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					Thinking Big, Going global…                                                         Feedback shared by
India is embracing the world and the world is coming to India. Even as Indian       delegates at NASSCOM
organizations expand their businesses to all parts of the globe, the largest of     2007
international players are establishing an “offshore” presence in India to tap the
                                                                                    … “one of the best
great outsourcing opportunity. At the same time, the IT-BPO industry has
                                                                                    conferences I have ever
emerged as a strong force and growth catalyst of the global economy.                attended. Truly a
                                                                                    leadership Forum with
The sector has transcended geographic barriers and is now playing a new,            exceptional quality of
more strategic role in the emerging global scenario. The NASSCOM 2008 India         delegates….”
Leadership Summit, centered around the theme of “Shrinking the world, Riding
the wave,” will reflect the globalization of the IT-BPO industry, and its
emerging role on the world stage.                                                   “It was a great event,
                                                                                    where knowledge power
                                                                                    shared its stories and
From the battery of international industry leaders participating in the
                                                                                    vision for the IT industry
conference, to the strong contingent of global analysts and industry gurus, to      in the coming years.”
the reputed customer companies from across regions—NASSCOM’s India
Leadership Forum will focus on the “bigger picture.” With discussions moving
beyond India as an IT outsourcing platform and taking the larger, multi-             “The IT Innovation and
location, multi-organization viewpoint, the Forum will be about spotlighting the    Global Sourcing Tracks
competitive advantage of countries and companies in the rapidly expanding           were extremely valuable
outsourcing domain.                                                                 from a professional
                                                                                    perspective. Easy access
                                                                                    to leaders of the industry
The conclave will also be the platform where global CIOs will have an
                                                                                    and academia was a big
opportunity to share their Best Practices with peers and where emerging             plus.”
companies will have the chance to learn from the veterans and emulate their
success stories.
                                                                                    “The event has become
The India Leadership Forum                                                          really big…It gets better
16th in the series                                                                  every year, like the
                                                                                    Compounded Annual
3 days, 100 plus speakers, presentations and discussions                            Growth of the India IT-
                                                                                    BPO industry.”
Global Leaders Converge
CXOs, analysts, thought leaders, experts, influencers and luminaries
Knowledge Sharing & Networking                                                      “A must attend event in
Leadership, Globalisation, Global Sourcing, Technology & Innovation                 the global IT space.”

Multiple forums and Tracks
   • Thought Leaders Conclave                                                        “I was excited by the IT
   • Global CIOs Conclave                                                           Innovation Awards
   • Investors Conclave                                                             initiative, which is helping
                                                                                    promote young
   • The Workforce Conclave
   • Tech Trends Conclave
   • Innovation Insight Conclave
   • Emerging Opportunities Conclave                                                “The information we
   • Emerging companies Conclave                                                    exchanged and the
   • NASSCOM Global Leadership Awards 2007                                          connection we built, will
   • Networking and Social Events (Welcome Reception & CEO Dinner,                  lead to more meaningful
       Entertainment Evening and Gala Dinner)                                       synergies in the future for
                                                                                    both IBM and the Indian
                                                                                    IT industry.”
Key Highlights

● Think Tanks: These are the special groups of people—including world-renowned global IT-
BPO leaders, thought gurus and analysts—who will address some of the special sessions at the
Summit. Based on their own experiences in the industry, they will evaluate existing global
trends and their impact on the sector in the years ahead
● Roundtable Discussions: These Panel discussions will feature some of the most reputed
speakers in the business, technology and customer realms. Together, they will debate on a host
of issues relevant to the Indian IT-BPO industry, discuss the concerns and challenges and find
solutions to redress these problems
● Ice Breakers: At these “contact and connect” sessions, participants will have the opportunity
to meet each other, interact informally and network with peers. The Ice Breakers will allow
some of the young guns representing the SMEs and start ups at the event to seek out some of
their more experienced contemporaries and learn from them
● Solutions Wheel: These will be sessions dedicated to the customer community—a platform
where they can talk about their emerging IT-BPO needs, share their Wish Lists with vendors, air
their pain points and find solutions their concerns

