2006 DR BC Annual General Meeting Registration Form

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					2006 DR BC Annual General Meeting Registration Form
    Capital City Yacht Club 10630 Blue Heron Rd., Sidney, B.C.
                  0930 – 1600 hours 18 November, 2006

First Name:________________________ Last Name:___________________________
Postal Code:__________ Phone:__________________Cell :______________________
I am a member of DR BC _______. (Or,) I wish to be a Registered Observer ______
I have enclosed $____________ ($25 per person) Cash / Cheque (please circle one)

Signature (s) ______________________________________
For additional registrations please make a copy of this form
Please mail to the address on the back of this page.

Resolutions for change to be considered at the AGM

Please add additional pages if necessary.         Note: Must arrive by 15 October, 2006

                                       MISSION STATEMENT

Members of the DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC are individuals who are Progressive in their policies,
Democratic in their principles, and represent an Alliance of interests reflecting the future of British Columbia
as a strong and equal partner in a United Canada. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC members believe that
every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law
without discrimination and that all persons are endowed with an inherent worth and dignity.

DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC holds that the role of Government is to develop laws to protect the Public
Trust, which is the Environment; to provide Law and Order, which allows Social Harmony; and to provide
comprehensive Health Care, adequate and effective Education, and a social safety net for those who cannot
otherwise provide for themselves.

I want to: Renew My membership for (circle) 1 2 3 yrs             Become a Member for (circle) I 2 3 yrs

Fee Structure: Annual $10.00/yr. Associate $10.00/yr. Youth $5.00/yr.

Make a Financial Contribution of $_______________. Total Funds Enclosed $____________________

Last Name___________________________First Name___________________Initial________

Street______________________________City_________________________P. C.__________


                                              Mail To:           DR BC Box 21
                                                                 4466 W. Saanich Rd.
                                                                 Victoria, B.C. V8Z 3E9
In order for the party to function properly, to be able to spread our message and grow we
need your help. To help cover the cost of printing brochures, supplies, meeting venues
around the province, running the web site and many other costs, we need your donation.
As we begin to prepare for the next Election in 2009 communications costs will increase
as we send out more organizational material.

Don’t forget any donation you make to DR BC is tax deductible. You can get as much
as 75% back off of your taxes, so supporting the party doesn’t have to be costly.
Individual Tax Receipts will be mailed immediately after Year End.

The tax deductions are as follows
75% of first $100:
50% of amount between $100 and $550
33.3% of the amount between $550 and $1150.
The maximum tax credit is $500.

Actually the amount you will be out of pocket will be very small because of the
generous tax incentives. Please use the form above and forward your membership and
donation to the address shown. THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF THE DR BC PARTY