Opposed Multi-Fingered Haptic Interface by kxy15167


									                     The Reports of Softopia Japan Collaborative Research Projects in 2002

                            Opposed Multi-Fingered Haptic Interface
                 Haruhisa KAWASAKI                                   Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University
                 Toshinori MATUNAMI                                  GIFU GEAR MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
                 Kenichi SOGANO                                      Softopia Japan

1. Abstract
  This study aims to develop a novel haptic
interface as a key device for the creation of a
virtual reality (VR) environment. Phantom
and CyberGrasp are well known commercial
haptic interface products. Multiple use of the
former permits us to present the force sense
to multiple points; however this leads to a
complex system making the workspace very
limited. The latter permits us to present the
force sense to multiple points, however it is
                                                                          Fig. 2 Developed Multi-Fingered Haptic
heavy and the operability is poor because the
power transfer mechanism is fixed on the
back of the human hand, and presenting the                               light and with higher output force. Each of
weight feeling of an object is not possible.                             the haptic fingers has 6 DOF, 3 DOF at the
  In order to solve such problems, an                                    base side which are generated by active
opposed multi-fingered haptic interface                                  joints controlled by servomotors, and 3 DOF
whose conceptual scheme is shown in Fig. 1,                              at the tip side which are generated by a
was investigated. This haptic interface can                              passive spherical joint. The passive spherical
present the weight feeling of the object with                            joint, which is attached by a permanent
no oppressive feeling to the operator.                                   magnet, is mounted to adjust the orientation
                                                                         between the haptic interface and operator
2. Developed Haptic Interface                                            fingertips. Moreover, it ensures user safety
  The haptic interface developed is shown in                             in the event of misfunctioning by enabling
Fig. 2. It consists of a 6-DOF arm, three                                disconnection. Experiments of motion
haptic fingers, and control equipment.                                   tracking of the haptic finger for the human
Unlike industrial robot arms designed for                                finger by impedance control showed good
high speed and high precision, the 6-DOF                                 performance.
arm of the haptic interface is designed to be
                                                                         3. Conclusion
                                                                           A novel multi-fingered haptic interface that
                                                                         can present the force sense to the fingertips of
                                                                         the   operator      has   been   developed.   The
                                  zh              yH
                                                                         workspace of the developed haptic interface is
  3D pose                                    xh    xH
  acquisition                                           3D senor
                                       Haptic finger                     almost equal to that of the human arm, making

                       z0    Arm                                         a wide range of applications possible. It was
                                                                         shown that the haptic interface based on our
                                                                         research has high potential as a multipoint

           Haptic interface                            Operator
                                                                         haptic interface.
Fig.1 Conceptual figure of opposed multi-fingered haptic interface

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