Rel-C 234 LDS Marriage and Family by kxy15167


									                                      Rel-C 234 LDS Marriage and Family
                                          Fall 2009 Sec 11 – M/W 2 – 2:50 -- B135 JFSB
                                        Professor: David C. Dollahite (DAHL-ah-height)
                              Office: 2054 JFSB – Phone: 422-4179 / Email:
                                        Office Hours: Monday 3 – 4 pm (or by appointment)
                                  Student Assistant: Tiffany Lindsey
                                  Tiffany will have office hours on T & Th 3-4 p.m. in 1053 JFSB

Standard Works
Religion 234-235 Student Manual – Eternal Marriage (also available online on Bb)
Blackboard Material

I look forward to a wonderful experience together this semester as we study LDS Marriage and Family. This course is designed
to assist you as you ponder over, prepare for and enter into the most important part of your mortal as well as immortal life:
Eternal Marriage. It is based on the teachings of prophets, seers and revelators and the intersection of those teachings with our
everyday lives.

Class Management
This class involves heavy student participation (see quotes on blackboard). If taking part in class discussion and listening to
your fellow students drives you crazy, you will want to choose a different class.

Key Student Learning Objectives
   Factual Learning
    Students will be able to identify and understand the doctrines and principles related to marriage and family which God
       has revealed through prophets, seers and revelators.
    Students will be able to separate revealed doctrine and principles from the details used to explain them so as to enable
       them to apply those doctrines and principles in their lives.

    Conceptual Learning
     Students will be able to analyze and explain not only what the doctrines and principles are but why they are important
       from both a mortal as well as an eternal perspective.
     Students will be able to find and use spiritual as well as secular resources to identify and understand true principles
       related to marriage and the family independent of the core curriculum. They will develop the skills necessary to be
       lifelong learners.

    Application Learning
     Students will be able to evaluate their lives, set goals and make plans to more fully incorporate the doctrines and
       principles learned in this class.
     Students will be able to carry out their goals and plans and thus draw nearer to Jesus Christ.

Measures of Student Learning:
It is not possible to ―grade‖ your spirituality or worth. What I will do is assess your effort and mastery of the learning objectives
listed above. Grading will be done on a straight percentage basis: A = 95-100%; A– = 90-94; B+ = 86-89%; B = 83-85%; B– =
80-82, etc.

Factual Learning
1. A Midterm (50 points) and a Final Exam (80 points) (130 points total)
2. Online Quizzes (10 points each) (130 points – The first one is not graded)

Conceptual Learning
3. Essentials project (40 points)
4. Research project (70 points)

Application Learning
5. Application Projects (95)
6. Participation and Attendance (30 points)
7. Syllabus Assignment (5 points)
                Total Possible points: 500

Midterm. The Midterm is a closed book exam given at the testing center. It consists of 50 multiple choice / True false
questions drawn at random from the pool of all possible questions for on-line assignments 1-8 with questions added from class
discussions. Make sure to use the study guide and take advantage of the weekly quizzes to prepare.

Final. The Final is a closed book exam given at the Wilkinson Center. It consists of 80 multiple choice / True false questions
drawn at random from the pool of all possible questions for all assignments with questions added from class discussions. Make
sure to use the study guide and take advantage of the weekly quizzes to prepare.

Online Assignments
Online Quizzes. These open book assignments are made available through Blackboard (under ―online quizzes‖). The study
guide (both for the exams as well as these online quizzes is posted on blackboard. These assignments may be completed at
any time in the course but must be completed before the established deadline. Each assignment consists of one question
asking you if you have completed that week’s readings and 5 multiple choice / true-false questions. The 5 questions are drawn
randomly from a pool of 10 questions (which are contained in the study guide). These assignments are open book but must be
completed within a 10 minute time limit once started. All quizzes are due 10 minutes before the start of class the day they
are scheduled as due on the syllabus. After that time the computer will shut off the assignment. They cannot be reopened
and unfinished assignments receive 0 points.

