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                       Swimming Pool Newsletter
                             June 2009


                               Volume 17 Number 1
                                                                                           In This Issue
                                                                                           Greetings................................Page 2

                                                                                           Ask The Pool Doctor...............Page 3

                                                                                           Cyanuric Acid Regs.................Page 4

                                                                                           Virginia Graeme Baker Act....Page 4

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                                                                                           Classes....................................Page 5

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Greetings from the Health Department
                                                                                           Helpful Hints..........................Page 6

This year celebrates the 67th anni-                                                        Electrolytic Chlorine
                                              must be clearly visible); confirmation       Generators.............................Page 6
versary of the Volusia County Health          that the pump flow rate is within the
Department and the 17th anniversary           proper operating range (within 10% of        Spa Basics..............................Page 7
of this “Swimming Pool Newsletter”.           design flow rate); that adequate safety
The Volusia County Health Department          equipment is located near the pool and       Computer Based Training.....Page 8
has prepared this newsletter to inform        that none of the approved recirculation
you about State regulations, training         equipment has been removed or re-
opportunities available to you and your       placed with non-equivalent equipment.
staff and to answer the most frequently
asked questions regarding the opera-          If you need a copy of the “Monthly
tion and maintenance of your swimming         Swimming Pool Report” or any other
pool and/or spa.                              pool form (including the new version of
                                              Chapter 64E-9), they may be obtained
Public pools, if not properly constructed     from your local Health Department or
and maintained, can pose a significant        downloaded from the Department of
health risk. Recreational water ill-          Health website www.doh.state.fl.us/en-
nesses (RWI) can cause a wide variety of      vironment/water/swim/download.html
symptoms, including gastrointestinal,
skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurologic and   Additional information about public
wound infections. The most commonly           swimming pools and/or spas is available
reported RWI is diarrhea (CDC). Permit        from the National Spa & Pool Institute
fees support regulating the construction      at http://www.nspi.org. Also, if you
and maintanance of all public pools in        would like more information regarding
Florida. It is our goal to work with pool     Florida in general, please visit the State
operators to prevent RWI’s by perform-        of Florida’s official web site at www.
ing routine inspections of each of these      myflorida.com.
pools at least twice a year. Some of
the items that our staff will inspect for
include: proper chlorine or bromine
levels; cyanuric acid level must not be
above 100 ppm (in pools using solid
chlorine erosion type feeders); the pH
of the water (must be between 7.2 and
7.8); the clarity of the water (main drain

