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									Christian Family Life – Marriage and Family
         “T                     he family is the basic cell
                                of society. It is the cradle of
                         life and love, the place in which
                                                                  Reflection: What are we doing to support families in our

                         the individual ‘is born’ and             “Sadly, the greatest crosses that we carry are the comments
                         ‘grows’.” (Christifideles Laici)         that are made to us or to our children regarding the size of
                                                                  our family.” Reflection: Would one of our families make
                        A new resource, entitled Families:        such a comment to the nine-member family living in
                        Stories of Faith, has been                Alberta Mackenzie?
                        completed. It is a collection of
stories compiled by the Christian Family Life Standing            These quotes are from the Manitoba, the Military
Committee in honour of the 10th Anniversary of the                Ordinariate and the Quebec families, respectively.
International Year of the Family. This project was begun          “Although life continues to be hectic, it is important to
by my predecessor, Pat Crossman, in the spring of 2004            remember that the valuable things in our lives are our
and was completed in November. Each provincial                    family and our faith lived out in family and the
Christian family life chairperson was asked to contribute         community.” “The youth of today need role models,
the story of a family from her province. The result is a          especially their parents, who will provide them with a
booklet of 11 beautiful family stories.                           guide to live their lives in the spirit of holiness.” “Society
                                                                  is what we make it and our family commits itself to try to
The League’s theme is companions on the journey.                  be witnesses of our faith within our community,
Families: Stories of Faith will be a great resource because       acknowledging our weaknesses and working with others to
each story tells of the journey of a family “…in good times       promote our Christian values.” Reflection: How well do
and in bad, in sickness and in health.” Each story provides       we live out our family values in our communities?
an opportunity for reflection in your parish council.
                                                                  Two stories, in particular, point out the necessity of
Most of the stories stress the importance of prayer. The story    showing love and respect to each other as family members.
from a Nova Scotia family recalls Fr. Peyton’s Rosary             The New Brunswick family story states that, “As a family,
Crusade with the slogan, “The family that prays together,         they love and respect each other, and their joy in each other
stays together.” Reflection: What stress do we place on           as parents and siblings shows through to the world….” The
prayer in our families? How can we encourage young                family from Newfoundland and Labrador says it this way,
families to make prayer a part of their daily family lives?       “Annette, Catherine and Clair actually see the love their
                                                                  parents have for each other, a love that draws them all into
“We must remind ourselves that every time we accept an            their Christian family circle.” Reflection: What can we do
invitation to a wedding, we are accepting the responsibility      to let parents know that the greatest gift they can give their
to help that couple build a sound and lasting marriage.”          children is the living out of their love for one another?
This quote is from the Saskatchewan family’s story.

                                                                  Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish
                                                                  Council, Candiac, Quebec
                                                                  Our Lady of Good Counsel members are proud to
                                                                  announce that four of their members currently hold the
                                                                  office of president-elect at each of the four League levels.
                                                                  Pictured are National President-elect Lorette Noble, St.
                                                                  Jean-Longueuil Diocesan President-elect Alice Noble,
                                                                  Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Council President-elect
                                                                  Carol Fascia, and Quebec Provincial President-elect
                                                                  Pearl Bridgwater.

Two family stories tell of the loss of a child or grandchild.
The B.C. & Yukon family states, “The loss of a young
grandson was a deep sorrow, but was also the occasion of
a deepening spirituality in order to cope with the loss and
to support a grieving family.” Reflection: How can we
provide comfort and hope to families trying to cope with
the loss of family members, especially children or

The story from Prince Edward Island illustrates the need to
be inclusive communities of faith. In speaking of Suzie, a
special needs girl, the parish priest said, “…what can
happen when we see challenges as opportunities – whether
they be feeding the hungry people or supporting someone
toward achieving her potential.” Reflection: What can we
do in our parishes to support special needs parishioners             Prince Edward Island Provincial
and their families?                                                  Council
The story of the Ontario family can lead us to reflect on            The Hon. Shawn Murphy, Member of Parliament
care for sick and aging parents. When a child had to give            representing Charlottetown and Parliamentary Secretary to
up his room for his grandmother, the mother states, “This            the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, was presented with a
brought great concern and changes in our family, but it also         1,701 signature petition in support of raising the age of
made all of us stronger, more focused and we learned more
                                                                     consent for sexual activity from 14 to 18 years of age.
about ourselves and our faith – and our faith got us through
                                                                     Pictured with The Hon. Shawn Murphy are Ginny Grant,
it all.” Reflection: Which families are undergoing changes
                                                                     Prince Edward Island Provincial Chairperson of
and need our support, prayers and encouragement?
                                                                     Communications and Judy Lewis, Prince Edward Island
I have used just one quote from each of the stories. There           Provincial Council President.
are many, many more inspirational statements. Each story
can be used for reflection, encouragement and
nourishment. I thank the families for sharing their stories
and encourage all members to avail themselves of this
wonderful resource.

Cecile Miller is national chairperson of the Christian Family Life
Standing Committee and resides in NE Margaree, Nova Scotia.
                                                                     St. Theresa Parish Council,
                                                                     Halifax, Nova Scotia
                                                                     St. Theresa members were pleased to have the Catholic
                                                                     Christian Outreach (CCO) youth evangelization movement
                                                                     at their parish this past summer. The CWL asked members
                                                                     of the CCO to participate in a prayer service on Pentecost
                                                                     Sunday, which included the crowning of Mary and praying
                                                                     the rosary in five languages. Pictured are Josip Vaci
                                                                     [Croatian], Kristin Mann [English], Caroline Lajoie
                                                                     [French], Jessica Shin [Korean] and Jenna Gannon [Latin].
                                                                     Libby Moss was present for the crowning of Mary.
                                                                     Following the service, an Italian supper was hosted.
             Recognize anyone? Please let us know                    Students were handed an album of their faith experience
                  Toll Free: 1 (888) 656-4040
                                                                     before heading for home.

                                                                                 WINTER 2005 / THE CANADIAN LEAGUE • 11

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