10 reasons why you must-attend NASSCOM 2008: India Leadership Forum

       To understand how IT and business can work together Customers can gain
       insights on how IT can be aligned to the business goals of their organizations
       To gain an overview of the global IT-BPO market Both IT-BPO companies and
       customers can have a birds-eye-view of the cutting-edge technology and business
       trends driving the market
       To think Innovatively Companies can gain knowledge about how they can make
       Innovation a part of their DNA
       To network with peers to share experiences and understand common concerns
       and challenges Companies can learn from each other, by understanding what each one
       is doing right and steering clear of the pain points
       To gain exposure to the Best Practices deployed by customer companies and
       the leaders in the IT-BPO business Companies can share the Best Practices they
       have implemented and the advantages they are deriving from these roll outs
       To ensure that the IT Strategy is Future Proof Organizations can understand how to
       tune their IT strategies to changing market scenarios
       To access key research and engage with reputed global analyst firms As global
       analyst firms share their latest research on the IT-BPO industry, companies can gain
       insights on technology and business trends
       To listen to some of the finest names in the business and IT world A battery of
       well-known specialists from the IT-BPO industry and the customer community will speak
       on a host of issues related to technology, trends, the IT eco-system, and emerging
       To understand the India opportunity Take time out to understanding the potential
       India offers as an IT-BPO investment destination. Hear from the experts the immense
       business opportunities presented by India’s vast domestic market
       To connect with friends and interact with peers NASSCOM 2008 will be the perfect
       event for unwinding and relaxing with peers in an informal atmosphere. You can enjoy
       the luncheons, sumptuous dinners and cultural and social evenings that will provide you
       with a flavor of India
The “complete” conference

At NASSCOM 2008 India Leadership Forum, you know you can look forward to a “complete” and
holistic program, which will exceed participant expectations in terms of comprehensive, yet
wide-ranging content. Moving along six key Tracks, the multi-focus NASSCOM conference will
address the needs of a varied audience. From industry CEOs, CIOs, other decision makers,
analysts, HR professionals to members of the academia—the conference will have something
for everyone. The NASSCOM 2008 agenda will include sessions on leadership development,
technology trends, business opportunities, and the IT-BPO industry eco-system—providing
attendees with an end-to-end learning and sharing experience.

Cutting edge content

   •   Global leadership, the next generation: Who will be the new breed of global IT-BPO
       leaders and what will it take for companies and individuals to join the next-generation of
       success stories. NASSCOM 2008 will offer some answers
   •   The century of the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India and China are expected to emerge as
       the new breed of nations with the highest economic growth going forward. The
       NASSCOM conference will focus on how these nations are getting transformed by their
       IT-BPO industries
   •   Making acquisitions work: Key investors at NASSCOM 2008 will discuss the role of
       acquisitions in catalyzing the growth of companies. They will also talk about the
       importance of inorganic growth for organizations going forward
   •   The Innovation eco-system: Reputed speakers at NASSCOM 2008 will compare the
       Innovation eco-system in India with the eco-system of other nations and talk about
       what both sides can learn from each other
   •   Building strategic partnerships: The world is shrinking and the 21st century
       environment is getting defined by global partnerships, collaborations, mergers and
       acquisitions. The NASSCOM conference will analyze how partnerships—between
       Governments and organizations—are becoming the norm and a business necessity
   •   Customer Responsiveness as a differentiator: IT-BPO organizations are looking for
       new and innovative ways of differentiating themselves in a market that is becoming
       increasingly standardized. Customer Responsiveness is becoming the new mantra for
       improving business performance and the bottom lines. Hear about this at NASSCOM
   •   Walking the tightrope of economic growth and social empowerment: Economic
       growth and social empowerment go hand-in-hand in nations that are on the move. Tying
       the two together are ICTs that catalyze economic growth and the process of social
       empowerment. The NASSCOM conference will address these linkages and talk about how
       the benefits of IT can percolate down to ordinary people
   •   CIOs as architects of change: CIOs are playing the role of architects of change within
       organizations, where they are harnessing the power of IT to transform businesses and
       make them more efficient, productive and profitable
   •   Changing outsourcing relationships: Outsourcing relationships are in a flux. From
       offshoring, to near shoring to multi-location, multi-vendor outsourcing, customers today
       are exploring different relationships with service providers. NASSCOM 2008 Forum will
       take a look at this evolving scenario
   •   Growing start-ups to become global leaders: What are the ways that start-ups can
       survive and thrive in a highly competitive environment. NASSCOM 2008 will show you
   •   Making Web 2.0 real: The second generation of Web-based communities and hosted
       services has a lot more to offer individual users in terms of collaboration and sharing.
       NASSCOM 2008 will discuss the new and unique ways that software developers and end
       users are using the Web as a platform
   •   IT as an enabler: Hear the CIOs at NASSCOM talk about how IT can become a major
       enabler for change. They will discuss how organizations can use IT to find new sources
       of value and evolve new business models

