HCI in Construction Safety and Health by qox18395


									                             HCI in Construction Safety and Health
                                                                                         Goals of Program:
                                                                                  Large-scale work-related accident,
                                                                                  injury, and fatality reduction in the
                                                                                  construction industry in the United
                                                                                  States, through benchmarked best
                                                                                  practices associated with exploratory,
                                                                                  prevention/intervention and translation
                                                                                  research, and strategic partnerships
                                                                                  with a diverse array of construction
                                                                                  industry stakeholders.
                                                               The Center for Construction Safety and Health is focused
                                                               on helping the National Institute of Occupational Safety
                                                               and Health (NIOSH). The construction industry is ripe
                                                               for the development and integration of information
   New York City skyscraper steelmen taking a musical break;   technologies and interface design for improved
        Locomotion Research Lab at Virginia Tech.              performance, health and safety.

             Current Project Examples:                            Sociotechnical Research Framework:
Decision Support Tool for Ergonomic Construction
Design (M. Nussbaum and K. Babski-Reeves Ergonomics
and Biomechanics; K. Granata and M. Madigan Engineering
Science & Mechanics; R. Wakefield, Building Construction;
J. Shewchuk, Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Noise and vibration control of hammer drills
(R. Burdisso and M. Johnson, Mechanical Engineering; A.
Nieto, Mining & Minerals Engineering)

Quantification of and solutions to the impediments to
speech communication and signal detection in the
construction industry (J. Casali and Gary S. Robinson,
Human Factors)

Training needs analysis of informal work systems
(T. Smith-Jackson and B. Kleiner, Human Factors)
                                                                    contact: Brian Kleiner, (540) 231-4926,

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