Naturally Luxurious Shower Liquids boast richness and aromas to by pnx67864


									                                          Naturally Luxurious
                                          Shower Liquids boast
                                          richness and aromas
                                          to peak the senses.
                                                     sensation spa shower liquids have been formulated
                                          to provide a truly memorable shower experience.
                                                     embodies the richest natural ingredients and
                                          exhilarating aromas to pamper your Guests and leave them
                                          feeling uniquely special.

                                          Although             liquids are undoubtedly improved quality
                                          over your present offering, they will cost much less because
                                          they are packaged in the sensible bulk size to suit your
                                          property and provided through our world-leading
                                          Dispenser™ system.

                                          No more forcing your guests to fumble with
                                          slippery tiny bottles!

                                                   sensation spa shower liquids.
                                          Higher quality. More convenient. Less costly.

Treat your Guests to superior quality shower amenities at
a lower cost than your present small-bottle program. Everybody wins.
                              Shower Liquids
Exceeding your
Guests’ Expectations
Offer the         of the future with these
superior liquids which perfectly compliment
the AVIVA™ Dispenser system.

                                    the splashing wave
                                                                                                  AVIVA™ Dispensers are available in
                                    citrus and sea foam body wash                                one, two and three-chamber sizes in a
                                                                                                 variety of finishes. The overwhelming
                                    Rejuvenates the weary traveler. Fresh exhilarating
                                                                                                 choice of your guests for their homes,
                                    aromas from pure natural elements along with rich,                            throughout the world.
                                    long-lasting bubbles.

                                    the awakening wave
                                    rosemary and mint shampoo
                                    Delightfully alive and invigorating. Bright, lively and fragrant it instantly
                                    banishes the morning blahs and refreshes your scalp.

                                    the calming wave
                                    rosemary and mint conditioner
                                    More of the fresh morning aroma of the shampoo. It treats hair to
                                    enlivening, healthy body and shine.

                                    the caring wave
                                    lavender and chamomile body lotion
                                    Smooth, light and refreshing. It soothes tired skin
                                    and nurtures with natural richness.

                                                                         sensation spa
                                                       Shower Liquids are available in
Dispenser Amenities Inc.                               gallons, five-gallon Enviropacks
141 Consortium Court London, ON N6E 2S8 Canada
                                                             and thirty-gallon drums.
Phone: 519-685-1501         Toll Free: 800-639-4756
Fax:    519-668-4054        Toll Free: 800-639-4759      Choose the size that fits your
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