A global perspective

1500 delegates
600 decision makers and international CEOs
50 analysts and consultants
over 150 international speakers
100 global customers

That was NASSCOM 2007 India Leadership Forum

2008 will be even better!
                                         Conference Agenda

                                     February 13, 2008: Day 1
1100 - 1300 hrs    Registration for NASSCOM 2008 Conference
1300 – 1400 hrs    Meet and Greet Lunch
1400 – 1700 hrs    Inaugural session, Plenary panel discussion and keynote address
1900 hrs onwards   Welcome Reception & Networking Dinner
                                     February 14, 2008: Day 2
0830 – 0930 hrs                 Registration

          Track A                            Track B                             Track C
 Thought Leaders Conclave              Global CIO Conclave                  Investors Conclave
 New Strategies for Change          Benchmarking Performance               Financing the Future

Session 1A: Global Leadership:   Session 1B: CIOs as Architects of    Session 1C: India a preferred
The Next Generation              Change: Leading in a Digital World   investment destination – What’s
                                                                      hot, what’s not?
Session 2A: Big Markets, Global Session 2B: Changing Outsourcing      Session 2C: Conversations with
Partners : Century of the BRICs Relationships : The Risk Reward       Corporate Chieftains – Making
                                Partnership                           Acquisitions Work, Sharing

Session 3A: Walking the          Session 3B: Disciplined                         Track D
Tightrope of Economical Growth   Multisourcing : Key to Sourcing         The Workforce Conclave
and Social Empowerment           Success                                Globalisation of Workforce

Session 4A: Building, Managing Session 4B: CIO Speaks: Trends in      Session 1D: Creating Sustainable
and Measuring Strategic        IT spending                            Change through Organizational
Partnerships                                                          Alignment and managing an
                                                                      Increasingly Diverse Workforce

                                 Session 5B: Global Business Process Session 2D: Challenges and
                                 Standardization : Thinking Global,  Opportunities for creating and
                                 Acting Local                        maintaining an “attractive” pool
                                                                     of talent

1930 hrs onwards                 2007 Global Leadership Awards Presentation
                                February 15, 2008: Day 3
0830 – 0930 hrs            Registration
            Track A                       Track B                        Track C

    Tech Trends Conclave     Innovation Insight Conclave         Emerging Opportunities
                           Building a sustainable ecosystem             Conclave
                                                               The Untapped USD 10 billion
                                                              opportunity in Global Sourcing

Session 6A: Disruptive     Session 6B: Is Innovation and      Session 6C: CEO Insights - USD
Technologies Impacting Markets Creativity a top priority for Indian    60 billion exports by 2010 : The
: Business Leadership Update   Thought Leaders                         Untapped Opportunities in Global
                               (Panel discussion)                      Sourcing

Session 7A: SOA: From Vision to Session 7B: The Future: Through the Session 7C: Developing
Reality                         Eyes of Young Innovators            sustainable business models in
                                                                    Offshore Engineering

Session 8A: Making Web 2.0        Session 8B: Indian Innovators        Session 8C: Beyond Financial
Real: How realistic are the       Forum: IT Innovation Awards          Services: The Untapped
expectations?                                                          Opportunities in New Verticals
                                                                       (Analyst Speak)

