Warriors Don't Cry Book Quiz by qox18395


									                                          Warriors Don’t Cry Book Quiz

1.) What is the name of the narrator?

2.) Name the Little Rock 9.

3.) Who was the governor at the time of their reunion and revisit to Central High School?

4.) What year did Melba attend Central High?

5.) How man students actually participated in the de-segregation of Central High?

6.) Did Melba attend class the first day and why or why not?

7.) What was Melba’s grandmother’s name and how did she encourage her?
8.) What was the name of Melba’s soldiers escort from the 101 airborne division?

9.) What was the black student wrongfully expelled from Central High? Why was s/he expelled?

10.) What is the name of Melba’s worst tormentor at Central?

11.) Who befriends Melba when he helps save her from an attack by Andy?

12.) Why does Link have a different view of race than most whites at the time?

13.) What was Melba’s mother’s name? What did her mother do for a living?

15.) What are her little brother and father’s names?

16.) What was the name of Grandma India’s shotgun?

17.) Does Melba graduate from central? Why or Why not?

18.) Who is the first black student to graduate from Central High?

19.) What family does Melba go and stay with after the shut-down of the school?

20.) Where does Melba go to college at?

21.) What is the name of Melba’s first husband?

22.) Who gave Melba the inspiration for the title of the book?

23.) What Indian Word does Melba end her book with?

Critical Thinking

1.) What is the major theme through the story and give examples of where it is displayed?

2.) Who was a major influence in Melba’s fortitude to continue to attend Central and why?

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