Extended Essay Schedule Class of 2011 by ufq12259


									                                          Extended Essay Schedule Class of 2011

Date               Activity                   Outcome
Tues Feb 2nd       Introduction LPAC          First Informational Meeting 3.00 – 3.30. Students are given a folder with all
                                              necessary basic information. This folder must be taken to every extended essay
Thurs Feb 4th      Written Guidelines         Advisors work with students and go through EE guidelines booklet.
Tues Feb 9th and   Mini-Seminars              EE staff leaders run mini-seminars – students choose two subjects over two days
Thurs Feb 11th
Thu Feb 18th       Library Help               Students meet with Mrs. Barrio to review resources available for research at 3.00-
Tues Feb 23rd      Resources                  3.30 in library.
Thurs Feb 25th`                               Be on time and bring EE folder and dividers.
                                              18th Ghercioiu/Howard/
                                              23rd Monier/Rogers/ Rollins
                                              25th Marshall/ Dindorf
February 9th-      Preliminary Research            • Students conduct preliminary research and reading in the school library to
26th                                                    find out if suitable supporting “quality resources” are available for topics
                                                        you are interested in.

                                                  •    Begin collecting resources and begin a working reference list in word.

                                                   • Browse through past Extended Essays in the library.
Thurs Feb 25th     Submit Topic Choice        Student submits the group they have chosen to their advisor. Advisors collate groups
                   Form                       and pass to IB coordinator.
Tues Mar 2nd       EE Group Meeting           First meeting with EE Group from 3.00-3.30 to discuss subject specific criteria.
March 15th-26th    Meet supervisor            Supervisor assignments posted on 11th board. Meeting between supervisor and
                                              student is to discuss preliminary research done so far and research question.
April 6th          Library Help               Students meet with Mrs. Barrio to review MLA format for essay writing in
and April 8th      MLA                        Thursday Advisory time 3.00-3.30 in library.
                                              Be on time and bring EE folder and dividers.
                                              6th Dindorf/Ghercioiu/Howard/Marshall
                                              8th Monier/Rogers/ Rollins
April 5th-9th      Meet supervisor            Students present an initial research question/title along with a short paragraph
                                              explaining the general value of the topic, why it is important and what can be gained
                                              by studying it. Students share notes and resources collected during preliminary
                                              research phase. Supervisor give feedback and guidance on how to proceed.
By April 16th      Meet supervisor            Finalized research question is submitted to supervisor.
                                                                                                                             FORM 2
Mon April 26th-    Trips TBA                  Library trips dates and locations to be determined by group and EE topic by EE
Fri April 30th                                leaders. Not all students will participate.
Monday             Comprehensive              Students write and submit a rough draft (approximately 1500 words) to EE
May 17th           Outline/Draft              supervisor
                   Submission of 1500             • Research question and introduction
                   words                          • Outline of body of the essay, (in science all data & possibly a plan for data
                                                  • Subheadings
                                                  • Initial conclusions
                                                  • Works Cited Page
                                              Supervisor to read rough draft. Rough draft will be used to monitor student progress.
Before School      Meet supervisor            Students get feedback on draft. Rough draft will provide students with additional
ends on                                       feedback prior to the summer.
May 27th
Summer           Students work on         Students complete research and writing. (Add title page, contents page, and an
vacation         Extended Essays.         abstract) Pay close attention to overall presentation and MLA style.

                                          Students complete first draft of Extended Essay (4000 words) and use EE grading
                                          rubrics to self evaluate.

August 23rd      Final Draft Submission   Essays will be given to EE supervisors by IB Coordinator to be graded
8.30                                      Submit to your advisor at 8.30 am:
                                              1. 1 hard copies of a COMPLETED DRAFT due in MLA format to advisor.

                                          Students with incomplete drafts will be suspended from school until draft is in
                                          acceptable form

Sept 6th-10th    Meet supervisor          Student meets supervisor to go through the feedback grading form.

Friday           N/A                      Supervisors submit feedback form to IB Coordinator.
Sept 10th                                 Students with incomplete drafts will be suspended from school until the draft is
                                          in acceptable form
Thurs Sept 9th   Peer Review              Extended Essay Peer Review
Monday Oct 4th   EE Final Submission      Final Extended Essay Submitted to advisor 8.30 am
                                              1. 2 hard copies (both clipped with a staple)
                                              2. Turnitin.com receipt
TBA              Viva Voce                Concluding interview with supervisor

                                          This is an opportunity to reflect on success and difficulties in the research
                                          process. In addition it is an opportunity to reflect on what has been learned

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