            Track D               Session 9B: International Innovation Session 9C: Igniting Indian
                                  Ecosystem Vs India’s Innovation      Leadership in Infrastructure
     Emerging Companies           Ecosystem                            Management Services
            Conclave                                                   Outsourcing
    Redefining the Agenda
Session 9D: Growing Start-ups     Session 10B: Broadening Your         Session 10C: Redefining mobile
Early on to Become Global         Innovation Horizon : 5 Challenges    Business Models
Leaders                           for the next 5 years

Session 10D: Future challenges:
A conversation with India’s
emerging companies

1900 hrs onwards                  Gala Dinner and Entertainment Evening
Global Leadership Awards 2008

A major draw at NASSCOM 2008 will remain the Global Leadership Awards, which will spotlight
and applaud some of the most shining names in the business and technology worlds. The
Awards will go to these path-breakers and innovators who have distinguished themselves in
areas such thought leadership, business innovation and IT usage.

The 2007 Global Leadership Award Winners

      Business Leadership Award
      Mr. Sam Palmisano, Chairman, IBM

      Global Indian Award
      Prof. Amartya Sen

      Innovative Business Model Award
      Mr. Patrick Snowball, Group Executive Director, Aviva General Insurance

NASSCOM 2008 Outreach Program

The NASSCOM 2008 Outreach program will have an extensive event marketing campaign to
increase its visibility amongst key target groups overseas and within the country. This will
include the following activities
           o E-mailers
           o Personal meetings
           o Direct marketing & Tele calling
           o Electronic & Print media insertions
           o International marketing programs through embassies, trade missions etc.

NASSCOM has dedicated resources and set up a special program committee, comprising people
from the industry and NASSCOM representatives. The team will design specialized and focused
themes and topics for the conference and various activities at NASSCOM 2008.

Marketing & Sponsorship opportunities at NASSCOM 2008: India Leadership Forum will help
you gain your customers Mindshare; leave an impression with the ICT doyens; customize your
own sponsorship program.

Customized Visibility programs
You can tell us what you want to achieve from these visibility programs and we ensure that we
make your expectations our deliverables.

Assured Deliverables from NASSCOM
For a detailed proposal, please send a request with ‘Sponsorship Proposal for NASSCOM 2008’
in the subject line to or call at 91 11 23010199.
Building on the NASSCOM 2007 experience

NASSCOM 2008 aims to build on the experience created at the successful NASSCOM 2007:
India Leadership Summit, held in February 2007 at Mumbai. Highlights of last year’s ICT
extravaganza included the following:

   •   Keynote sessions by thought leaders from the academics and business domain
   •   Special address by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh, redefining
       industry vision and growth target
   •   Strong B2B orientation; Presence of leading global customers, academicians,
       Government functionaries and decision makers; a focus for the first time on client
       presentations to vendors
   •   Talks by over 150 international speakers who addressed myriad issues including
       emerging ICT industry trends and opportunities
   •   Participation of over 1500+ delegates representing varied geographies (USA,
       Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia) and industry verticals (telecom,
       healthcare, banking and financial services, energy and utilities, etc.)
   •   Discussions on next generation sourcing models like Remote Infrastructure
       services and evolving role of the offshore delivery model
   •   IT Innovation in India Awards recognized companies in the IT sector who have
       marked new milestones in the IT landscape and have brought in the I- Factor in their
       respective organizations
   •   Focused sessions, Interactive panel discussions and extensive networking between
       overseas delegates and doyens of the Indian ICT industry
   •   Major media spotlight, with leading Indian and international newspapers, TV channels
       and Web sites providing in-depth coverage and regular updates on the event
   •   Sponsorship backing by over 65+ companies and organizations including trade
       development associations
   •   The Global leadership awards 2007 recognized eminent business figures and
       pioneers for their extraordinary thought leadership. The categories of awards included
       Business Leadership, Innovative Business Model and Global Indian.
The participants at NASSCOM 2008: India Leadership Forum would be ICT CEOs & key
decision makers, International & Indian CIOs, technology heads, media, government,
international delegations, analysts and consultants etc.

