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					StrivingRtoFmake the built environment energy-neutral • Breakthrough
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the ‘Meeting Browser’ • Practical study of protective clothing • Clean
make the built environment energy-neutral • Breakthrough in the trea

   Striving to make the                                                             Breakthrough in the
   built environment                                                                treatment of intermittent
   energy-neutral                                                                   Gene therapy offers potential
   The Energy Research Centre                    This could become a reality        treatment for intermittent
   of the Netherlands (ECN) and              by 2050 through building new           claudication.
   TNO recently established a                houses in such a way that they
   partnership called ‘Building              produce rather than consume            Old people can suffer from
   Future’.                                  energy and through renovation          intermittent claudication; they
                                             techniques which considerably          are able to walk only very short
   The partnership was formed                reduce the energy consumption.         distances due to blockages in the
   for the purpose of conducting             The energy surplus of new              blood vessels of the legs. Apart
   practical research into energy            buildings would then compensate        from the recommendation to
   consumption, production and               the consumption in older houses.       continue walking despite the
   conservation in built-up areas                The programme is broken            pain in order to stimulate blood
   and sustainable energy behind             into three groups: components,         flow, the only other option for
   the meter. It will foster the             integration and consumption.           treatment has been to perform          Laying collateral blood vessels in the
   development of sustainable                At set time intervals up to 2050,      percutaneous angioplasty or
   building and neighbourhood                each group will provide a brief        bypass surgery. In the worst case,
   systems and new energy                    outline of its status and the          amputation of the toes or even a          Once this process had been
   production systems, and push for          savings percentages achieved           foot may be required.                 pre-clinically trialled in mice at
   more solar energy use and energy          in its category. The participants          In collaboration with the         TNO, the university hospitals
   storage. At both the national and         can then decide, based on this         Leiden University Medical Centre,     of Leiden and Groningen
   EU levels, 35 to 40 per cent of           information, which aspects need        TNO has developed a method of         collaborated on a double-blind
   energy consumption occurs in              further development and what           treatment that is based on gene       study involving 56 patients. For
   built-up areas.                           the priorities are for research        therapy. Patients are injected with   the group treated with gene
       The partnership will be               and demonstration.                     DNA that contains a gene, which       therapy there was improved
   working on the Energy Reduction               The ERGO programme will            stimulates cell growth in blood       blood flow and better healing of
   in the Built Environment                  benefit the building sector,           vessels. This helps create a kind     wounds and fewer amputation
   (ERGO) programme, which                   suppliers, developers, landlords,      of natural bypass (collateral blood   than for the control group
   has an ambitious goal: a built            homeowners, national and               vessels) around the blockage and      which received a placebo – a key
   environment that is energy-               municipal governments, NGOs            lay capillaries in tissue that has    milestone in the development of a
   neutral.                                  and numerous others.                   inadequate blood flow.                treatment for this disorder.

        More effective meetings
        with the ‘Meeting Browser’
        TNO is helping develop the             structured meetings.
        ‘Meeting Browser’, which                   Along with 13 European
        should help make meetings              partners and one American
        more effective and efficient.           partner, TNO is working on
                                               a three-year EU Integrated
        Are your company meetings              Project, Augmented Multi-party
        unproductive, a downright waste        Interaction (AMI).
        of time? The Meeting Browser           For its part, TNO has set up a       test subjects can be taped from       be stored in a system that can
        is here to change all that. It’s a     ‘smart meeting room’, a high-        six camera angles and recorded        easily be searched in a variety
        computer support system for            tech conference room, at its         with 24 precisely synchronous         of ways: the Meeting Browser.
        searching multimedia archives          Dutch Soesterberg site. It is here   microphones.                          The system will be able to store
        of automatically analysed and          that meetings conducted by               The data generated will           a huge amount of information.

   xx         TNO magazine march 2005
                           March                                                                                                      TNO Ruimte en Infrastructuur
h in the treatment of intermittent claudication • More effective meetin
ning up sewage water using Membrane BioReactor technology • Strivi
atment of intermittent claudication • More effective meetings with the

                                                                                                                                         Cleaning up
                                                                                                                                         sewage water
                                                                                                                                         using Membrane
                                                                                                                                         TNO participates in the start-
                                                                                                                                         up of the first full-scale MBR
                                                                                                                                         water purification plant.

