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 Fully-automated paint
                                                                                                                       Jotun develop, produce and sell
                                                                                                                       cost-effective paint and coatings
                                                                                                                       products, and provide customer

 manufacturing process                                                                                                 service and technical support, to
                                                                                                                       residental, marine and industrial
                                                                                                                       markets worldwide.

  When Jotun modernised one                    ”	 The	main	reason	for	
                                                “                                                          duction process from a control
                                                                                                           room,” explains Jan Lorentzen. No
  of its Norwegian production
  plants, it chose a system                     using	Novotek	as	our	                                      one is present in the rooms where
                                                                                                           the paint is manufactured. Produc-
  based on Proficy™ Batch.                      supplier	so	often	over	                                    tion is recipe-controlled, and the
                                                                                                           recipe for each batch is transferred
  The fully-automated plant                     the	years	is	their	                                        from a master database. Novotek
  manufactures as much as                                                                                  not only supplied the software for
  a plant with five times the
                                                ability	to	understand	                                     the batch system at Vindals plant,
  labour force.                                 our	needs	and	                                             but also handled all programming
                                                                                                           and commissioning.

  Jotun is a Norwegian Group with
                                                collaborate,”	                                             TWENTY CAN DO THE WORK OF ONE HUN-
  4,500 employees and 36 production                            Jan Lorentzen, Senior Engineer, Jotun       DRED
  plants in Europe, the Middle East,                                                                       At the Vindals plant, 12-13 million
  Southeast Asia, Australia, South                                                                         litres of paint are manufactured ev-
  Africa and the USA. The Group has            in marine coatings for the shipping                         ery year, and about 20 people work
  an annual turnover of about NOK              industry in the rest of the world.                          at the plant. Compare this with the
  5.5 billion.                                                                                             second plant in Sandefjord, which is
  “Our largest product area in the             There are four production plants in                         not as automated and manufactures
  Scandinavian countries is decorative         Norway, two of which are in Sand-                           several products which, in terms of
  paints - interior and exterior house         efjord, home to the Group’s head                            volume, correspond approximately
  paints,” says Jan Lorentzen, Senior          office. One of the plants in Sandef-                        to the same volume of paint but
  Engineer in charge of evaluating             jord, Vindals plant, was converted a                        require about 100 employees.
  and buying automation services. The          few years ago into a fully-automated                        “Full automation allows a small staff
  decorative paint segment answers for         batch plant, built around Proficy™                          to handle production,” notes Jan
  most of the turnover in the Middle           Batch.                                                      Lorentzen. The Vindals plant manu-
  East as well. We are the market leader       “The operators run the entire pro-                          factures large batches every time, and


this batch system has proven to be         years is their ability to understand           Automation solutions
quite profitable. Proficy™ Batch is        our needs and collaborate,” con-               • S88 batch execution
used as a control system that is part      cludes Jan Lorentzen. “Obviously
of a master system and is integrated       Novotek’s products are good, but               • Business system integration
with, among other systems, Jotun’s         the deciding factor is the people at           • HMI/SCADA
business system. Raw material status       the company - their flexibility and
reports are produced continuously,         customer orientation.”
for instance, which makes things                                                          PRODUCTS
easier for the procurement organi-                                                        • Proficy Batch
sation.                                                                                   • Proficy iFIX

Jotun’s partnership with Novotek                                                          BENEFITS
began back in 1988. Today, the com-                                                       • Fully automated S88 batch
pany has software units from Novo-                                                          production
tek at several production plants. In
                                                                                          • Recipes stored in database
addition to Jotun’s plants in Sandef-
jord, Novotek products are used in                                                        • Production tracking and tracing
Frederikstad, Dubai, Thailand and at
                                                                                          • Raw material status reports
the plant being built on the outskirts
of Shanghai in China.                                                                     • Integration with business system
“The main reason for using Novotek
                                                                                          • Produce five times as much per
as our supplier so often over the

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