             Indian Participants                                  International Delegates







                                                                                                              decision makers

                               Anaylsts &


                                                                                                 CXOs & Key

                                                               Speaker’s profile

                                                                                 Analysts &
               CXO & Key
             decision makers


                                                          Academicians &                  Officials
                                                          Thought Leaders                   3%
Key Speakers at NASSCOM 2007: India Leadership Forum

Valedictory address by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh

Government of India
      Jairam Ramesh, Hon’ble Minister of State for Commerce & Industry
      Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Union Minster for Science & Technology
      Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, Hon’ble Union Minister for Communications & Information

Academicians & Thought Leaders
      Amartya Sen, Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy,
      Harvard University
      Deepak Malhotra, Assistant Professor - Negotiations, Organizations, and Markets Unit,
      Harvard Business School
      John Hagel III

Media Representatives
      Edward Luce, Washington Bureau Chief, Financial Times
      Govindraj Ethiraj, Editor (New Media), Business Standard
      Shereen Bhan, Delhi Bureau Chief and Associate Editor - Political and Current Affairs,
      CNBC TV18
      Steve Hamm, Senior Writer- Information Technology, BusinessWeek

Global Analyst & Consultants
       Angel Dobardziev, Practice Leader-IT Services, Ovum
       Arun Maira, Chairman, The Boston Consulting Group, India
       Bob Welch, Group Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Services Research,
       Bruce M. Richardson, Chief Research Officer, AMR Research Inc.
       Dennis McGuire, Chairman, TPI, Inc
       Egidio Zarrella, Global Partner in Charge, IT Advisory, KPMG Risk Advisory Services Pty
       Joel Perlman, President, Copal Partners
       Navi Radjou, Vice President, Forrester Research
       Noshir F. Kaka, Partner, McKinsey & Company
       Partha Iyengar, Vice President Research, Gartner India Research & Advisory Services
       Pvt Ltd
       Paul Branstad, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
       Phil Morris, CEO & Founder member, Morgan Chambers Plc
       Pradeep Udhas, Global Head- Sourcing Advisory, KPMG Advisory Services Pvt Ltd

