GENDER EQUITY PROGRAM


The Gender Equity Program is designed to assist not for profit sport organizations in their efforts to promote and
develop female opportunities to actively participate in organized community sport. The Gender Equity Program focuses
on supporting requests that directly benefit Township of Langley residents through a grant fund that assists eligible
organizations with funding for capital projects.

a) The recreation organization must be based in the Township, provide direct recreational activities within the
    Township, and do not have access to Township subsidized facilities. "Recreation Organization" is defined as a
    group having a primary purpose related to recreation.

b) The recreation organization must be a bona-fide not-for-profit sport organization with registered society status.

c) The recreation organization must have been established for a minimum period of 6 months at the time of application.

d) Majority of participants must be 18 years of age or younger and composed of no fewer than 75% Township of
   Langley residents.

e) Participants are predominately female (no less than 75%).

f)   The organization completes appropriate financial records with accepted accounting principals.

g) Absence of a relevant criminal record or criminal charges regarding positions of trust must be held by all adult
   members of the organization.

h) The organization must provide a service that promotes the principle and practice of fair and equitable allocation of
   resources and opportunities for females in the recognized recreational activity.

i)   The organization must reflect values and maintain operating policies that are not in conflict with the Township's

   1. Expenditures must be directly related to capital improvements, as the funding is provided in lieu of the
      Township’s provision of facilities for the groups. All funding and subsequent capital work must take place within
      the Township of Langley.
   2. A detailed description of the project that will be supported by a successful application is required as part of the
      application package.
   3. The Township’s level of support will vary according to the scope of the project and will not exceed $20,000
      annually. Retroactive application requests will not be considered.
   4. If applicable, the organization must abide by the Provincial Coaches Code of Conduct.
    5. All successful applicants will be required to complete a post-assessment form that will evaluate the success of
       the project and confirm their expenditures.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but must be submitted prior to September 1st of each year in order to
receive funding for that calendar year. Applicants must submit a Gender Equity Program Application form to the
Manager, Community Recreation within the Division of Recreation, Culture, and Parks. Organizations can expect a
written response within 3 weeks of submission of their application.

The Manager, Recreation and Cultural Services or designate is responsible for the review and approval of Gender Equity
Program applications.

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