Understanding High-Voltage Direct-Current Power Transmission

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High-Voltage Direct-Current
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How to integrate HVDC systems                                                                                                                                                                                                 Department of Engineering Professional Development

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Essential information for
 Transmission planners
 ISO/RTO technical staff
 Regulators
 Windfarm developers
 Consultants

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                                    Las Vegas, Nevada
                                    March 9–11, 2010

                                                         800 kV and other technical advances

                                                                                                 Applications of HVDC for wind
                                                                                                                                       HVDC planning considerations
                                                                                                                                                                                                     The AC/DC system interface
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The role of HVDC in the power grid

                                                                                                  energy delivery and urban infeeds

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           New Course
Understanding High-Voltage Direct-Current Power Transmission
March 9–11, 2010, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Practical Course Content                       Why This Course Now                                HVDC transmission has unique attributes
                                                                                                  that will be examined thoroughly in this
•	 This	new	University	of	Wisconsin–           The	University	of	Wisconsin-Madison	was	           course. Examples of these include:
   Madison	course	describes	the	functioning	   presenting	HVDC	courses	as	early	as	the	
   of	high-voltage	direct-current	power	       late-1960s.		The	Department	of	Electrical	         Long-distance	bulk	power	transmission	was	
   transmission	systems,	how	HVDC	is	          Engineering	had	a	physical	(analog)	               the	justification	for	the	first	modern-day	
   incorporated	into	existing	AC	systems,	     simulator	that	was	used	to	complement	             (1970)	HVDC	link	in	the	United	States:	the	
   and	today’s	applications	for	wind	energy	   classroom	lectures	with	hands-on	exposure	         Pacific	HVDC	Intertie	connecting	the	Celilo	
   transfers,	urban	infeeds,	and	other	uses.   to	the	Graetz	6-pulse	bridge,	control	circuits,	   Station	on	the	Columbia	River	to	the	Sylmar	
                                               ac	and	dc	network	faults.	A	high	percentage	       Station	in	the	San	Fernando	Valley.	Presently	
•	 This	course	will	be	of	great	practical	
                                               of	the	engineers	involved	in	HVDC	                 the	link	transmits	3100	MW	a	distance	of	
   value	to	utility	engineers,	transmission	
                                               transmission	in	North	America	attended	            850	miles:	its	efficiency	greatly	exceeded	
   planners,	ISO/RTO	technical	staff,	
                                               those	pioneering	courses.                          that	of	EHV	AC	systems.	In	addition,	
   regulators,	developers	of	windfarms	
                                                                                                  considerably	less	ROW	was	needed.
   and	other	renewable	energy	resources,	      The	last	UW	HVDC	course	was	presented	
   consultants,	and	equipment	suppliers.       in	1993.	Interest	in	the	topic	waned	as	utility	   Soon	after	(1973),	the	first	thyristor	
                                               construction	slowed	and	orders	for	HVDC	           system	was	commissioned:	the	320	
Who Should Attend                              projects	diminished.	The	sole	US	supplier	of	      MW	Eel	River	back-to-back	link.	It	
                                               equipment	left	the	business.                       asynchronously	connected	New	Brunswick	
Improve	your	value	as	a	                                                                          to	Maine	enabling	the	import	of	lower-
                                               The	need	for	upgrading	the	North	American	         price	hydroelectric	power.	There	are	now	
•	 Utility	engineer
