Driver Safety Rules - PDF by pnx67864


									Driver Safety Rules
           1.   Report to work free of the effects of alcohol or drugs.

          2.    Always wear your seat belt.

          3.    Keep vehicle speeds legal and appropriate for the road conditions.

          4.    Never tailgate—increase your following distance.

          5.    Manage distractions by answering cell phones only when pulled over.

          6.    Scan ahead—look for stopped traffic, obstructions, wildlife or pedestrians.

           7.   Always do a quick vehicle check before driving.

          8.    Report vehicle incidents and traffic

                violations immediately.

          9.    Keep windows clean and mirrors clean
                and adjusted.

        10.     Avoid falling asleep while driving—
                get plenty of rest and plan ahead.
                                                                CELEBR ATE WORKSAFE 2009

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