Amps
 Part# Size    Volt Amps      HZ    Phs    Spd     CFM    RPM Blade Rod
______________________________________________________________________________                  CN25       2 Fan Speed Control 120 2.5
 CF60E 60”     110     .74     60    1    S/Var 43,500     330 Curved    10”                    CN5        4 Fan Speed Control 120    5
                                                                                                VFT130144 8 Fan Speed Control 120     10
                                                                                                CN15       12 Fan Speed         120   15

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