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                                   Volume 2, Issue 7               July 2009

                         WE GOT YOUR BACK!!
                                                                                               BLUE RIBBON CHIROPRACTIC

   Enough already!! Have-     that made                            body knows how to care for
n’t we lost TOO MANY peo-     an exam-                             itself and how to heal itself. It
ple to drug overdoses and     ple of                               just needs to have that power
bad drug reactions??          Heath                                unleashed by having your
                              Ledger last                          nervous system be as un-tied
On June 25, 2009, the en-
                              year. This                           up as possible. In other words,
tire world was stunned to
                              wonder-                              your spine must be properly
hear the news that Michael
                              fully tal-                           aligned for your nervous sys-
Jackson, the King of Pop,
                              ented                                tem, and thus your immune
had died, apparently of
                              young                                system, to be at its peak ability
cardiac arrest.
                              man, who had everything to           to heal your body.
What gives? This man was      live for, was taking a mixture
                                                                       No, I am not saying to dump
preparing for a 50-concert    of drugs prescribed to him for
                                                                   all your prescription drugs.
tour, dancing his rear off.   everything from sleep loss to
                                                                   Some of these are needed by
Yes, he seemed to be se-      depression. Apparently, he
                                                                   you and are thoughtfully pre-
verely underweight for his    died suddenly of an accidental
                                                                   scribed by your medical doctor.
height; according to pre-     overdose of these pills.
                                                                   Having a spine that is properly
liminary reports, he was
                                 What law says that our            aligned is the BEST way to help
5’11” and weighed only
                              greatest talent must suffer and      your body and even help nec-
around 120 lbs., much too
                              die like this? It is so senseless.   essary medications work bet-
light for his build. Other
                                                                   ter. Aligning your spine is your
reports state that he was        Chiropractors, as a rule, do
                                                                   chiropractor’s job.
using a mixture of drugs,     not prescribe drugs. We oper-
some to help him sleep,       ate under the belief, sup-
some to curb anxiety, etc.    ported by a lot of research,
                                                                   For your chiropractic care, give
                              that your own body is the
   It seems that some folks                                        me a call and come by to see
                              very best medicine for what-
did not learn the lesson                                           me… 404-444-4519.
                              ever is bothering you. Your

T h e lo g ic b e h in d r e g u la r                                                                  July Dates to Spotlight:
adjustments                                                                                             July 4—Independence Day!
“Wow, do I really have to       to consider not only the             and to STAY that way.                Happy Birthday, America!
see you 2 times a week for      bones we adjust for you,             Sorry, sports fans, but this       July —Get your spine
2 weeks? Why?”                  but the soft tissues attached        procedure TAKES TIME and             checked out for all those
                                to those bones. They are             it also takes several adjust-        summer activities...Make
I get asked these questions
                                used to being in the                 ments. Usually, and happily          your chiropractic checkup or
a lot, at the beginning of                                                                                your consult appointment at
                                “wrong” place and must               for most patients, the ele-
someone’s chiropractic                                                                                    404-444-4519.
                                become happy with being              ment of pain goes away by
                                in the correct place for your        the end of 2 weeks. Just
The reason is that we have      spine to be in alignment—            keep going for your visits!
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 7                                                                                                             PAGE 2
                                                                              Chiropractic Tip of the Month:
                                                                              Chiropractic is GOOD for your
                                                                              body. No drugs, no bad reac-
                                                                                   tions. Just GOOD.

            MORE chiropractic “mirac leS”
Each month, I will present a chiroprac-                                                          on a regular basis. This exposure
tic “miracle” here for you, actual stories                                                       tends to make me feel some of these
from actual people about the differ-                                                             very same stressors.
ences that chiropractic has made in
                                                                                                 Thanks to chiropractic, the physical
the their lives and in the lives of their
                                                                                                 benefits help restore a sense of inner
children, parents, friends and acquaint-
                                                                                                 harmony in conjunction with physical
ances. I put the word “miracle” in
                                                                                                 harmony. As a consequence of this I
quotes because as a Doctor of Chiro-
                                                                                                 know that I function better because of
practic, I witness every day what most
                                                                                                 chiropractic and I would highly recom-
people would call “a miracle” but
                                                                                                 mend it to everyone.
which is only an expression of what
the human body is capable of doing           pushing, and lifting. I feel this strain particu-   Fr. Nathaniel—Los Angeles, CA
when allowed to work the way that            larly in my neck, shoulder, and back. In the
nature intended for it to work.              past, I would have taken two Tylenol, used
“The most obvious benefit of chiro-          heat, or some other medical remedy. Now I
practic is of course the physical relief     find relief is obtained because of my weekly
and strengthening that takes place. I adjustments.
find my lifestyle to be very physical. As A less obvious benefit is the decrease of ten-
a registered nurse, with my running          sion I experience because of my weekly ad-
every day, I find there is a lot of pulling, justments. As a priest, nurse, and counselor,
                                             I am exposed to conflict, stress, and anxiety

YO U R N E RVO U S S YS T EM . . . C A N ’ T L I V E W I T H O U T I T !
A lot of people believe that chiroprac-         Chiropractors check and correct the           removes those “wrecks and stalls” from
tors have no effect on the body’s nerv-         alignment of your spine so that your          your spine and clears the way for your
ous system. Such a belief could not be          nervous system can operate at its maxi- nervous impulses to move freely and at
further from the truth. Although we             mum ability. We do this by removing           warp speed.
do adjust your bones, we do it to care          misalignments (called “interferences”)
                                                                                              Hint: that is why so many athletes count
for your nervous system.                        so that the flow of your impulses, be-
                                                                                              on chiropractic to help them perform
                                                tween your brain and the rest of your
Your nervous system is the MOST im-                                                           their best.
                                                body, can happen without any block-
portant system in your body. You
                                                age or slowdown.
could not live without it. Some proc-
                                                Anybody knows that
esses, like standing up, are controlled
                                                freeways are much          “Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies...our own
by you consciously. Others, like your
                                                easier and simpler to
breathing and heartbeat, happen                                            inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to
                                                navigate when there
without any input from your conscious
                                                are NO wrecks or           substitute from the outside.”
                                                stalls! Chiropractic
                                                                             —Deepak Chopra, M.D.

A c h i ro p r ac t i c c a s e s t u dy
The following case study was taken              when nerve flow is improved. The                 other. After using
from the Chiropractic in New Zealand            conditions that respond to chiropractic          the Webster cranial
Report published in 1979 by The Gov-            care are unlimited—from bedwetting               technique, the
ernment Printer, Wellington, NZ.                to learning problems. We had a 12                measurements
                                                month old who couldn’t crawl and                 were almost even
“Many newborns and infants are vom-
                                                after one hip adjustment ran in the              and have stayed that way since. It is
iting up to 15 times a day and stop
                                                door to greet us on the next visit. This         truly a miracle when infants and chil-
almost immediately after a few adjust-
                                                week I saw a baby who had the right              dren have their life force turned on.”
ments. Colicky babies who scream
                                                side of her face compressed during the
constantly, miraculously stop once the                                                           So many miracles and great case stud-
                                                birth process. At 8 weeks old, one side
nerve interference is gently removed                                                             ies. Get YOUR own miracle by calling
                                                of her head was 2 1/2” wider than the
and kids with ear infections get better                                                          us today! 404-444-4519.

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