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					Austintown Fitch High School
Soccer Booster Club
Dear Business Owners/Sponsors:

Another exciting soccer season is well on its way!

On behalf of the Austintown Fitch Soccer Boosters, I would like to take this time to thank you for your support of our
soccer program. Our organization is a non-profit club dedicated to promoting the game of soccer while encouraging our
young student athletes to do their very best. It is critical that our youth see that they are supported by the entire
Austintown Fitch Community. You are a VERY important part of making this happen! We support our local businesses
and are hoping that you will support the young men of your community.

We are asking you to consider advertising space in our Fall 2010 Soccer Program. This program is distributed to all
players and their families and will be available at all home games. Your contribution will go toward the purchase of
uniforms, equipment and travel expenses.

Please complete the agreement below for your current advertisement as you would like it to appear. Mail your completed
form and check made payable to the Austintown Fitch Soccer Booster Club.

Thank you in advance for your support of our program. Your contribution is greatly appreciated by our athletes, their
coaches and our families. We sincerely hope that you can attend a game this coming season to watch some exciting

Eric Bohr
The Austintown Fitch Soccer Boosters President


I hereby purchase the space and order the advertising as per directive below to be printed in the Austintown
Fitch High School Soccer Program:
Advertiser:                                          Address:
Phone #:                                             Contact Person:
Authorized Signature:

                                                                         **NEW REDUCED PRICING**

Please select (X) the ad size purchased:                         Full Page $75.00                  ½ Page $50.00
                                                                 ¼ Page $25.00                    1/8 Page $10.00
                                                                                                  (business card size)

Please select Ad design (X):                     Any Design           Ad copy attached
                                                      Ad art will be emailed (

Money must accompany your ad purchase agreement. Because of the time it takes to produce a quality
program, we would appreciate your help in returning the agreement by June 1 st, 2010. The Austintown Fitch
Boosters appreciates your support!

Return to:   PO Box 4752, Austintown, OH 44515 Questions please call Nikki Spencer @ 330-793-5652
Make checks payable to the Austintown Fitch Soccer Boosters