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					Marketing Communications Masterclass 2010
 Get your message across through effective creativity, media and management

  Key issues
  Marketing communications take many forms including off and online. Creativity is essential
  both in designing the message and selecting the media to deliver the messages to the right
  audiences. Strategic and executional excellence is required to inspire and persuade. With
  the increasing fragmentation of media and rise of specialist agencies strong management is
  also needed to create and implement multi-media campaigns.
  The purpose of this course
  The purpose of this course is to ensure a thorough understanding of the communications
  landscape, help you plan, assess and manage communications campaigns. Particular
  attention is given to creating and assessing creative work and using mixed and new media.
  Who this course is for
  This course is for those responsible for planning and implementing marketing
  communications and those working within communication teams.
  Benefits for your organisation
  Effective customer communications can have a massive impact on the organisation’s brand
  image, presence, reputation, market share and ability to command a premium. As customer
  communications are invariably a high cost initiative, managing the communication process
  well can have a significant positive effect on your profitability. It can also influence internal
  staff recruitment and motivation and other constituents such as shareholders.
  Benefits for you as an individual
  This is an in-depth programme that will provide skills and experience in creating and
  assessing creative ideas and messages. It will equip you with confidence and 'best practice'
  thinking tools to plan, create and evaluate campaigns for your own organisation. It will also
  provide practical guidelines for setting and allocating budgets and managing internal
  audiences and agencies.
  You will learn how to
  •   Construct a communications plan
  •   Establish budgets and targets
  •   Design appropriate messages
  •   Assess communications ideas
  •   Select appropriate media options
  •   Manage the communications process from development to implementation
  •   Manage internal stakeholders, agencies and across media
  Course content
  •   Understanding how to engage and motivate customers
  •   Creating a communications strategy and brief

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•   Devising and setting budgets to meet marketing objectives
•   Devising and assessing creative messages/ideas
•   Devising media strategies and assessing media options
•   Briefing and managing agencies
•   Aligning internal and external communications
•   Managing communications across media
•   Establishing communications performance measures
Pre and post learning support
Delegates should bring details of their existing brand positioning and communication
objectives and strategies and examples of current or recent campaigns in order that these
can be discussed. Where possible, results from these campaigns should also be included.
To take away from the course
World class insights and ideas to re-energise your thinking and communications
A workbook and toolkit of models for planning and managing communications campaigns
Illustration of training agenda
For illustration purposes only. As we constantly review our training content, the final agenda
will be sent with your joining instructions.

Day One

09.30           Arrival & coffee
09.30 – 10.00 Introductions and Objectives
10.00 – 11.00 Communication Essentials
11.00 – 11.15 Coffee
11.15 – 11.45 Communication Planning
11.45 – 12.15 Setting Objectives
12.15 – 12.45 Brand Positioning
12.45 – 13.45 Lunch
13.45 – 14.45 Brand Personality
15.00 – 15.30 Understanding Customers
16.00 – 16.15 Tea
16.15 – 17.15 Creative Assessment
17.15 – 18.30 Brand Communication Development Exercise
19.30           Dinner

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Day Two
08.30 – 09.15 Presenting Brand Communication Group Work
09.15 – 10.15 Setting Budgets and Making Media Choices
10.15 – 10.30 Coffee
10.30 – 11.30 Using the Internet and Digital Media
11.30 – 12.30 Sales Promotion
12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
13.30 – 14.30 Corporate and Social Responsibility
14.30 – 14.45 Tea
14.45 – 15.30 Communication Measurement and Management
15.30 – 16.30 Communications Clinic

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