                                                                                                                                         As part of an extensive research
                                                                                                                                         programme, TNO has been
                                                                                                                                         involved in the preparations
                                                                                                                                         and start-up of the MBR plant.
                                                                                                                                         The study – undertaken in close

                                                                                                                            Photo: TNO
                                                                                                                                         collaboration with the principal
                                                                                                                                         contractor Waterschap Rijn en
                                                                                                                                         IJssel, the engineering firm DHV

     Practical study of protective clothing                                                                                              and the research institute WETSUS
                                                                                                                                         – has to minimise the risks that are
                                                                                                                                         inherent to the start-up of such an
     A new research method                          against biological and chemical    placed on a mannequin that                        innovative plant. Not only that, it
     enables researchers to                         weapons. Protective clothing       is made to ‘walk’ through the                     also has to provide knowledge for
     simultaneously test both                       is often tested in a specially     wind tunnel. Sensors on the                       the future design of other, larger
     the effectiveness and                          developed facility known as the    dummy register how much of                        plants.
     comfort of protective                          ‘whole-system test chamber’,       the gas penetrates the clothing,                      A sewage water purification
     clothing.                                      a wind tunnel into which a         indicating whether or not it                      plant in the east of the
                                                    chemical vapour mixture can be     offers adequate protection.                       Netherlands is discharging its
     Assessing the effectiveness                    introduced. The vapour is not          But protection is not the                     effluent into a vulnerable small
     of gas masks and protective                    poisonous but its behaviour is     only matter of importance                         inland waterway that is part of
     clothing is an important part                  comparable to that of a chemical   when it comes to clothing; it                     an ecological junction. The design
     of research into protection                    weapon agent. The clothing is      should be comfortable as well.                    requirements are so demanding
                                                                                       This is another aspect that TNO                   in terms of the quality of the
                                                                                       has been studying over the                        water that is discharged that
                                                                                       years. The Dutch Ministry of                      conventional methods are just not
                                                  participants during the meeting.     Defence commissioned TNO to                       able to cope.
                                                     The benefits of such an           determine whether these two                           The solution has been found
                                                  analytical system are enormous.      aspects of the research could                     in applying MBR technology:
                                                  To begin with, it will allow         be combined. TNO’s response                       biological water treatment
                                                  people to improve the decision-      was to develop a new research                     combined with membrane
                                                  making process. The ability to       method, the whole-system test                     filtration, which does more than
                                                  better manage the information        chamber, in which the dummy                       just produce a very clean effluent;
                                                  from meetings could also yield       is replaced by a human test                       it makes the treatment plant much
                                                  economies of scale, meaning          subject who performs a series                     more compact because there is no
                                                  that large projects would be         of movements under various                        need for a large settling tank to
                                     Photo: OGC

                                                  completed more quickly. Finally,     weather conditions.                               separate the bacteria and water.
                                                  the Meeting Browser could                The subject can then report                   Since 2000, the Netherlands has
    People will then have access                  be a meaningful knowledge            on how comfortable the                            had a number of small-scale
    to not only the factual record                management tool: a vast              clothing actually is and whether                  pilot plants operating to gain
    (presentations, decisions,                    amount of information will be        it provides adequate protection.                  experience of this technology, and
    agenda items discussed),                      stored in it in an intelligent and   These tests will provide a more                   now the first full-scale plant with a
    but also the behaviour of                     readily accessible manner.           realistic evaluation of protective                capacity of 755 m3 per hour serves
                                                                                       gear.                                             also as a demonstration project.