Ask The Pool Doctor
Dear Dr. Pool,
My pool has a very strong chlorine
odor. When I checked the chlorine level
it is only 1.0 ppm. If my chlorine level is
low, what is causing the odor? Signed,
Dear Concerned,
What you smell are chloramines (or
combined chlorine compounds).                  Robert Webster is this month’s pool
Chloramines are formed when chlorine           doctor. Robert is a member of the
combines with nitrogen compounds.              New Smyrna Beach Field Office
You need to increase the chlorine
level in your pool to a point where the
nitrogen compounds are oxidized. This
is known as “breakpoint chlorination”
Close your pool before “shocking” with
higher chlorine levels. Wait until the
free active chlorine level is between
1.0 ppm and 10 ppm before reopen-
ing. In the future, test your pool water
for combined chlorine as well as free
chlorine( test kits will do both analyses)
and “shock” the pool water with higher              alarm, key lock or self-locking doors        pool has a slope break marking (only
chlorine levels when the combined                   and gates.Dr. Pool                           for pools where the pool bottom
chlorine level is .3 ppm or greater.                                                             changes slope between the shallow
Ideally, you should always keep the                                                              and deep end), a dark contrasting
combined chlorine level below .3 ppm                Dear Doctor Pool,                            line (2 to 6 inches wide) must extend
in order to control odors or burning of             My pool service company for our hotel        across the bottom and up both sides
swimmers eyes.                                      told me the other day that our pool          at the point where the pool floor
                                                    needs to be resurfaced. He explained that    slope changes abruptly and a safety
Dr. Pool
                                                    we now need to mark the slope and add        line with floats shall be installed
                                                    some new tiles that state the depth of the   across the pool surface 2 feet toward
Dear Doctor Pool,                                   pool. Is his company trying to rip us off?   the shallow end of the pool from the
                                                    Signed, Fresh face                           slope break line.
The new condominium that I just moved
into has a beautiful swimming pool, but                                                          (3) Depth marking tiles shall be
it has a safety fence around it with a lock.                                                     installed a minimum of every 25 feet
                                                    Dear Fresh face,                             around the perimeter of the pool
Is this something new? Signed, Fenced In
                                                    Resurfacing of a pool requires the           (both on inside the vertical wall and
                                                    owner to notify the Volusia County           on the pool deck or curb). NO DIV-
Dear Fenced In,                                     Health Department in writing prior to        ING tiles (minimum 4-inches high)
                                                    performing any work. This notification       shall be installed on the pool deck
The State Of Florida Department                                                                  or curb and spaced no more than 25
                                                    shall include an itemized list of all pro-
Of Health has recently changed the                                                               feet apart. ALL TILES SHALL BE DARK
                                                    posed work, the license number of the
Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)                                                             IN COLOR CONTRASTING WITH THE
                                                    proposed contractor and a statement
64E-9 to require fence barriers around                                                           INTERIOR OF THE POOL AND FLUSH
                                                    that the following items will meet the
all NEW swimming pools. These fence                                                              WITH THE SURROUNDING SURFACES.
                                                    current pool regulations:
barriers shall be a minimum of 48
inches in height and must either con-               (1) The gutter lip shall be level to         (4) The pool ladder(s) shall be cross-
nect to a building with a fence on the              within ¼ of an inch between the high-        braced and provide a 3-6 inch clear-
other three sides or be a continuous                est and lowest points;                       ance between the steps and the pool
48 inch high fence around the entire                                                             wall.
                                                    (2) Tile step edge markings shall be
pool area. Access through the fence                 a minimum ¾ inch to a maximum 2              Dr. Pool
and building barrier must have one or               inch width on the tread top and 2 inch
more of the following safety features:              in height on the step riser. Also, if the
  Using cyanuric acid correctly helps protect            Cyanuric Acid                             chlorine to kill bacteria and parasites. This
  chlorine from the degrading effects of                                                           becomes a critical concern in the event
  sunlight and can be a useful tool in main-              Regulations                              of a fecal accident (poop in the pool). If
  taining your outdoor pool. Cyanuric acid                                                         a fecal accident should occur in a overly
  is a chemical that is usually added to solid                                                     stabalized pool (above 40 ppm), a much
  forms of chlorine (stick or tablet) to make                                                      longer contact time with a higher level of
  the chlorine more stable in                                                                                 chlorine is required to kill any
  pool water. Most of the time                                                                                bacteria or parisites that may be
  cyanuric acid is added to the                                                                               present in the water due to the
  pool water by using sodium                                                                                  fecal accident. What this means
  dichloro-s-triazinetrione                                                                                   for you as a pool operator is that
  (Dichlor) or trichloro-tri-                                                                                 your pool will remain closed
  azinetrione (Trichlor) as the                                                                               longer and will be subject to
  pools disinfectant chemical.                                                                                a much higher chlorine level
  These “stabilized” chlorine                                                                                 for an extended length of time.
  compounds typically have                                                                                    This may increase the risk of
  as much as 50% cyanuric                                                                                     damage to existing pool equip-
  acid included when they are                                                                                 ment. High cyanuric acid can
  manufactured. Therefore,                                                                                    also lead to an increased risk of
  pools utilizing erosion chlo-                                                                               algae growth in your pool. It is
  rine feeders with stabilized                                                                                essential to maintain your pools
  tablets are being continu-                                                                                  cyanuric acid level around the
  ously dosed with stabilizer.                                                                                optimim of 30 ppm.
  The only way to reduce stabilizer concen-      ming pools and 40 ppm for spas. (**The
  tration is to dilute it by draining some of    State of Florida is working on reducing the       Currently in the State of Florida, if your
  the water out of the pool and refilling the    maximum allowable concentration of cy-            pool exceeds the maximum allowable
  pool with fresh water.                         anuric acid for swimming pools down to 40         limit of 100 ppm concentration for
                                                 ppm the same maximum allowable limit as           cyanuric acid then it may be closed until
  The ideal level for cyuranic acid in pool      spas**). However, it is necessary to lower the    it is below this threshold. Again, the only
  water is around 30 parts per million           concentration of stabilizer to the optimum        way to lower the cyanuric acid level is by
  (ppm). Levels above 30 ppm have no ad-         level well before the stabilizer concentration    draining some of the pool water and refill-
  ditional affect on protecting the chlorine     reaches the maximum of 100 ppm.                   ing with fresh water. Use your pools test
  from sunlight and excessive levels of                                                            kit to routinely check the level of cyanuric
  cyanuric acid can be problematic. In the       There are several problems with too high          acid and make the proper adjustments.
  State of Florida the maximum allowable         a level of pool stabilizer. Excessive levels of
  cyuranic acid level is 100 ppm for swim-       cyanuric acid dramatically slow the ability of

