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					Masters Programmes - Financial Assistance - Bursaries
Masters Programmes and the Postgraduate Certificate: Dance in Community are now eligible for
bursary support. There are two types of aid available to students accepted for study on these
programmes at Laban:

Leverhulme Trust
Eligible students accepted to the MA in Dance Performance (MAP) may apply for a level of
support towards their fees, provided by an award from the Leverhulme Trust. The annual award is
available to all students accepted on the Programme. The amount available for each student is
dependant on the number of students successfully applying and the variable costs for those
particular students (based on their country of origin): the monies available are then distributed
proportionally, and deducted from fees.

Trinity Laban Bursaries
The Board of Governors has made available annually a sum of money for eligible students
accepted to an approved Graduate School Programme at Laban.
The approved Programmes are:
MA in Choreography - MAC
MA in Dance Theatre - MADT
MA in Scenography [Dance] – MAS[D]
MSc in Dance Science – MSc
Postgraduate Certificate: Dance in Community (PGC)
(Note: the MA in Dance Performance is not approved for Trinity Laban Bursaries: see
Leverhulme Trust awards above.)

Intention of Bursary
The bursary is granted to those students with hardship, who could not otherwise take up their
offered place to study at Laban.

All new applicants who have been offered and have accepted a place on an approved
programme starting in the academic year 2008-09 are eligible for support.
(Continuing part-time students are not eligible).

Students should apply by letter in which they must demonstrate financial hardship and for whom
a bursary would enable the applicant to take up their place. Students should evidence in their
letter of application that they have unsuccessfully applied for alternative financial support (e.g.
Career Development Loans, Arts and Humanities Research Council), or that this alternative
support is inadequate for their needs.

The Bursaries and Awards Committee will meet 4 times a year to review and assess applications
for support. Applicants will be notified in writing of the result of this review.

All awards for assistance are subject to satisfactory completion of the Programme:
(student withdrawal from the Programme would result in re-billing for the award amounts already
paid). In addition, students undergoing disciplinary action may have their Bursary reduced or
Letters of application to, or for further information contact, Mark Tyler, Deputy Registrar,
on, or write to him at Laban, Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ, UK