     TNO Ruimte en Infrastructuur                                                                                                           TNO magazine March 2005
                                                                                                                                           TNO magazine march 2005           5
The Itraining of the future • ENISA: a more secure European informatio
     N BRIEF
European project on refrigeration technology • TNO at the 3GSM Worl
• The training of the future • ENISA: a more secure European informat

   The training of the future                                                                ENISA: a more secure
                                                                                             European information
   The way soccer players train
   could be totally different in
                                                    back to these boxes. The coded
                                                    signals are transmitted over a
   the future – through the use                     fibre-optic network to a receiver
   of technology like that being                    (a computer) that calculates the         TNO’s Dr Boaz Gelbord is on
   developed in ‘Training of the                    positions of the players and other       secondment to ENISA for the
   future’.                                         parameters, like their speed,            first six months of 2005.
                                                    acceleration and path taken.
   The idea was simple: boxes                       These results are sent in real time      Gelbord, a security expert at TNO
   attached to the floodlight masts                 to the coach, who can view them          Information and Communication
   in soccer stadiums send radio                    on his laptop and select various         Technology, is working on the
   signals across the field that are                visualisations. The computer             start-up of the European Network

                                                                                                                                  Photo: OGC
   picked up by antennae in the                     calculates the average speed of          and Information Security
   shoulders of special receptor                    each player, how often a player          Agency (ENISA). A large part of
   vests worn by the players. The                   has been in possession of the ball       his assignment is to establish                    a number of tasks. The Agency
   vests also contain a transponder                 and other such statistics. The           contacts and create networks                      must help foster a culture in
   that introduces a code that                      coach can then give the players          among the stakeholders: from the                  which network and information
   is unique to each player into                    remote instructions, which are           private and public sectors and EU                 security is a matter of course and
   the signal before it is reflected                conveyed by vibrating plates in          member states.                                    it must support the European
                                                    their clothing.                              ENISA, launched in Brussels on                Commission in drawing up new
                                                        This technology will help            15 March 2004, was established                    EU regulations in this area. As
                                                    coaches and players alike improve        to optimise the security of                       provider of advice, coordinator
                                                    their tactical skill and practise        the European information                          of projects, analyser of data and
                                                    strategy. Part of the project also       networks and systems that                         promoter of the development
                                                    involves examining the physical          are an indispensable part                         of standards, ENISA has a role
                                                    condition of the players; a band         of the economic and social                        to play as a centre of expertise
                                                    around their chest measures              development of the EU. Their                      on network and information
                                                    their heart rate and the data is         security is obviously all the more                security for member states and
                                                    displayed in real time. TNO is           critical, particularly in terms of                EU institutions.
                                                    working on ‘Training of the future’      developing the internal European
                                       Photo: TNO

                                                    together with Philips, soccer club       market.                                           More information:
                                                    PSV and other partners.                      ENISA has been charged with         

    HomePlug: getting more out of cabling
    It won’t be long before                           of other equipment – laptops,           these technologies perform on
    consumers are hooking up                          TVs, VoIP telephones – to that list.    the job, how user-friendly they
    much more equipment to                            Today’s home networks have their        are and what consumers should
    their Broadband Internet                          limitations, so ADSL providers are      be able to expect of them. TNO’s
    connections. TNO investigated                     interested in finding out which         Dr Igor Passchier zoomed in
    the technologies that might                       technologies, using the wiring          on the HomePlug technology
    best be used for that.                            already installed in residential        as particularly promising. Its
                                                      housing, would be capable of            potential was tested under
    Broadband services terminate not                  delivering such broadband               practical conditions in TNO’s own
    at the meter cupboard but in the                  services.                               Huiskamer (living room), in Delft.
    consumers’ in-home equipment.                         TNO Information and                 The outcome: once the system is
    To date, only PCs have been                       Communication Technology                more technologically developed,
    hooked up to the telephone or                     has taken stock of the existing         next year, the consumer’s current
                                                                                                                                               Photo: TNO

    cable connection. But in the near                 technologies and outlined their         stock of technologies will receive a
    future, you can add a whole range                 prospects, looking into how well        welcome boost.