                                               power	transmission	network	has	been	               numerous	such	links	along	the	east-west	
•	 Transmission	planner                        recognized.	The	existing	system	was	never	         boundary	of	the	US	grid,	roughly	along	the	
•	 ISO/RTO	technical	staff                     designed	to	handle	the	stresses	it	currently	      Rocky	Mountains	(and	at	other	locations).	
•	 Regulator                                   faces.	One	noteworthy	example	of	stress	           AC	interconnections	at	those	locations	were	
                                               is	the	rapid	development	of	wind	farms	            not	possible	because	of	system	weakness.
•	 Windfarm	developer                          typically	in	locations	where	the	need	for	
•	 Consultant                                  the	energy	is	remote	from	the	aggregated	          The	Cross	Sound	link	from	Long	Island	to	
•	 Equipment	supplier                          sources.	HVDC	is	proven	to	be	an	effective	        Connecticut	is	200	MW.		Commissioned	
                                               means	of	transmitting	large	blocks	of	energy	      in	2002,	it	incorporates	voltage-source	
•	 Researcher	or	educator                                                                         converter	technology	for	improved	AC	
                                               over	restricted	corridors—requiring	a	much	
You	should	be	familiar	with	the	basic	         smaller	right-of-way	than	UHV	AC.                  voltage	control.	It	played	an	important	role	
relationships	in	electric	power	systems	and	                                                      in	enabling	rapid	recovery	after	the	2003	
with	concepts	of	real	and	reactive	power.	                                                        Northeast	Blackout.	Under	construction	
You	will	not	need	previous	exposure	to	        Unique Attributes                                  is	the	Trans-Bay	400	MW	cable	link	from	
power	electronics.                             of HVDC Transmission                               Pittsburg,	California	to	Potrero	near	San	
                                              The	first	modern	HVDC	link	connected	               Francisco.	This	too	is	a	voltage-source	
Key Benefits for You                          Gotland	Island	to	the	Swedish	mainland.	            converter	system	providing	urban	infeed.	It	
                                                                                                  is	a	merchant	link	due	to	be	operational	in	
By	attending	this	course	you	will	understand	 Commissioned	in	1954,	the	link	was	
                                              direct	current	because	the	distance	was	            2010.	It	will	significantly	improve	reliability	
the	benefits	of	integrating	HVDC	systems	
                                              too	great	for	alternating	current	cables	           plus	reduce	the	need	for	special	protection	
into	AC	systems.	You	will	become	familiar	
                                              to	be	effective.	The	AC/DC	and	DC/AC	               schemes	currently	in	place	to	shed	firm	load	
                                              conversion	was	enabled	by	mercury	arc	              for	critical	double	contingency	disturbances	
•	 What	HVDC	can	do	for	the	transmission	                                                         for	the	San	Francisco	peninsula.
                                              valves.	By	the	early	1970s	thyristor	valves	
                                              began	replacing	mercury	arc	valves,	and	            A	consequence	of	the	greatly-increased	
•	 The	HVDC	converter	station                 until	recently	all	systems	have	employed	           world-wide	interest	in	HVDC	is	that	
•	 The	AC/DC	system	interface                 that	technology.	Now	we	have	seen	a	new	            equipment	suppliers	are	now	seeing	orders	
•	 HVDC	control	and	protection	               entry	in	the	field,	as	gate	turn-off	family	        at	levels	unmatched	in	their	experience.	
                                              power	semiconductors	have	led	to	high-level	        Systems	are	being	planned	for	off-shore	
•	 Design	of	HVDC	lines	and	cables            voltage	source	converters	to	enable	new	            wind	energy,	long-distance	high-capacity	
•	 System	dynamic	performance                 applications	for	HVDC	links.                        links	at	800	kV/6400	MW,	and	multi-
•	 HVDC	planning	considerations                                                                   terminal	meshed	systems.	This	course	is	
                                                                                                  your	opportunity	to	learn	about	these	and	
•	 Application	examples	of	HVDC
                                                                                                  other	related	topics.
•	 Operational	issues