Essentials Project
You will be asked to submit a report on ―The most essential attributes and characteristics of an eternal companion.‖ Part of this
assignment involves speaking with your spouse or parents or married friends. Detailed instructions and the grading form are
on Blackboard under “Project Guidelines & Aides.”

Research Project
Each student will choose one topic from those contained in the student manual and do further research on it. You have two
options. Option A is to compile quotations on your chosen topic. Option B is to compile 6 quotes and write a 5-page paper
intended for a non-LDS audience. This assignment is meant to help you learn to be life-long learners capable of researching and
finding eternal truths. Detailed instructions and the grading form are on Blackboard under “Project Guidelines & Aides.”

Application: Goals and Plans (G&P)
Each person will choose one or more characteristic or attribute which their group decided was essential. They will then set a
goal and make a plan to more fully develop it in their lives. Detailed instructions and the grading form are on Blackboard
under “Project Guidelines & Aides.”

Application: Return and Report (R&R)
Each person will work on their plan throughout the rest of the term/semester. To receive the highest grade will require
consistent regular effort. Each person will report the results of their efforts at the end of the semester. Detailed instructions
and the grading form are on Blackboard under “Project Guidelines & Aides.”

Attendance and Participation
An important part of your learning experience will come from actively participating in class. For this reason (and the fact that it
is required in the religion department) attendance is part of your grade. You will receive 10 points for staying within three
absences in the term. (These absences are meant to cover such things as late registration, illness, emergencies, transportation
problems, being struck by lightning on the way to class (in other words they are meant to cover everything). Every absence
beyond the three will result in 10 points being deducted from your total points leading to your final grade. Two tardies or early
departures equal one absence. For extremely extenuating circumstances, please counsel with me. (You are responsible for
marking the roll. If you don’t mark it you will be counted absent).

Since learning is an interactive process and the most effective learning takes place when you are an active participant, you will
have a chance to earn 20 points through class participation. You will be required to report on blackboard up to four days where
you participated in class through answering or asking a class question, making a comment, playing the piano (if we have one),
leading the music or saying the prayer (You earn 5 points for each occurrence of such participation up to 20 points). There will
be ample opportunity for everyone to participate. You enter your Participation Points on Blackboard in “Online Quizzes”
by midnight the final day of class.
Syllabus Assignment (which contains the Late Policy)
Simply by signing a statement that you have read, understood, and agreed to be evaluated (graded) according to ALL written
(Syllabus and Blackboard) and verbal (Class) instructions regarding class assignments you will receive 5 points. I want
everyone to clearly understand the standards so you can succeed to the highest level possible. Even if you fail to turn this (under
―Online Quizzes‖ in blackboard) in on time to get points for it, you must turn it in before receiving points for anything other
than the on-line quizzes.

Honor Code
BYU students should seek to be totally honest in their dealings with others. They should complete their own work and be
evaluated based upon that work. They should avoid academic dishonesty and misconduct in all its forms, including plagiarism,
fabrication or falsification, cheating, and other academic misconduct. Students are responsible not only to adhere to the Honor
Code requirement to be honest but also to assist other students in fulfilling their commitment to be honest. (complete version of
the Academic Honesty Policy available at

You are expected to live in accordance with the honor code. This will allow the Spirit to be in our classroom as we learn
together. Thank you.

Preventing Sexual Harassment
BYU’s policy against sexual harassment protects both the employees of the University as well as students. Under Title IX of
the Education Amendments of 1972, students who encounter sexual harassment from other students are protected. If you
encounter sexual harassment or gender based discrimination, please talk to your professor; contact the campus EEO office (378-
5895); or contact the Honor Code Office (378-2847)

Students with Disabilities
Brigham Young University is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere that reasonably accommodates
qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability, which may impair your ability to complete this course
successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office (378-2767). Reasonable academic
accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the
student and instructor by the SSD office. If you need assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against
on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You should contact the
Equal Employment Office at 378-5895, D-282 ASB.

Classroom Disruption
Disruptive behavior including multiple tardies (or early exits), cell phone interruptions or use, and/or other disruptions (students
who dominate class discussion or lecture with excessive comments/question, talking during class discussion and lectures,
reading newspapers, eating in class, etc.) will lower your grade.

