Established in 1981 , edgeMED Healthcare Solutions Inc., is

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Established in 1981 , edgeMED Healthcare Solutions Inc., is Powered By Docstoc
					Established in 1981, edgeMED Healthcare Solutions Inc., is the cutting-edge of medical software tech-

nology and services. edgeMED is nationally recognized throughout the industry as providing unparal-

leled Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solutions with first-class customer service and

support. In addition, edgeMED’s full-service medical billing and collections division offers peace of mind

and swift collections in the constantly evolving medical industry. edgeMED has developed its software

systems from the ground up to include both Windows and Linux-based solutions, offering two of the

most flexible, user-friendly and dynamic medical systems on the market. Along with its full-service billing

division, edgeMED is positioned to continually meet the demands of the ever-evolving healthcare


•   Full-Service Billing and Collections Management
•   Practice Management Software
•   Electronic Health Records
•   Voice Recognition
•   Self-Service Physician and Patient Web Portal
•   Automated Appointment Reminders
•   Computer Hardware & Networking
•   Medical Forms and Supplies

Our attention to detail and passion to deliver unparalleled service are the building blocks of our

company. We partner cutting-edge technology with the highest level of customer support. As a result,

edgeMED is more than just a software solution provider. We are also a valuable business partner. This

is the edgeMED Advantage.
                Electronic Health Records
With the government’s plan for medical practices to adopt an EHR within five years there is no better

time than now to implement this technology in your practice. edgeMED is giving away award winning,

CCHIT certified Electronic Health Records Software to medical offices that utilize it’s medical

billing and collection services.*

Operating a medical practice is expensive and time consuming. Our patented billing software combined

with our first rate staff will optimize your revenue stream while allowing you and your staff the freedom to

focus on growing your practice and providing top-notch patient care. Having edgeMED’s experienced

staff cater to your billing needs has the added benefits of improving your bottom line by lowering operat-

ing expenses and removing office inefficiencies:

        •    Eliminate personnel expenses and               •   Drastically reduce or eliminate rising
             the accompanying wage and benefit                  postage and paper costs associated with
             increases.                                         claim submissions, patient statements,
                                                                and follow up collection letters for past
        •    Reduce staff turnover and the
                                                                due accounts.
             problems associated with finding and
             training a replacement.                        •   Save time and paper costs by scanning
                                                                all applicable documents (superbills,
        •    Do away with upfront costs and
                                                                insurance cards, etc) into our system.
             hardware fees related to servers,
             backup utilities and infrastructure.

*certain terms and conditions apply.
PeakPractice EHR version 1093 is a CCHIT Certified product for CCHIT Ambulatory EHR 2008

designed to meet the stringent requirements of the government stimulus plan (ARRA 2009).

PeakPractice offers intuitive patient care tools that support electronic orders and results, point of care

documentation and instant access to critical patient information. Using flexible templates PeakPractice

EHR works to eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming paper work.

Encounter Note: E&M codes suggested based on                 Image Management: scan or import files to patient chart
documentation. Import data from the kiosk or portal.

Electronic Prescribing: formularies, 14 levels of drug and    WebPortal: allow patients and other physicians to securely
allergy interactions, Pharmacy Benefits Manager.              access information of your choosing. Patients can register
                                                              information online and data can be imported into system.
Effective NOW!

Physicians e-prescribing for Medicare patients are eligible for 2% increase on their Medicare
reimbursement payment

Beginning January 1, 2009, physicians who successfully send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy
rather than writing them out on paper and handing them to the patient will receive a bonus payment of
2% of their overall Medicare reimbursement based upon the utilization of certain CPT codes. For those
not using edgeMED’s Electronic Health Records solution, you can now electronically prescribe from your
office with confidence and security using edge-Rx. edge-Rx is integrated with your Practice
Management software providing a secure, reliable and convenient electronic prescribing solution.

 •   Integrated with ZOOM & Innovation.
 •   Receive 2% bonus check on Medicare Part B visits.
 •   SureScripts certified with full connectivity.
 •   Check medication against formularies.
 •   Real-time drug/drug & drug/allergy interactions.
 •   Operates on most handheld devices with mini-browsers connected to
     the Internet, such as Apple's iPhone (pictured right), or on PC's with an
     Internet connection.

Physicians Quality Reporting Initiative

 •   Receive 1.5% bonus check on total allowed charges.
 •   No enrollment required.
 •   Standard on all edgeMED software.

