2004 Carlisle All GM Nationals Camaro Nationals Winners List Class 1 67 Stock 1st Rick Hoffmeister

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					                                 2004 Carlisle All-GM Nationals
                                    Camaro Nationals Winners List

Class 1 67 Stock
1st                      Rick Hoffmeister              Granada Gold 327 Coupe
2nd                      Tom Cece                      Capri Cream 327 Coupe

Class 1A 68 Stock
1st                      Craig Lahar                   Butternut yellow SS 396
2nd                      Bill Vitello                  Blue Z/28
3rd                      Bob Jones                     Corvette Bronze Z/28

Class 2 69 Stock
1st                      Robert Kuntz                  Daytona Yellow / Yellow Houndstooth 307
2nd                      Floyd Yeager                  Garnet Red Z/28
3rd                      Michael Risner                Daytona Yellow Z/28

Class 3 67-68-69 Convertible
1st                     Bill Cooper                    Cordovan Maroon 68 350
2nd                     Bob Sheller                    Matador Red 68 SS 396

Class 4 67-69 Mild Modified
1st                      Jack Dunbar                   Daytona Yellow 355
2nd                      Tony Chiarella                Butternut Yellow 69 SS/RS
3rd                      Scott Milne                   Blue 67 Convertible 350

Class 5 67-69 Modified
1st                      Don McKinley                  Red 68 SSRS /White Vinyl Top
2nd                      Armando Nozzillo              Yellow 69 SS
3rd                      Kerry Stanley                 Green 69 Z/28

Class 6 Early Pace Cars
1st                     Chris Tucker                   67 Indy Pace Car
2nd                     Hilary Sporney                 69 Indy Pace Car

Class 7 70-81 Stock Coupe
1st                     Dan Lewandowski                70 Orange & White
2nd                     Dave Nelson                    70 Autumn Gold SSRS
3rd                     Raymond Sheedy                 79 White Z/28

Class 8 70-81 Mild Modified
1st                      John Malto                    79 Maroon Z/28
2nd                      bart mcCleary                 71 Forest Green SSRS

Class 9 70-81 Modified
1st                      John Martin                   73 RS
2nd                      Kate Mellott                  73 Vintage Rose
3rd                      Myron Rote                    79 Bright Yellow 350

Class 10 82-92 Coupe
1st                      Harry Sides                   86 Blue 305
2nd                      Don Cole                      91 Dark Red 305 RS
Class 11 87-92 Convertible
1st                     Lynda Abiuso         92 Black Z'28

Class 12 82-92 Mild Modified
1st                     Charles Hall         87 Blue IROC
2nd                     Nancy Kagan          91 Red RS

Class 13 82-92 Modified
1st                     Matt Parry           91 Blue Z/28
2nd                     Keith Keener         86 Purple/Blue Z/28
3rd                     Mike McCoy           91 Burgundy Z/28

Class 14 93-97 Coupe & Conv
1st                    Chris Semonche        97 Red Z/28
2nd                    Troy Moll             97 Silver Convertible
3rd                    Don Cole              95 Green Z/28

Class 15 98-02 Coupe & Conv
1st                    Gregory Groft         01 Sunset Orange SS
2nd                    Allen Brown           02 Maroon Z/28
                       A.J. Shetter          00 Pewter SS
3rd                    Richard Detrick       02 Red Z/28

Class 16A Late Pace Car
1st                     Kevin Mallow         02 Brickyard Pace Car

Class 16B 97 Anniv Edition
1st                     Anthony Sparto       97 Brickyard Pace Car
2nd                     Brian Kenney         97 SS
3rd                     Craig Schmollinger   97 SS

Class 16C 2002 Anniv Limited Edition
1st                   John Harrington        02 SS
2nd                   Gary Eckenroad         02 SS

Class 17 93-97 Mild Modified
1st                     Anthony Viano        96 Red SS
2nd                     Steve Walter         96 Black RS
                        John Ricciani        95 White / Black Z/28
3rd                     Scott Carlilse       95 Red Z/28

Class 18A 2000 Mild Modified
1st                    Darren Hooper         00 Navy SS
2nd                    Carrie Piwcio         00 Navy Z/28
3rd                    Mike Watkins          00 Burgundy Z/28