CXOs & Key decision makers
     Aidan Connolly, Finance Director, UK & Ireland, Sodexho
     Ajit Prabhu, Founder & CEO, QuEST
     Alfredo I Ayala, Chairman of the Board, Business Processing Association of the
     Alistair Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Xansa Ltd
     Anand Deshpande, Managing Director & CEO, Persistent Systems Pvt.Ltd
     Ananda Mukerji, MD & CEO, Firstsource
     Andrew Davis, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, International Business Wales (IBW)
     Anil Bakht, Chairman & Managing Director, Eastern Software Systems Pvt Ltd
Arvind Jha, President, Monsoon Multimedia India Pvt Ltd
Arvind Thakur, Chief Executive Officer, NIIT Technologies Ltd
Ashank Desai, Chairman & Managing Director, Mastek Limited
Ashish Gupta, COO and Country Head, Pvt Ltd
Ashish Kumar, Director, Bharti-IBM Relationship, IBM
Atul Nishar, Founder & Chairman, Hexaware Technologies Ltd
Azim H. Premji, Chairman, Wipro
B Ramalinga Raju, Founder and Chairman, Satyam Computer Services Ltd
B V R Mohan Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, Infotech Enterprises Limited
Bernard Bourigeaud, Chairman of the Management Board & CEO, Atos Origin
Bharat Desai, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Syntel
Byron C. Vielehr, CIO, D&B
Chris Walsh, Director Partner, Relationship Management, Telstra
Deep Kalra, Founder & CEO, MakeMyTrip (India) Pvt Ltd
Deepak Ghaisas, CEO- India Operations & CFO, i-flex solutions Ltd
Ganesh Natrajan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, Zensar Technologies Ltd
Gordon Brooks, President & CEO, Symphony Services
Hans Koolen, Head- Business Improvement, BT Global Services
Harish Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, Onward Technologies Limited
Harsh Manglik, Chairman and Managing Partner, Accenture India
Ian M Hau, Senior Vice President, Global Services and Applications, Corporate – IT,
Jai Menon, Director- IT & Innovation, Bharti Airtel Limited
Jayant Sinha, Managing Director, Courage Capital Management
Jeremy Burton, Group President, Enterprise Security & Data Management Business Unit,
Jerry Rao, Chairman, MphasiS and Vice President & General Manager, EDS
Job Rietkirk, Partner, Simmons & Simmons
Jonathan Chu, SVP, Beyondsoft, China
Jonathan White, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Technology & Business Innovation,
Pfizer Inc
Julio Quinteros, Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Kalpana Ramakrishnan, Americas Leader Sourcing Advisory Services, KPMG LLP
Kamal Mansharamani, Chief Executive Officer, Birlasoft Limited
Kaushal Aggarwal, EVP, Avendus
Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM
Lakshmi Narayanan, President & CEO, Cognizant Technology Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd
Lemuel Lasher, Chief Innovation Officer & President, Computer Sciences Corporation
Lou Pahountis, Managing Director- Business Architecture & Performance, Perot Systems
M. R. Rangaswami, Co-founder,
Manoranjan Mohapatra, President & COO, Aricent
Marc Franciosa, Group Director, IM Supply Management, The BOC Group
Mark G. Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association
Martin Jenkins, Project Manager- IT & Communications, International Business Wales
Meryl Anne Bushell, Chief Procurement Officer, BT Group
N. Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President & Head Global Operations, Tata
Consultancy Services Ltd
Nandan M Nilekani, CEO & Managing Director, Infosys Technologies Ltd
Neeraj Gupta, Executive Vice-President, Patni Computer Systems
Nicholas M. Donofrio, Executive Vice President Innovation and Technology, IBM
Padma Ravichander, President & Managing Director, Consulting & Application, Solutions,
Perot Systems
Patrick J. McGovern, Founder and Chairman, International Data Group(IDG)
Patrick Snowball, Group Executive Director, Aviva plc
Paul Kent, Treasurer, Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)
Paul Schmidt, Partner & Practice Leader, Global Service Delivery Advisory Services, TPI
Peter Allen, Partner & Managing Director, Global Practices, TPI
Peter Bendor Samuel, Founder & CEO, Everest Group
Peter Coates, Deputy Director, Finance & Investment, Department of Health
Phillip J. Bond, President and CEO, Information Technology Association of America
Phiroz Vandrevala, Executive Vice President and Head Global Corporate Affairs, Tata
Consultancy Services Ltd
Pradeep Kar, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Microland Limited
Pramod Bhasin, President & CEO, Genpact
Rahul Singh, Managing Director & CEO, Citigroup Global Services Ltd
Rajendra S Pawar, Co-founder & Chairman, NIIT Ltd
Rajiv C Mody, Chairman & CEO, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd
Ram Mynampati, Member of the Board & President, Commercial & Healthcare
Businesses, Satyam Computer Services Limited, Chairman, Citisoft, Inc.
Raman Roy, CEO, Quattro BPO Solutions Pvt Ltd
Ranu Vohra, CEO, Avendus Advisors Pvt Ltd
Ravinder S Jarral, GM Offshore Operations, Sprint
Ravinder S Mirchandaney, Group Vice President, CRM Applications, Orcale India Pvt Ltd
Richard A. Collins, President, Individual Line of Business, UnitedHealthcare & CEO,
Golden Rule
Robert T. Coneybeer, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures
Ron Kifer, Group Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Applied Materials
Ronald A. Rittenmeyer, President & Chief Operating Officer, EDS
S Ramadorai, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Salim Momin, Director, Virtual Garage, Transportation & Standard Products Group,
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Samantha Covell, Vice President, Services Procurement, BT
Sandeep Arora, Lead, Accenture Delivery Centre for Technology
Sanjay Kamiani, Co-CEO, Pangea3
Santhosh Srinivasan, Director- Offshore Relations/Security/Asia Pac Liason CBS IT,
Cummins Inc
Shailesh F Shah, Director & Senior Vice President- Corporate Strategy, Satyam
Computer Services Ltd
Sharad Sharma, Managing Principal, Orbit Change Interventions
Shekhar Borgaonkar, Department Director, HP Labs India
Sherlye Moon, CEO, Australian Information Industry Association(AIIA)
Som Mittal, Senior Vice President- HP Services Asia Pacific & Japan, Hewlett-Packard
Sreeram Iyer, CEO, Scope International Pvt Ltd
Srini Rajam, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Ittiam Systems (P) Ltd
Stephan Goetz, Managing Director, GoetzPartners, Germany
Stephen J. Rohleder, Chief Operating Officer, Accenture
Steve Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Concur Technologies
Subash Menon, Founder Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Subex Azure Ltd
Sudhakar Kolli, Product & Process Development Manager, Caterpillar Inc
Sudip Nandy, Chief Strategy Officer, Wipro Technologies
      Swapan Johri, Vice President- Transformation Services, HCL Comnet Ltd
      Terry S. Kline, Global Product Development Information Officer & Chief Information
      Officer for Asia Pacific, General Motors Corporation
      Umesh Rajani, Specialist Consultant, Masai. fr
      Vijay Chandru, Chairman & CEO, Strand Life Sciences
      Vineet Nayar, President, HCL Technologies Ltd
      Vipul Jain, CEO & Managing Director, Kale Consultants Ltd