Virginia Graeme Baker Act                        drain grates. It further required that every      the pool will have to be retrofitted with a
                                                 public pool in the U.S. have a new main           collector tank. Collector tank installations
                                                 drain grate or grates installed by Decem-         require a permit from the Health Depart-
In case you haven’t already heard, the United
                                                 ber 2008. Grates need to be installed by a        ment. The application must be made by a
States Congress passed a law in December
                                                 licensed pool contractor and the contractor       Professional Engineer. Direct suction pools
2007 called the Virginia Graeme Baker
                                                 must submit certification of the installation     that do not complete collector tank retrofits
(VGB) Pool and Spa Safety Act. This law
                                                 to the Health Department. Florida code            by the following dates will be closed:
required all public pools in the U.S. comply
                                                 requires that grates be changed by November
with new safety regulations by December
                                                 24, 2009.                                         Wading Pools by May 24, 2010
2008. Subsequently, the Florida Department
of Health changed aspects of Florida state                                                         Spa pools built before 1977 by July 1, 2010
code to be in line with the VGB Act. The         The VGB Act also requires a secondary form        Spa pools built between 1977 and 1986 by
new rules are designed to make it less likely    of protection against suction entrapment.         July 1, 2011
someone could be injured or trapped on a         Florida code has been changed to specify this     Spa pools built beteen 1986 and 1995 by July
suction outlet.                                  secondary protection as a gravity drain and       1, 2012.
                                                 open collector tank. Most pools in Florida
                                                 already have this design. If your pool has        All other direct suction pools by July 1, 2013.
The VGB Act required new designs and
                                                 a direct suction design (where the pump is        You can view the VGB Act at www.cpsc.gov/
testing for submerged suction outlets or main
                                                 plumbed directly to the drain in the pool),       businfo/vgb/poolspa.aspx
                                                    Inspector Eric Maday

                               Certified Pool Operator Classes
                               The Florida Environmental Health Association is going to be
                               offering Certified Pool Operator classes at the Volusia County
                               Health Department in Daytona Beach. Inspector Eric Maday
                               completed training to become an instructor in January. The first
                               class at the Health Department is going to be offered on July
                               7 and 8, 2009. For more information and how to register visit
                               www.halifaxfeha.com and click on training opportunities.

Contact Phone Numbers For
Pool Questions
 Daytona Beach; Ormond Beach; Port Orange (North of Dunlawton Ave.); South Daytona; Ponce Inlet and all beaches north
may phone (386) 274-0692. For answers on technical matters ask for Eric Maday, Pool Specialist, or Paul M. Minshew, Environ-
mental Manager.

 Port Orange (south of Dunlawton Ave.); New Smyrna Beach; Osteen and Edgewater; please call (386) 424-2061 and ask for
Robert Webster, Pool Specialist.

 West Volusia should contact Jeff Hagerty, Pool Specialist, at (386) 822-6250.

 Flagler County – Louis Gosson, Environmental Specialist (386) 437-7358.

