Class 1 Div. 2 Cell Phone Ex-GSM 01 by pnx67864


									Class 1 Div. 2 Cell Phone Ex-GSM 01

In Ex-hazardous areas, flexible and safe                                                                    The Ex-GSM 01 non-incendive cell
communication requires a reliable mobile                                                                    phone is designed to ensure safe
device.The Ex-GSM 01 provides that safety                                                                   communication in hazardous areas.
for your work with its FM approval for                                                                      It is made of highly durable, light-
non-incendive use in Class I, Division 2,                                                                   weight, splash-proof materials and
Groups A-D. The robust housing of the                                                                       includes features that will assist you
Ex-GSM 01 also ensures the reliability
                                                                                                            in your daily work.
requirements for use in ambitious work
                                                                                                            • Non-incendive cell phone for
Rubber parts protect the cell phone against                                                                   GSM/GPRS 850/1800/1900 MHz
bumps. Rubber seals and a contiguous                                                                        • Integrated speakerphone
keypad help keep out splash-water and                                                                       • Splash-proof design and improved
dust.                                                                                                         protection against dust
                                                                                                            • Push-to-talk function
The Ex-GSM 01 suppor ts the GSM                                                                             • Phone book
standard for wireless communication, such                                                                   • Full calendar
as calls, messaging and browsing. The                                                                       • Synchronize your phone book, calendar
integrated push-to-talk function provides
                                                                                                              and to-do list
direct voice communication comparable
to two-way radios (depending on your                                                                        • Alarm clock
network operator or service provider).                                                                      • Extended Li-Ion Battery 760 mAh
The included headset HS-8 allows                                                                            • Activity Headset for handsfree working
handsfree conversation inside and outside
the Ex-hazardous area.                                                                                      Ex-data:

Integrated office features, like phone book,
calendar, and to-do-list can be synchronized                                                                NI Class I Div. 2 Group A-D T6
from a phone using a synchronization
ser vice (depending on your network                                                                         Report Job Identification No.: 3025128
operator or service provider) or from the
PC using an infrared connection (suitable                                                                   Standard delivery:
PC Suite required).                                                                                         • Ex-GSM 01
                                                                                                            • Battery pack BL- 5B
The easy handling and robust design of
the Ex-GSM 01 make it suitable for your                                                                     • Power Supply ACP-12U
daily work in Ex-hazardous areas, as well                                                                   • Carrying strap
as in the office.                                                                                           • Activity Headset HS-8
                                                                                                            • Safety instructions
Technical data

Ambient temperature Ta:                  14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
Battery type:                            Extended Li-Ion Battery 760 mAh, NOKIA BL- 5B
Talk Time:                               Up to 5 hours
Standby Time:                            Up to 10 days
Battery talk and standby times are estimates only and depend on network configuration, signal
strength, features used, battery age and condition, charging practices, temperatures to which battery
is exposed, whether use is in digital mode (or analog mode, if any), and many other factors. Please
note that the amount of time a phone is used for calls will affect its standby time. Likewise, the amount
of time that the phone is turned on and in standby mode will affect its talk time.
Size:                                    4.1‘‘ in x 1.8‘‘ in x 1‘‘ in (10.6 cm x 4.7 cm x 2.4 cm)
Weight:                                  3.5 ounces (101 grams)

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