                                                 A Little about David Dollahite
      My wife, Mary, and I have been married since August of 1983 and are the lucky parents of seven terrific kids—Rachel
(24), Erica (22), Camilla (20), Kathryn (18), Spencer (14), Jonathan (11), and Luke (8). I have served in various capacities in
the Church including as a bishop, bishop’s counselor (twice), high councilor, stake mission president, young men’s president,
ward mission leader, and Sunday school teacher.
     I am from Fairfax, CA, where I joined the LDS Church at age 19. During my service in the Massachusetts Boston Mission
(79-81), I decided to study family science and become a teacher and family counselor. After completed a M.S. in Marriage and
Family Therapy (from BYU) and a Ph.D. in Family Science from the University of Minnesota, I taught at The University of
North Carolina at Greensboro for 4 1/2 years and had a private practice in marriage and family therapy.
     My teaching focuses on religion and family life. In addition to teaching Rel-C 234 ―LDS Marriage and Family‖ I teach
three classes in the School of Family Life: SFL 100 ―Strengthening Marriage and Family‖ (centered on the LDS Family
Proclamation); SFL 345 ―Religion in the Home‖ (study of Jewish, Christian, & Muslim family life); and MFHD 645 ―Religion
and Family‖ (graduate class on social science research).
     Since 1993 my scholarly work has been on how religion in general (and Mormonism in particular) promotes responsible
fathering and strong marriage and family life. For the past few years I’ve been working on a project to study Jewish, Christian,
and Muslim families and how religion influences marriage and family life which included a six-month sabbatical as a Visiting
Scholar at the University of Massachusetts--Amherst where I interviewed 32 families and 20 religious leaders and attended
nearly 50 religious services of various Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. In the summer of 2004 I spent six weeks as
a Visiting Scholar at Dominican University of California where I interviewed 25 religious families and 18 religious leaders.
                                                         Course Schedule
 Class                      Tentative                    Reading Assignment For Class                           Online              Due
 Dates                       Topics                          Discussion & Quizzes                               Quizzes             Date
                    Introduction & Eternal           SYLLABUS & Become familiar with stuff on Bb
 Aug 31             Perspective                      OPTIONAL: Prophetic Counsel
                                                     REQUIRED: (but ungraded) Commitment /
                    Eternal Perspective & The        Foundations for Eternal Marriage / Holy Spirit of
                                                                                                         The New and                Open &
Sep 2 & 9           New and Everlasting              Promise / Knowledge of Spiritual Things /
                                                                                                         Everlasting Covenant      Ungraded
                    Covenant                         Marriage for Eternity. / Covenants and Ordinances
                                                     / Eternal Perspective / Principles
                                 Syllabus Assignment Due September 14th 15 minutes before class starts
                                                     REQUIRED: Atonement and Eternal Marriage /
                    The New and Everlasting
                                                     Jesus Christ / Plan of Salvation / Matthew 5-7      Jesus Christ, The Sure
 14 & 16            Covenant & Jesus Christ, The
                    Sure Foundation
                                                     Equals = 7.5 pages of required reading + scriptures
                                                     REQUIRED: The Family: A Proclamation to the
                    Jesus Christ, The Sure
                                                     World                                               The Family
                    Foundation & The Family                                                                                          9/21
 21 & 23                                                                                                 Proclamation
                                                     Equals = 27 pages of required reading
                                   Essentials Project Due September 28th 15 minutes before class starts
                    The Family Proclamation &        REQUIRED: Education / Temple Preparation
                                                                                                         Preparation for Eternal
                    Personal Preparation for                                                                                         9/28
 28 & 30                                                                                                 Marriage
                    Eternal Marriage                 Equals = 15 pages of required reading
                                                     REQUIRED: Dating Standards
                     General Conference & The                                                            The Lord’s Standard
Oct 5 & 7           Lord’s Standard for Dating                                                           for Dating
                                                     Equals = 8 pages of required reading
                             Application: Goals and Plans Due October 12th 15 minutes before class starts
                                                     REQUIRED: Mate Selection
                    Finding an Eternal                                                                   Finding an Eternal
 12 & 14            Companion & True Love                                                                Companion
                                                     Equals = 10 pages of required reading
                                                     REQUIRED: Love / Maturity
 19 & 21            True Love & Law of Chastity                                                          True Love                  10/19
                                                     Equals = 15 pages of required reading
                                                     REQUIRED: Morality and Modesty / Pornography
                                                     / Same Gender Attraction / OPTIONAL: Living
 26 & 28            The Law of Chastity              together without Marriage / / Same-Sex Marriage     The Law of Chastity        10/26