 For any major changes to your pool or construction of new public pools or spas, contact Lee Faircloth, Environmental Engi-
neer at (386) 274-0715. An example of a major change to your pool would be a change of the filtration or disinfection system
from the original permitted plans. The Engineering office must be contacted on major changes so your plans may be reviewed
to assure compliance with the permitted plans, then if acceptable, a letter authorizing the proposed changes will be placed in
the original pool records for future reference. Replacement of equipment with the same make and model is considered routine
maintenance and does not require prior approval.

                                                                                                                                     Electrolytic Chlorine
 Helpful Hints                                                                                                                       Generators
 Submitted by Jeff Sulzbach                                                                                                          Electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs)
                                                                                                                                     are electrical devices that produce chlorine
                                                                                                                                     directly into the pool or spa from a low
Hint #1                                                                                                                              concentration of sodium chloride (salt) that
                                                                                                                                     is added to the pool water. There are four
WHEN RESURFACING OF POOL                                                                                                             components of an ECG: the power supply,
                                                                     Oxygen Reduction Potential or O.R.P.                            the electrolytic cell, a flow protection device,
                                                                     controllers have gained in popularity. O.R.P.                   and salt which is dissolved in the pool water.
Do: Notify the Volusia County Health
                                                                     is a measure of the electron activity in water.
Department in writing prior to performing
                                                                     O.R.P. units have two electronic probes in                       Salt is added to the pool or spa to establish
any work. Include an itemized list of all
                                                                     a flow cell. One probe is for chlorine and                      a 3,000 parts per million (ppm) concentra-
proposed work, the license number of the
                                                                     one probe is for pH. The sensors provide a                      tion which is only about 7 percent of the
proposed contractor and a statement that the
                                                                     millivolt reading that the control unit uses                    salt level in sea water. This requires adding
following items will meet the current pool
                                                                     to interpret the chlorine and pH levels. The                    about 50 pounds of pure food grade salt for
                                                                     controller then turns on or off the feeder                      every 2,000 gallons of pool water to meet
                                                                     pumps for liquid feeders or a solenoid valve                    the 3,000 ppm standard. At this level, the
Do: Re-level the gutter lip to within ¼ of an                        for erosion feeders to keep the chlorine and
inch between the highest and lowest points.                                                                                          salt is below the normal taste-threshold but
                                                                     pH within acceptable limits. The electrodes                     provides a soft, silky feeling to the bathers.
                                                                     in the flow cell need to be cleaned and cali-
Do: Install tile step edge markings. *                               brated regularly in order for the controller
                                                                     to operate properly. Follow the directions in                   Electrolysis takes place in an electrolytic cell
                                                                     the owner’s manual. Some O.R.P. units can                       that is installed “in-line” in the recirculation
Do: Install a tile slope break marking (only                                                                                         system after the filter and heater. As the
for pools with a diving bowl.) *                                     be monitored remotely and alert the pool
                                                                     operator to make a service call when needed.                    filtered water flows through the cell, a small
                                                                                                                                     amount of direct current is applied to the
Do: Install depth marking tiles. *                                                                                                   special metal plates where negative chloride
                                                                     .............................................................   ions lose an electron to the positive electrode
Do: Install NO DIVING tiles every 25 feet                                                                                            and pair up to bubble off as chlorine gas
around the pool. *                                                   Hint#3                                                          while positive hydrogen ions get an electron
                                                                                                                                     from the negative electrode and pair up to
Do: Replace the pool ladder if it is not cross-                      If you are hiring an outside company to                         bubble off as hydrogen gas. Once in the
braced and 3-6 inches from the pool wall.                            care for your pool, they are required to be                     water, the chlorine gas produces hypochlo-
New ladders must be cross-braced.                                    licensed or certified. The public swimming                      rous acid and hydrochloric acid. It is the
                                                                     pool permit holder and their direct employ-                     hypochlorous acid that kills or inactivates
                                                                     ees are exempt from this requirement. If you                    pathogens and algae as well as oxidizing
Do: Give us a call if you have ANY questions                                                                                         (chemically destroying) other contaminants
                                                                     are hiring a service company to clean your
regarding rule requirements for resurfacing,                                                                                         introduced from the environment or bathers.
                                                                     pool and perform water quality testing be
we are happy to do a consultation on site as                                                                                         Left behind in the water are sodium ions
                                                                     sure the person performing the work falls
well.                                                                                                                                and hydroxide ions. To prevent scale build
                                                                     into one of the following categories:
                                                                                                                                     up on the electrolytic plates, the control
* NOTE: ALL TILES SHALL BE DARK                                                                                                      unit may periodically reverse the electrical
                                                                     1. Certified Pool Operator.
IN COLOR CONTRASTING WITH                                                                                                            polarity on the plates to repel any build up
THE INTERIOR OF THE POOL AND                                                                                                         that the opposite charge attracted. During
FLUSH WITH THE SURROUND-                                             2. Residential Pool/Spa Contractor                              this electrolytic process, the salt continuously
ING SURFACES. ALL TILES ON THE                                                                                                       recycles itself so it is only necessary to add
HORIZONTAL SHALL BE SLIP RE-                                         3. Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor                               more salt about twice a year to replace the
SISTSANT!                                                                                                                            loss from bather carry off, splash outs, over
                                                                     4. Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor                       flows and filter backwashing maintenance.
..................................................................                                                                   All pools that have an ECG are required to
                                                                     Only individuals holding titles 3 or 4 may                      have a chloride test kit on site to periodically
Hint #2                                                              construct, modify or replace equipment.                         monitor the salt content of the pool water.
                                                                     Individuals holding any of these titles may
How does an O.R.P. controller on my pool                             test water quality, clean the pool, and make                    Even though ECGs provide a safe method
or spa work?                                                         adjustments to chemical feeders.                                of pool sanitation (no need for bulky, heavy
                                                                                                                                     containers of powdered or tablet chlorine,

