You must attend 80% of a class (1 hour)

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					Class Policies in Detail:

1. Attendance: Attendance is expected for all classes. Attendance will be taken daily. You are
   expected to get any information or assignments if you should miss class from a
   source other than the professor. This will be critical for the passport updates, test
   announcements, etc.
           • Sleeping in class is considered an absence.
           • You must attend 80% of a class (1 hour) to receive credit for attendance.
           • Please limit tardiness and leaving early to emergencies.
           • A student must notify the professor if he/she must leave early or arrives late.
                   o After the first 6 absences there is a 10 point penalty for each
                       additional absence that is subtracted from the student’s total course
                       points. In the event that a student has extended absences due to
                       hospitalization or severe illness, a lesser penalty may be applied with
                       documentation to the satisfaction of the professor.

2. Late Assignments: An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in by 5:00 of the day
   of the due date.
           • No assignments will be accepted late unless there is prior notification (the
               day before) and approval from the instructor. Extenuating circumstances will
               require documentation. If an assignment is accepted late it is subject to a letter
               grade penalty per day that it is late.
           • Being absent on the due date is not considered an excuse to hand in the
               assignment at the next class.
           • Do not e-mail assignments unless you have been given approval from the
               professor to do so.

3. Missed/Make-up Exams: Any exams missed with prior notification and approval may be
   made up at the end of the semester.
      • Any exams missed without prior notification may be made up but will be subject
          to a penalty that limits the test grade to 60 or lower, depending on test results.
      • If a student is indisposed in such a way that he or she cannot provide prior
          notification, documentation must be provided as evidence for the excuse to the
          satisfaction of the professor before an exam can be made up.

4. Students will have an assigned seat that is used for attendance. If students are late, they
   must notify the professor that they are in attendance when class is over if they want credit for
   attendance. If students need to leave early they must notify the professor prior to class.

5. Students will need to make a name card with their first and last name to place on their desk
   during each class to help with attendance and identification. The name card should comply
   with the specifications described in the name tag instructions. Your name should be on both
   sides of the card. Not having a name card in class is subject to penalty.

6. No food is allowed in class. Drinks are allowed and are preferred in covered or capped
   containers (you spill, you clean).

7. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior such as:
           reading the newspaper,
           doing other work,
           playing games or writing notes
             using a Notebook computer for anything other than class notes
             cell phones ringing
             using head phones
     is not acceptable and is subject to point penalty or other penalty as seems appropriate by the

8. Test Taking Procedures: You will need a number 2 pencil and a good eraser for every test.
   You will not be permitted to exit the room during the test. Hats are permitted if they do not
   have a visor or have the visor turned to the back during the testing period.

9. No course withdrawals will be granted after the end of the course adjustment period.

    Honor Code: The Honor Code is followed in this class. (See Student
    Handbook) Any student who is found guilty of an honor violation will receive a
    grade of “F” in the course in which the violation occurred and will not be
    permitted to re-take that course on a “repeat/forgiveness” basis. Any
    questions concerning academic dishonesty should be directed to the