PQRI is the “Physicians Quality Reporting Initiative.” The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 man-
dated the establishment of a physician quality reporting system and authorized a payment incentive for
voluntary participation through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

All edgeMED software is PQRI compatible. While CMS is required by law to establish the program,
physician participation is optional. Physicians who participate are eligible for a bonus payment subject to
a cap of 1.5% of total allowed charges for covered Medicare physician fee schedule services.

No enrollment is required in order to participate. Providers can participate by reporting the appropriate
quality measure data on claims submitted to their Medicare claims processing contractor. For detailed
information, please visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services web site.
edgeMED's ZOOM Practice Management software is driven by Red Hat Enterprise Linux to provide

unmatched speed, functionality and reliability.

ZOOM capitalizes on the speed, durability and reliability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating

System. In conjunction with PC Workstations utilizing Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, ZOOM allows

medical practices to increase performance, savings and simplicity while providing a hostile environment

for unscrupulous computer infections. Corporate giants, such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsys-

tems and even NASA chose to migrate their Windows systems to Linux due to its reliability, efficiency

and its ability to protect their systems from malicious viruses. Some of the features of ZOOM include:

        •    Appointment scheduler                             •    Underpaid claims warning
        •    Patient management System                         •    Eligibility verification
        •    Document scanning capabilities                    •    PQRI compatible
        •    Encounter management system                       •    edge-Rx electronic prescribing
        •    Customizable report generator                     •    Internal mail system
        •    Financial ledger                                  •    Lab interfaces
        •    Payment Posting and Claims Tracking System        •    And much, much more
edgeMED's Innovation Practice Management software is driven by Microsoft Windows to create a

dynamic, robust and user-friendly system.

With easy access to patient check-in, registration, scheduling, encounter form creation, statement

generation, billing, collections and reporting, each practice is able to increase efficiency by streamlining

workflow. The system's financial features reduce billing costs and speed up collections by simplifying

the insurance and patient billing process for each practice. Whether in single or multiple site environ-

ments, Innovation incorporates everything that is needed to successfully perform vital tasks. Some of

the features of Innovation include:

                                                                  •    Appointment scheduler
                                                                  •    Patient management System
                                                                  •    Document scanning capabilities
                                                                  •    Encounter management system
                                                                  •    Customizable report generator
                                                                  •    Financial ledger
                                                                  •    Claims Tracking System
                                                                  •    Eligibility verification
                                                                  •    PQRI compatible
                                                                  •    edge-Rx electronic prescribing
                                                                  •    Internal reminder system
                                                                  •    Lab interfaces
                                                                  •    And much, much more
Trust: We understand that trust is earned through hard work and proven results.

Commitment:         Our staff is dedicated to the continued growth and success of your practice. We

appreciate the time and effort required to treat your patients and operate your medical office.

edgeMED is committed to helping you implement solutions that work for you.

Family: We are more than just a software company. We are a valuable business partner that strives

to provide the highest level of service and support. We know that we are all in this together and take

pride in helping you achieve all your goals and aspirations.

Experience: For over 27 years, edgeMED has been at the forefront in servicing the needs of the

medical community. We realize that a company is only as successful as the people it employs. For

this reason, edgeMED only recruits individuals that promote team success and strive for excellence in

all that they do.

"We have been with edgeMED for over 20 years. edgeMED is effective, has improved productivity and
increased the profitability of our Practice. The dedication and responsiveness of your employees are first
class. I highly recommend your company to anyone that wants stability and superior customer service
and support. Thank you for all of your attention throughout the years."
- Cardio-Pulmonary Associates, PA
edgeMED’s experienced activation team makes the transition of launching our software and services as

seamless as possible.      We take the time to visit with your office and understand your existing

operational procedures so that we can cater our methods to better suit your needs. edgeMED combines

the resources and advantages of a large company with dedicated, personalized support to meet all of

your office needs.

With over 28 years of dependability, state-of-the-art technology, unparallel support, national coverage

and thousands of satisfied customers, it’s no wonder edgeMED is the number one choice in healthcare

software solutions. Contact us today to learn more about edgeMED’s tools to better help you efficiently

manage the administrative, financial and clinical functions within your medical office.

                                                  1650 South Powerline Road
                                                  Suite F
                                                  Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442