                                                                                                                                                    Please see Generators on page 7
  Spa Basics

                                                            Low water volumes (typically around       3, then divide that value by the maximum
                                                            1,000 gallons) require careful moni-      number of daily bathers. If you do not know
                                                            toring and addition of chemicals          the volume of the spa or number of daily
                                                            to maintain a consistent disinfec-        bathers, it is recommended that the spa
                                                            tant level and pH. A spa’s small          be drained at least once per month during
                                                            volume makes water prone to pH            normal use and twice a month during heavy
                                                            fluctuations that, if not corrected,      use (especially in the hot summer). Remem-
                                                            can quickly damage the spa shell or       ber, it is much cheaper to replace the water in
                                                            circulation equipment.                    the spa than to use a lot of chemicals or pay
                                                                                                      medical bills from a possible infection result-
                                                              Chemistry and filtration problems       ing from poor water quality.
                                                              occur in spas because warm water
                                                              causes faster chemical reactions that   In Summary, the disinfection level should be
                                                             use up the disinfectant quicker and      maintained between 2.0 and 10.0 mg/L (or
  A spa pool is defined as a pool used in con-      also can cause excess hardness (calcium scale)    ppm) when using chlorine (maximum level of
  junction with high velocity air and/or water.     to foul heating elements, increases the water     5.0 mg/L for indoor spas) or between 3.0 and
  These specialized pools require increased at-     pressure while reducing circulation flow rate     10.0 mg/L when using bromione (maximum
  tention from the pool operator due to warm        – all of which can increase operating costs.      level of 6.0 mg/L for indoor spas) while the
  water temperatures, low water volume, poten-      Spa pools must have water continually added       pH of the water should be adjusted to stay
  tial water chemistry and filtration problems      to them due to excessive evaporation and          between 7.2 and 7.8. Ideally, test the spa wa-
  not to mention excessive bathing load.            therefore end up concentrating the minerals       ter once a month for total alkalinity (adjust
                                                    and organic materials that do not evaporate       to maintain between 80 and 120 mg/L) and
  Warm water can serve as a breeding ground         with the water and leads to a build up of total   total hardness (adjust to maintain between
  for potentially harmful viruses, protozoans,      dissolved solids (TDS) resulting in the corro-    250 and 500 mg/L) to prolong the life of the
  yeast and fungi. Did you know that a typical      sion of equipment and cloudy water.               spa filter, pump and heater. Also, DRAIN
  summer bather could sweat as much as 3                                                              and REFILL the spa at least once per month
  pints in just one hour (plus any suntan lo-       Bathing load is the approved number of bath-      to prevent the build up of minerals and to
  tion)? Showering before entering the spa can      ers allowed to use the spa at the same time.      maintain good water quality conditions for
  wash off as much as one billion bacteria cells    For spas, the bathing load number is deter-       all bathers.
  that otherwise would have to be killed by         mined from the surface area of the spa unlike
  the chlorine or bromine used to disinfect the     a pool where it is determined from the circu-
  water. Warm water also causes faster chemi-       lation system’s flow rate. The key to proper
  cal reactions that use up the availabe chlorine   spa maintenance is to regularly DRAIN and
  or bromine disinfectant even quicker and will     REFILL the SPA . To determine a recom-
  actually help the bacteria multiply when the      mended number of days between completely
  disinfectant residual is gone.                    draining and refilling the spa simply take the
                                                    volume of the spa (in gallons) and divide by

