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                  MAS128 Masonry Construction Safety

          Catalog            Emphasis on principles pertaining to job site safety habits
      Description:           in erecting scaffold, stocking and storing masonry
                             materials, operating power equipment, and identifing
                             hazardous warning signs.
    Credit Hours:            2
   Effective Term:           Spring 2009
   Terms Offered:            OE/OX
Teaching Methods:            Lab Lecture
        Modalities:          Face to Face
   Prerequisite(s):          None
    Corequisite(s):          None
 Times for Credit:           1
  Grading Option:            A/F
Credit Breakdown:            1 Lecture, 3 Labs
     Cross Listed:           No
          Learning           1. Demonstrate required masonry safety practices in order
        Outcomes:            to evaluate and avoid site accidents.
                             2. List types of masonry hazard warning signs and related
                             3. Explain the purpose of proper lifting procedures and the
                             attendant hazards of improper lifting.
                             4. Describe and demonstrate good housekeeping practices,
                             ladder and scaffold safety by erecting and placing to
                             OSHA specifications.
                             5. Describe and demonstrate safety practices related to
                             storing, handling, stacking materials and erecting scaffold
                             per job site specifications.
        Standards:           1. Set up scaffold, stock materials for project, create safe
                             job site.
                             2. Use wheelbarrows for proper lifting procedures.
                             3. Identify and list masonry hazard warning signs and
                             related chemicals.
         Campus:             Arizona State Prison - ASP
Central Arizona College
MAS128 – Masonry Construction Safety
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