   22       TNO magazine March 2005
on infrastructure • HomePlug: getting more out of cabling • TNO coord
ld Congress • Shape Risk: better regulation of the European processing
tion infrastructure • HomePlug: getting more out of cabling • TNO coo

    TNO helps refrigeration
    cool off
    A significant reduction in              performers from the Netherlands,
    the use of refrigerants: that          Germany, Denmark, Italy,
    is the objective of the EU             Spain and Turkey, as well as
    MINIREF project that TNO               representatives from a Polish and
    will be coordinating.                  two Dutch trade organisations
                                           and two European ones (AREA
    TNO will be the coordinator of         and ECSLA). Project members
    an international consortium            have made it a priority to train
    for the design of industrial           and transfer knowledge to

                                                                                                                                                         Photo: OGC
    refrigeration and freezing             members of the industry’s trade
    installations that contain only        organisations so that people
    a nominal amount of HFCs               who install and use refrigeration
    (hydro-fluorocarbons) or natural
    refrigerants. Researchers expect
                                           and freezing units in Europe can
                                           put the findings of the MINIREF
                                                                                 Shape Risk: better
    to cut the use of refrigerants by
    95 per cent by accelerating their
                                           project into practice relatively
                                           quickly. The new technology
                                                                                 regulation of the
    circulation through the cooling
    units and remove all buffers in
                                           should then reach a high level
                                           of penetration in the European
                                                                                 European processing
    the refrigeration cycle. MINIREF
    holds an interesting option in
                                           refrigeration industry within
                                           just several years of the project’s   industry
    terms of limiting safety risks; this   completion.
    would primarily impact the use             The EU has already allocated      TNO is participating in          2004, structured around seven
    of natural cooling agents, such        1.3 million euros for this project    the European Shape Risk          packages, three of which have
    as ammonia, which are being            and the contract should be signed     project, which should            already been implemented.
    brought under strict regulation.       by early March 2005. Then the         result in better internal        One of these is charged with
        The consortium represents          project, which is scheduled to run    and external safety in           making an inventory, from
    a wide range of interests, with        for three years, can really get up    the region’s processing          as many European countries
    8 SME partners and 2 RTD               and running.                          industry.                        as possible, of the level of
                                                                                                                  external and occupational
                                                                                 The idea behind Shape            safety. In the Netherlands, the
    TNO at 3GSM World Congress                                                   Risk (an acronym for
                                                                                 ‘sharing experience on risk
                                                                                                                  National Institute for Public
                                                                                                                  Health and the Environment
    TNO Information and                    display its expertise with four       management’) is to make          (RIVM) and TNO Environment
    Communication Technology               themes to an avid international       industrial systems cleaner       and Geosciences are active in
    participated in the 3GSM               crowd:                                and safer. The project could     the project.
    World Congress in Cannes,              • IVIGO – a unique portfolio of       also result in better European       The main recommendations
    France, 14–17 February                   interactive solutions for 3G-       regulation of external and       of Package Two are that there
    2005.                                    and IP-based video telephony,       occupational safety for the      should be one authorised
                                             such as multimedia call centres     region’s processing industry.    body for both occupational
    The 3GSM World Congress is a           • Performance measurement             The project’s scope includes     and external safety and that
    leading event in the world of            tools – tools that improve the      both external safety issues      risk assessments for both
    mobile communications. This              performance of mobile portals       – such as explosion hazards,     process-related occupational
    year more than 600 companies             and telephones                      toxic substances (and how to     and external safety should
    participated. TNO was at the           • Innovative services – platform      escape them), fire – and the     be contained in one report to
    booth hosted by the Dutch                and service components for          internal issue of occupational   avoid duplication.
    Agency for International                 location, messaging and             safety. In fact, ‘cross              Furthermore, defence lines
    Business and Cooperation (EVD).          information applications            pollination’ between external    against possible internal and
    TNO now has over one hundred           • Network planning and                and internal safety is one of    external accidents need to be
    specialists working in the area          optimisation – specialised          the project’s main themes.       made consistent.
    of mobile communications. This           tools to help operators                Shape Risk started in May
    forum gave TNO a chance to               optimise their radio networks.

                                                                                                                   TNO magazine March 2005          23