or liquid bleach), the additional cost of running the electrodes (several hundred watts) continuously whenever the pool pump is on should be
considered when evaluating the economics of an installation. The electrode plates must be cleaned regularly (many control units have alarms to
indicate when maintenance is required) and replaced periodically (frequency dependent on water quality). Also, the salt in the pool water can
cause corrosion of metal pool fittings, can weaken the mortar joints of coping pavers around the rim of the pool and form scale build up on tile
finishes requiring laborious cleaning.

The installation of an electrolytic chlorine generator on an existing pool or spa requires prior approval from the Health Department. To deter-
mine the size or number of ECGs required for a specific pool, take the approved flow rate of the pool (in gallons per minute) and divide it by
13.86 to determine the minimum pounds per day of chlorine the ECG must be capable of producing. If you decide to convert your pool or spa
to a salt water system using an ECG, you will need to hire a professional engineer who is registered in Florida who will submit an “Application for
Approval of Swimming Pool Plans” (Dept. of Health Form 914) for the modification of an existing pool. The engineer shall provide a drawing
(does not have to be scaled) showing the proposed location of the ECG, the complete specifications of the proposed ECG device and a permit fee
of $150. If you have any questions regarding ECGs or pool modification permits, call Lee Faircloth of the Volusia County Health Department at
(386) 274-0715.

Computer Based Training - Swimming Pools & Spas Professional Version
Our development team produces high quality interactive multimedia computer based training (CBT) on CD-
ROMs for government agencies and contractors. Interactive computer based training as opposed to traditional train-
ing methods provides the following proven benefits and advantages:

•      Provides employees with an enjoyable yet challenging approach to difficult, sometimes stuff y, program essential
       learning material.
•      Becomes a supplemental / refresher training course when needed.
•      Cuts costs and boosts productivity with well-designed CBT programs. Allows the user to train independently.

NOTE: “This CD is designed as an educational tool for Environmental Health professionals only. This CD is not
designed nor intended as an educational tool for pool operators.”

This training CD ROM takes you from the design stage of a swimming pool through enforcement. The CD ROM is
an excellent training tool for training new environmental health personnel and a good review for experienced staff.
This interactive multimedia training program was produced in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia. Technical content review and support was received from the Environmental
Health Services Branch of the National Center for Environmental Health

Target Audience:
Professional inspectors
Professional installers
Health department inspectors

CD ROM $60.00 each
Test grading $20.00 each
12 Continuing Education Units awarded

    New Regulations
    • Virginia Graeme Baker Act main drain cover retrofits must be completed by November 20, 2009.

    • Pools with unfenced equipment, heaters, or chemicals must fence these items in by May 24, 2010.

    • Water activity pools and spray features must add “Do not swallow pool water, it is recirculated” and “Do not use pool if you are ill with
    diarrhea” by May 24, 2010.

    • Wading pools and pools where the direct suction main drains are four feet in depth or less are to retrofit the main drain system with a
    gravity feed main drain system by May 24, 2010. A modification permit is required from the Volusia County Health Department.

    • Swimming and spa pools with direct suction will also have to retrofit to gravity drains. More specific information including deadlines
    will be mailed to you.

    • Spa pools and wading pools currently using stabilized tablet chlorine feeders will have to switch disinfection equipment to use non-
    stabilized chlorine or bromine by June 11, 2011.


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