Design Your Own Postcard

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					                      Design Your Own Postcard
     Imagine you are on a trip and want to send a postcard to a friend or family member
                       so they can see “where in the world” you are.
1. Cut along the dotted line then fold in half so all images are on the outside. Tape or glue the open edges
   together to create a double-sided postcard.
2. Draw a picture on the front of scenery or something interesting you have seen on your trip.
3. On the back, describe something special you have done while there.
4. Print the name and address of the person you want to send the postcard to in the space provided.

          Wish you were here ...


                                                                                          Wish you were here!

                Photocopy and hand out to students to do the activity. Display throughout the school to help promote your Fair.