Class 18B 98-02 Mild Modified
1st                    Scott Ramsay          98 Red Z/28
2nd                    Jerry Wells           99 Black
3rd                    Doug Littles          02 Black SS
Class 19 98-02 Modified
1st                     Sandra Kozlowski               00 Pewter SS
2nd                     Paul Burrier                   01 Black SS
3rd                     Jim Collison                   02 Silver Z/28
                        Vinny Bitet                    95 Silver Z/28

Class 20 A Competition
1st                    Bob Fisher                      Orange 67 Dragster

Class 20 B Pro-Street
1st                     Garry Lutsky                   67 Red 427
2nd                     Dennis Lowman                  85 Blue 355
3rd                     William Dixon                  71 Blue 486

Class 26 Touring
1st                     Charlie Lillard                69 Silver "Le Mule"
2nd                     Jason Huber                    69 Lemans Blue
3rd                     Tom McGinty                    67 Bolero Red SSRS Conv

Class 31 First Generation Stock Participant Vote
1st                      Glenn Sparkman                69 Z/28
2nd                      Kevin Smith                   69 Z/28
3rd                      Darene Harbold                67 Marina Blue SS
4th                      Kyle Marsh                    68
                         Ron Robertson                 68 Light Blue

Class 32 First Generation Modified Participant Vote
1st                      Mike Eckenroad                68 Blue 327
2nd                      David Cafaro                  68 Teal Coupe
3rd                      Jason Huber                   69 SSRS
4th                      Craig Becker                  67

Class 33 Second Generation Stock Participant Vote
1st                    David Resanovitch               79 Black Z/28
2nd                    James Robertson                 78 Yellow-Orange Z/28
3rd                    Patrick Young                   73 Orange Z/28
4th                    Rob Bruning                     70

Class 34 Second Generation Modified Participant Vote
1st                    Joe Sporney                     73 Blue/White & Red RS
2nd                    Matt Bard                       72 Silver RS
3rd                    Roy Alger                       80 Black Z/28
4th                    Michael Gettys                  79 2-Tone Tan RS

Class 35 Third Generation Stock Participant Vote
1st                     Sue Abruzzi                    Red Z/28
2nd                     Justin Rapp                    89 IROC Z
3rd                     Mike Coffee                    82 Pace Car
4th                     Richard Dansen                 86

Class 36 Third Generation Modified Participant Vote
1st                     Roy Fender                     91 White Z/28 Convertible
2nd                     Kevin Lowhaw                     86 Red IROC Z
3rd                     Doug Fregley                     92 Dark Teal Z/28
4th                     Eric Yocum                       85 black IROC

Class 37 Fourth Generation Stock Participant Vote
1st                     Frank Abruzzi                    99 Hugger Orange Z/28
2nd                     Jerry Noonan                     2
3rd                     Mike Noonan                      2
                        Sandy Burrier                    01 Onyx Black SS

Class 38 Fourth Generation Modified Participant Vote
1st                     Frank Johnstone                  00 Navy SS
2nd                     Ernie Brozawski                  02 Black Z/28
3rd                     Michelle Williams                02 White Z/28
4th                     Mike Jesky                       02 Black SS
                        Jesica Jesky                     02 Red SS
                        Jerry Noonan                     2
                        Jeff Wurth                       0

                                             Best of Awards

Future Camaroist        Steven Painter

Best Original Paint     Raymond Sheedy                   79 White Z/28

Best Stock Paint        James Robertson                  78 Yellow - Orange Z/28

Best Custom Paint       Bill Dixon                       71 Lemans Blue Pro Street

Best Stock Engine       Mike Smithers                    69 Olympic Gold RS Z/28

Best Custom Engine      Armando Nozzilillo               69 Yellow w/ Purple Stripes

Best Stock Interior     Paul Erickson                    84 Black Z/28

Best Custom Interior    Jason Huber                      69 Touring w/ White Houndstooth

Best Stock Chassis      Rich Nelson                      69 Lemans Blue SSRS 396

Best Custom Chassis     Gary Litsky                      67 Red Pro Street

Best Use of Chrome      Don Mckinley                     Red 68 SSRS

Ladies Choice           Michelle Williams                02 White Z/28 - Remember 9/11

Talk of the Nationals   Carrie Piwcio

ACA Officers Pick       Myron Rote                       79 Bright Yellow Z/28

Best of Show            Don "Little Richard" McKinley 68 Red SSRS