A La Carte Menu March 09 by pnx67864


									                          A La Carte Menu

         Cream of Roasted Organic Vegetable and Fine Herb Soup

               Parfait of Chicken Livers and Duck Fois Gras
              with Toasted Brioche & Red Onion Marmalade

            Baked Terrine of Irish Goats Cheese and Bally Brie,
                  Lemon and Sage with Dressed Leaves

     Asian Salad of Crispy Duck with Tangy Orange Dressing and Carrot
                            and Mango Chutney

  Roast Butternut Squash Risotto finished with Mascarpone and Fine Herbs

Marinated Salmon, Beetroot Marinated & Swedish Cured Salmon Herb, Crème

                          A La Carte Menu

                             Main Course
Fillet of Castlerock Beef Served Pink on a Bed of Slow Braised Shin of Beef,
       Creamed Mushrooms and Honey Root Vegetable Madeira Sauce

   Finnebrogue Venison Wellington with Spinach & Mushroom Mousse,
                 Creamed Celeriac & Buttered Carrots

Roast Rump of Lamb, Served with Green Beans, Pomme Puree and Clams

            Grilled Ribeye of Castlerock Beef, Red Wine Sauce,
                  Homemade Chunky Chips & Béarnaise

      Poached Natural Haddock with Buttery Colcannon and Warm
                      Poached Egg Grain Mustard

     Pan-fried Atlantic Salmon with Tomato Fondue & Shaved Fennel

 Roast Cod with Basil Mash & Clam, Cherry Tomato & Sweet Garlic Broth

                        Pan Fried Monk Fish Tail,
    Baby Roast Potato, Confit Aubergine & Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce

                                    A La Carte Menu

                                    Vegetarian Mains

                             Tartlet of Roasted Peppers,
               with Moroccan Spiced Aubergine Crisp Garlic & Coriander

             Tagaliatelle with Wild & Field Mushrooms, Glazed Chestnut &
                                Parmesan Cream Sauce

                        Additional Side Orders….all £2.95
                                 Selection of Vegetables
                                 Potato Dish of the Day
                        Salted Hand-Cut Chunky Chipped Potatoes
                               Oven-Baked Champ Potatoes
                                  House Garden Salad

We have tried to consider all dietary requirements while planning this menu and we use no flours in
our soups or sauces. But if you have any special wishes or suffer any allergy please let us know. We
will be pleased to meet your needs.

In order to provide the maximum choice and flexibility for our guests, Residents on a dinner-
inclusive rate may have the full Table D’hôte menu or use a £20.00 allowance against the A La Carte
Menu. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.


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