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                 Winter 2010
           Session Dates: January 26-March 18

       This brochure provides the activity schedule and descriptions
          for the after-school/extra-mural and intramural programs
    for the Winter 2010 session. Most activities meet once each week.
                  Activities run from 2:50 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

WHEELS bus tokens will be available to all students who normally
ride a bus. The bus pick-up is 4:20. Please note the appropriate
WHEELS bus stop may not be the same as your school bus stop. Please
discuss the bus stop location with your child.

See page 4 for permission form and transportation agreement.
Return signed permission form (page 4) to Mrs. Given, room 107,
by Friday, January 29, 2010. No phone permission will be accepted.

Note:   Sign and return page 4.
        Keep the activity description section (pages 2-3)
        for program details, and post as your schedule reminder.
                             ROTON MIDDLE SCHOOL

                             Winter Session 2010- January 26-March 18

  Please keep pages 2-3, as it contains important information on the programs.
 Sign and return the entire permission form on page 4 to Mrs. Given, room
107, by Friday, January 29, 2010.

  Activity                     Description/Location                        Day
Town Newspaper Club                                                        Monday
The “Journalism 101” workshop will reinforce communication skills
as well as the trials and tribulations of running a real town newspaper.
Two classes of 15 students will be offered each week. Students must
submit an application if interested in joining. See Mrs. Given for
more information. Meet in room 28.

Basketball Skills and Drills                                               Monday
Students will develop and learn basketball fundamentals through
a variety of drills and competitive games. Open to Roton Travel Team
members only.

CMT Prep                                                                   Tuesday
Get help preparing for the CMTs. Open to all students. Last week of this
program is March 2, 2010. Meet in rm. 306.

Roton Community Scholars                                                   Tuesday
Previously inducted students will meet to discuss, plan, and implement
community service activities. Meets the last Tuesday of each month, in
the Library.
Maritime Aquarium Explorer-Students will explore how scientists            Tuesday
collect data on organisms in our ecosystem. Students will have the
opportunity to work with live animals. Meet in room 202.
R.A.S.P-Roton After School Program offers students the opportunity         Tuesday
to work on homework/projects in a quiet setting, with teacher support.
Meet in rm. 208.

Chinese Language and Culture                                               Wednesday
Learn more about China, Chinese culture and the language.
Open to all students. Meet in the Library.
8th Grade Yearbook-8 Graders will work on producing the
yearbook. Space is limited. Meet in room 313.
Good4All                                                                   Wednesday
Open to all sixth grade students who wish to better understand and
explore fun ways to offer community service. Meet in rm. 208.
Women’s Ensemble-By audition only. Meet in room 23.                        Wednesday
Program ends at 3:50.
Town Newspaper Club-See above. Meet in room 28.                         Wednesday
Jump Rope/Hula Hoops- Students will learn and practice                  Wednesday
single or Double Dutch jumping, as well as using the hula
hoop. No experience necessary. Meet in room 5.
Soccer Skills and Drills                                                Wednesday
Students will develop and learn soccer fundamentals by practicing
footwork and drills. Meet in the Cafeteria.

Board Games-Games include chess, checkers, Carom, Jenga,                Thursday
etc. Meet in room 301.

R.A.S.P. –See previous page for information.                            Thursday

Karaoke Club-Practice singing with a microphone. Meet                   Thursday
in the Auditorium.

Drama Club-Practice and put on a short play. Meet in the Auditorium. Friday

                              Extramural Sports
  Students have already tried-out for Roton's travel teams, which will involve
  competition at each of the middle schools in Norwalk.
  Students on the team will travel by school bus to other schools. Program could
  extend until end of March (approx).
Spectators are always welcome to attend extra-mural events. Students must have
a signed permission slip, which will then serve as the admission ticket.
Transportation arrangements must be made in advance and agreed to by parents .

Parent/Guardian: Please complete the permission form on pg. 4, sign and
return the entire page to Mrs. Given, by Friday, January 29, 2010.
Keep pages 2-3 for program dates & locations.
                      ROTON AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS
                                       Winter 2010
                         Registration /Permission Agreement
Please indicate the activity you would like to participate in (you may select 1/day).

Monday:              ___ Town Newspaper+                 ____Basketball Skills & Drills
                                                         (for basketball team members only)

Tuesday:             ____Maritime Aquarium Explorer
                     ____ Roton Community      ____R.A.S.P.+
                          Scholars             ____CMT Prep

Wednesday:          _____Town Newspaper+          _____Good4All
                    _____Women’s Ensemble*        _____Yearbook
                    _____Jump Rope/Hula Hoop _____Chinese
                    _____Soccer Skills and Drills

Thursday            _____Karaoke                         _____Jazz Band*
                    _____R.A.S.P.+                       _____Board Games

Friday              ____Drama

*By audition only           +By application only
Extramural Sports Programs: –Tryouts are now complete. Practice dates TBA-Listen to
morning announcements. Travel to other middle schools in Norwalk.
_____Boys Basketball                       _____Girls Basketball

Parent/Guardian: Please complete the permission form below. Return this entire page to
Mrs. Given, room 107, by Friday, January 29, 2010.
Students must have signed permission slip before they can stay for an activity.
No phone permission will be permitted.

                                                                   has my permission
(Student's name)                         (Homeroom No.)
to participate in the after-school /extramural activities checked above. A parent or alternate
contact can be reached at the following number(s) in the afternoon:

Phone number(s)           Alternate Contact/Emergency Phone No.

Please indicate student's bus number or other method of transportation home.
(Check to indicate transportation agreement)
____My child rides bus #_________ and should receive a WHEELS bus token.
____My child will be picked up at Roton at 4:00 p.m.
____My child has permission to walk home from school.

  Date                                Parent/Guardian Signature

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