Who should attend?

  •   Business strategists, IT and ITES professionals
  •   Analysts and business intelligence consultants
  •   Senior Government and state Government officials
  •   Venture capitalists/fund managers/investment bankers
  •   CIOs of Indian organizations
  •   International customer companies
  •   International and India media
                                  Registration Fee Details
Delegate Fee is Rs 28,000 per delegate or USD 700. To register, please complete the enclosed
Registration Form with requisite remittances and mail or courier it to NASSCOM. Payment of
registration        fees        can       also        be        done        online        at Early bird discounts
for those who register before 14 December 2007: Rs. 26,000 (USD 650)

Special Notices:
   1. Privilege Offer (Applicable only for NASSCOM 2007 participants): We request you to
      register and pay on/before 25 September 2007 to enjoy our very special price of Rs.
      22,000/- (USD 550). Please note that this is non-transferable, non-refundable.
   2. Early Bird Discount: We request you to make the payment within 15 days of sending
      the registration form or by 14 Dec 2007, whichever comes earlier, else the offer will not
      be valid.

It is in your best interest to register well in advance for the NASSCOM 2008: India Leadership
Forum, as we would be facilitating many opportunities for networking for the registered
delegates in the months preceding the event.

Registration Fee Includes the conference’s official documents, welcome kit and invitation to
social events as described in the programme. The organiser i.e. NASSCOM reserves the right to
change the conference programme, sessions, subjects, speakers etc., without any notice.

                        Early Bird Discount*                                 Registration
                         (till 14 December                                    , FOUR OR
                                2007)                                            MORE
                       Rs. 26,000    USD 650       Rs. 28,000   USD 700
 Members      SME*                                                             10% group
                       Rs. 23,000    USD 575       Rs. 25,000   USD 625         discount
 Non Members           Rs. 30,000    USD 750       Rs. 32,000   USD 800
* You have to make the payment within 15 days of sending the registration form or by 14 Dec
2007, whichever comes earlier, else the offer will not be valid.
** NASSCOM member companies headquartered in India with annual turnover less than or
equal to Rs. 50 Crore.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be confirmed in writing. The last date for request for
cancellation of your registration is 15th January 2008 with 75% refund. 25% of the fees would
be withheld as processing fees at any given point of time. Substitutions are welcome till 5 Feb

The registration fee includes
   1. NASSCOM Strategic Review 2008: The Indian IT industry handbook, researched and
      published by NASSCOM. The publication is priced at approximately Rs 15,000
   2. Event collaterals: Including research papers, newsletters, event CD
   3. Event coverage: including all speaker presentations and event proceedings
   4. Invitation to all networking and social events including three lunch, dinner and special
   5. Event goodies: including premium executive office bag, pen, Shirt/T-shirt etc.
Registration Guidelines