                                                   Equals = 30 pages of required reading
                                   Midterm in the Testing Center November 2nd – 4th (4th = late fee)
                                                   REQUIRED: Abortion / Birth Control / Charity /
                    Marital Intimacy & Effective   Fidelity in Marriage / Intimacy in Marriage
Nov 2 & 4           Communication
                                                                                                         Marital Intimacy            11/2
                                                   Equals = 19 pages of required reading
                                                   REQUIRED: Communication / Pride / Selfishness
 9 & 11             Effective Communication
                                                   Equals = 12 pages of required reading
                                  Research Project Due November 16st 15 minutes before class starts
                                                   REQUIRED: Debt / Finances / Independence / /
                                                   Self-Reliance / Temporal Preparedness /
                    Temporal Preparation &                                                               Temporal Preparation
 16 & 18            Management
                                                   OPTIONAL: Priorities and Balance
                                                                                                         & Management

                                                    Equals = 21 pages of required reading
                                                    REQUIRED: Abuse / Adjustments in Marriage /
                                                    Divorce / Marriage throughout the Years / Problem
                                                    Solving in Marriage / Trust in Marriage / Unity
                                                                                                         Adjusting and
                    Adjusting and Building Love     OPTIONAL: Happiness in Marriage / Temptations                                   11/23
   23                                                                                                    Building Love
                                                    of Satan and the Natural Man /

                                                    Equals = 24 pages of required reading
                                                    REQUIRED: Differences Inherent between Men
                                                    and Women / Equality of Men and Women /
                                                    OPTIONAL (but must know quiz answers) :
                    The Uniqueness of Men and       Men’s Divine Roles and Responsibilities /            The Uniqueness of
 30 & 2             Women                           Women’s Divine Roles and Responsibilities /          Men and Women
                                                    Mother’s Employment outside the Home /

                                                   Equals = 11 pages of required reading
                            Application: Return and Report Due December 7th 15 minutes before class starts
                                                   REQUIRED: Parenthood: Creating a Gospel
                                                   Centered Home / Traditions of the Fathers
  7&9               Effective Parenting            OPTIONAL: Single Parents                          Effective Parenting             12/7

                                                    Equals = 22 pages of required reading
                         Final can be taken any time finals are offered at the Wilkinson Center (Dec 14th – 18th)
           Participation Points must be entered on Blackboard (Under Assignments and Tests) by December 18th at midnight
                                   STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET
                                         (REL-C 234) SECTION 11
                                      PLEASE FILL IN, SIGN, AND TURN IN

I would like for everyone to have a great experience in this class, and to facilitate this, I would like to know more about
the students who will make up this class. Please take a few moments to fill out this student information sheet and return it
to me by the second day of class. This will help me have a greater understanding of both students’ individual and general
needs as well as concerns in order to organize this section from a more informed perspective. It will also help me get to
know your names more quickly. I look forward to getting to know you this semester.

Name: _______________________________________                 Age: ________        Year (circle): Fr   So    Jun    Sen

Major: ________________________________________________                    Minor: ______________

Marital Status (circle): never married       engaged          married      divorced        widowed

Hometown: _________________________ State/Prov: _______ Country (if not US) _____________________
If you have children, their ages:_________________________________________________________________

What do you hope to gain from taking this class?

Any relationships/experiences with friends/family members of other faiths:

Anything else you would like me to know about you:

I have CAREFULLY read the syllabus (especially the parts about written assignments, grading criteria, late policies, and
NOT emailing the TA or professor with assignments). I understand the policies and agree to abide by them:


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