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 High-Voltage Direct-Current Power Transmission
 March 9–11, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada

 Course Outline                                   5. HVDC Planning Considerations: Davies
                                                   •	 Overview	of	HVDC	planning	issues

 Tuesday, March 9
                                                   •	 Characteristics	that	line-commutated	and	      Learn From Experienced
                                                      voltage-source	converters	bring	to	an	AC	
 7:45 Registration                                    system                                         Professionals
 The Riviera Hotel and Casino                      •	 Modeling                                       Our	excellent	course	faculty	includes	
 2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South                    •	 Disturbances	important	to	HVDC                 varying	perspectives	presented	by	these	
                                                   •	 Case	studies	illustrating	coordinated	AC/DC	   experts:
 Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                      system	control
                                                                                                     Wayne Litzenberger
 8:15 Introduction to the Program                  •	 Case	studies	illustrating	overall	AC/DC	
   •	 Welcoming	remarks                               system	stability
                                                                                                     Portland,	Oregon
   •	 What	you	can	expect	to	learn                6. HVDC Operational Issues: Litzenberger           (previously	Senior	Project	Engineer	with	
 Bill Long, Program Director                       •	 Contracting	for	an	HVDC	project                  Bonneville	Power	Administration)
 1. What Can HVDC Do for the Transmission          •	 Construction
                                                                                                     Brett Davies
 System?                                           •	 Commissioning
                                                   •	 Operations	and	maintenance
                                                                                                     Senior	Consultant
  •	 Applications	in	North	America:	Long	
                                                                                                     Teshmont	Consultants
  •	 The	Pacific	HVDC	Intertie	experience	1969-   7. Application Examples of HVDC Systems
     2010:	Litzenberger	
                                                                                                     Winnipeg,	Manitoba
                                                   •	 Trans-Bay	400	MW	VSC	merchant	cable	link,	     (previously	Senior	System	Planner	with	
 2. The HVDC Converter Station                        San	Francisco	Bay:	Retzmann                      Manitoba	Hydro)
  •	 Overview	of	HVDC	technologies:	Bahrman	       •	 Xiangjiaba–Shanghai	6400	MW/800	kV	link:	
  •	 The	conversion	process:	Bahrman	                 Retzmann                                       Michael Bahrman
                                                   •	 Middle	East	3x600	MW	back-to-back	poles:	      Fellow	Engineer
  •	 Animation	of	the	conversion	process:	
     Davies                                           MacLeod	                                       ABB	Inc.
  •	 Station	equipment:	Bahrman	                   •	 400	MW	submarine	cable	link,	Korea:	           Raleigh,	North	Carolina
  •	 Introduction	to	control	and	protection:	         MacLeod	
                                                                                                     Norman MacLeod
     Retzmann	                                     •	 800	kV	equipment	development	and	              Technology	Director
                                                      testing:	MacLeod                               Power	Electronic	Systems
 3. The Interface Between the AC and DC
 Systems: MacLeod                                 5:00 Adjournment                                   Areva	T&D
  •	 Reactive	power/voltage	control                                                                  Stafford,	United	Kingdom
  •	 Harmonics/filters                            Thursday, March 11                                 Dietmar Retzmann
  •	 Short	circuit	limitations                    8:30 Instruction Continues                         Director-Technical	Project	Innovations
 5:00 Adjournment                                                                                    Siemens	AG
                                                  8. Application Examples of HVDC Systems
                                                                                                     Erlangen,	Germany
 Wednesday, March 10                                •	 NordEON	3-terminal	VSC	system	for	            Dale Osborn
                                                       offshore	wind	energy:	Bahrman	                Transmission	Planning	Technical	
 8:30 Instruction Continues
                                                    •	 Caprivi	overhead	VSC	system	(Namibia):	        Director
 4. HVDC System Consideration: Bahrman                 Bahrman	                                      Midwest	ISO
  •	 HVDC	system	configurations	and	operating	      •	 Joint	Coordinated	System	Plan	(JCSP),	        St.	Paul,	Minnesota
     modes                                             Eastern	Wind	Integration	and	Transmission	
  •	 Response	to	AC	and	DC	faults                      Study	(EWITS)	and	other	wind	integration	     Stig Nilsson
  •	 Fault	recovery	strategies                         studies:	Osborn                               Principal	Engineer
  •	 Transmission	lines,	AC	and	DC	line	                                                             Exponent
                                                  9. Directed Discussion of Present and
     comparisons                                  Future Trends: Nilsson                             Menlo	Park,	California
  •	 Cables                                        •	 UHV	HVDC	Systems                               Willis Long
  •	 Ground	electrodes                             •	 Voltage	source	converters                      Professor	Emeritus
                                                   •	 Meshed	HVDC	networks                           University	of	Wisconsin–Madison
                                                   •	 Power	semiconductor	ratings
                                                   •	 DC	circuit	breakers
                                                  2:30 Final Adjournment

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