   1. NASSCOM reserves the right to deny access to candidates to attend the India Leadership
      Forum.          Please        refer      to          the       eligibility     criteria at
   2. While filling the registration form, please fill in full and complete details.
   3. No two offers/discounts can be combined unless explicitly offered by NASSCOM.
   4. We request you to make the payment within 15 days of sending the registration form or
      by 5 Feb 2008, whichever comes earlier, else the registration stands cancelled.
   5. The last date of registration is 5th February 2008. Based on maximum capacity,
      registration can be closed before the given date.
   6. The last date for request for cancellation of your registration is 15th January 2008 with
      75% refund. 25% of the fees would be withheld as processing fees at any given point of
      time. Registered and Paid participants, who fail to attend the conference and do not
      intimate for a cancellation should be informed that the entire amount would be forfeited.
   7. The registration can be transferred to different name till 5 Feb 2008; however no
      refunds would be made. No exceptions would be made in this regard.
   8. NASSCOM reserves the right to limit access to any NASSCOM-sponsored meetings and
      activities during the event.

The NASSCOM 2008: India Leadership Forum, International IT Business Conference is being
held at Mumbai, the commercial gateway to India, from 13-15 February 2008. The conference
venue is Hotel Grand Hyatt located at:
Grand Hyatt Mumbai
Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400 055, India
Phone: 91 22 5676 1234, Fax: 91 22 5676 1235

Hotel Booking: NASSCOM has made block bookings of rooms at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
(venue of the conference) for the duration of 13-15 February 2008. Delegates who have
registered for the conference can send their request to the hotel.

How to register

Payment in the form of Cheque / Pay order & Demand Draft (DD) is required before the last
date of registration. Cheques (only for NASSCOM member) / DD to be made in the name of
'NASSCOM' payable at New Delhi / Bangalore / Hyderabad / Mumbai and mailed to a NASSCOM
office near you.

Delhi Office:                              Mumbai Office:
International Youth Centre                 Samruddhi Venture Park
Teen Murti Marg                            Ground Floor, Office # 14-15
Chanakyapuri                               Central MIDC Road
New Delhi - 110 021                        Andheri East
Phone: 91-11-2301 0199                     Mumbai 400 093
Fax: 91-11-2301 5452                       Phone: 91-22-2823 4844/51
Email:                     Fax: 91-22-2836 1576
Bangalore Office:                          Hyderabad Office:
607,5th Floor, Oxford Towers,              Unit 105, 1st Floor,
Airport Road, Kodihalli                    Maximus 2B,
Bangalore - 560 008                        Raheja MindSpace,
Phone: 91-80-4115 1705-706                 Madhapur,
Fax: 91-80-41151707                        Hyderabad 500082
Email:                Phone: 91-40-6636 6111/222/333 4025
                                           Fax: 91-40-6636 6333
Chennai Office:                            Pune Office:
Ameen Manor                                Koregaon Park
Flat G1, Ground Floor                      404-405, Metro House,
138, Nungambakkam High Road                4th Floor,
Near Indian Oil Corporation                Opp. Tata Management Training Centre,
Nungambakkam                               Mangaldas Road,
Chennai - 600 034                          Pune – 411 001
Phone: 91-44-4232 7171/7272                Phone: 91-20- 2611 1277
Email:                  Email:
Media Coverage at NASSCOM 2007

       Presence of International media (print & online)
           o Financial Times
           o Forbes
           o New York Times
           o The Banker
           o International Herald Tribune
           o The Observer
           o Outsourcing to India
           o ITPRO
           o Information Age
           o San Francisco Chronicle
           o Time
           o The American
           o Washington Times
Electronic channels like CNBC and NDTV covered the event on daily basis

      Daily update by Global Services in print and online format
      Round Tables with all four business magazines:
          o Business Today
          o Businessworld
          o Business India
          o Outlook Business

      Coverage across key publications:
         o Opinion article series bylined by NASSCOM’s leadership team in Business
         o Financial Express and The Hindu devoted one full page to Prof Amartya Sen’s
         o Five e-mail interviews with prominent speakers conducted in the pre event phase
         o Widespread coverage (73 hits) on NASSCOM Innovation Awards press release
         o Mastheads of NASSCOM Leadership Summit in:
                   Business Standard
                   Times of India
                   Economic Times